AHH!! I went to Paris and it was so much fun!! Sorry I’m behind on my vlogs…just trying to enjoy vacation!! They’re coming though! Watch Mia and I go on a Paris adventure! Hope you enjoy!! 🙂
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Samantha Golden says:

Can we just talk about how Alisha and Mia are #friendshipgoals ??!!

AmirAlexon says:

To say ” la durée ” you have to say ” la dURee ” you have to say all the letters !!! From Your French Fan Subscriber !!!❤️

Smaranda Barna says:

Do you now that the Eiffel Tower was build by a romanian guy?

Raho Arrale says:

It’s called the Louvre ( loo burn))

Marian Joy Vallejos says:


Alexa Castro says:

Mia and you were acting so anoing and sassy

Crazy kindly unicorn says:

#lucky more #lucky

Lourdes Occ says:

Sooo cute

Simply Emily says:

omg I went to paris before and omg crying like omg cause Im seeing the same places you recorded!!

En’Dyia Forbes says:

Wow you went to paris

Shelbie Holloway says:

I room is going to be a Paris theme so I get to see some stuff

Ezzy Monkey says:

OMG when I went to Paris my sister didn’t want to go up so we went to Paris for 2 weeks and she didn’t even go up it I went up twice

Aida Aguilar says:

Paris is my live i love it

Taylor Swift says:

Omg I want to go to Paris

Gopal Sharma says:

403 is my house number❤

Chloe Dianiel Vlog says:

So how much to you spend because I also have a plan to go to Paris

Daphne Lee says:

Where u somewhere in Europe because you can’t ride on a train from LA to Paris

Jhanavi says:

No but I take french. Bonjour
J’aimerais pouvoir te rencontrer

###girl #nice side says:

Your so lucky I wish that I was your sister and can go to many places

Tanya Jain says:

How are you so calm about this PARIS IS MY DREAM

Honor Wilkinson says:

Flip this is when I went to paris


I just watched one of her recent videos and I see how she’s improved (no offense) plus she looks so different(in her style of clothing hair, and the way she talks and acts)

Karla Hernandez says:

I love Paris so much that was my dream love your dreams
love the music romantic beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

marinette 12367 says:

At 1:27 I thought of marinettes home bakery from miraculous ladybug

Jon Snow says:

France are like a swamp.. Looks great from the outside but once you walk, live and work here you sink, drown little by little and get covered by leaches who target foreigners..(Asian)

AA Unicorn says:

I went to Paris and it was amazing!

Hamza Khalid says:

I also went to Paris

Amthal Rasha says:

Mia is so cute!!!!

Girl 101 says:

3025?? Anyone

Aida Aguilar says:

Has enny body seen lady bug

Anchee 22 says:

#mialisha#friendship#macarons#eiffel tour#merp

Jade Lohrey says:

I love what you did I would love to do that

Daammmn Gaby says:

Just went to paris not to long ago.

En’Dyia Forbes says:

Well there is always when I grow up, do you have to be married to get a passport?

Hollie Harpin says:

Do a vlog behind a cameras

TrollzX100 Lenny face says:

It’s been my dream to go to Paris. I, hope that when I grow up I’ll go. 🙂 The thing that inspires me to go is a show I love wstching. Miraculous Ladybug. The show takes place in Paris and seeing all the places in the show in real life is so BEAUTIFUL.

Amthal Rasha says:

I never get bored by watching ur vlogs

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