Blasian couple trip to Paris/ 국제커플 파리 여행했어요

Christelle and Siwan

Two days trip in Paris
International couple traviling around for fun. Korean and Rwandese from Belgium.

This is a kinda of part 2 to our first video and like we said it in the first video, we are doing this just for fun nothing serious lol.


ZoviRax says:

How old are u guys? And how did u guys meet? By the way u guys look good together!❤️ what a beautiful couple

Acinorev Aicrag says:

Greetings from Venezuela

J J says:

이렇게 남자가 적극적이고 많이 표현해야 오래가더라~ 두분 너무 이뻐요.

i am beautiful. so are you. says:


Hoyoung Choi says:

You look so happy~

btsoppai says:


Starry Eclipse says:

I’m looking forward to more videos!

Geovana says:

You are so beautiful, cute couple ≧▽≦

stacey chin says:

omg she did sound so cute at 1:40 speaking korean 🙂 btw they are the 2 cutest couple i’ve ever seen seriously, it made me smile like through out the whole video even when they were shaking together….. i hope u guys dont let anything ruin ur relationship

shelia jones says:

just found this channel and I love this couple can’t wait until the next video

leslie adams says:

do you guys have Instagrams??? ya’ll are so cute:)

Avery Liburd says:

ayyee. wassup Christelle~

Ariel Upshaw says:

This video is so beautiful!!!!

송재엽 says:

더재미있게 만들어주세요 계속시청할께요ㅎㅎ크리스 한국어패치 다시들어도 재미있어ㅋㅋㅋ

Mia Lakatani says:

ahh I hope yous can upload more in the future <3

윌영커플Will be Young says:

Gosh you two are super cute. Her Korean though..maybe better than me lmao

stacy wiley says:

You guys are a beauitful couple! How long you been together? Annyeonghasyeo

보라색 딸기 says:

You guys r such a cute couple

JIN KIM says:

크리스텔이랑 예쁜 사랑하세요^*^ 크리스 울리면 쫓아갑니다

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