Europe Travel Itinerary: 2 Weeks in London, Paris, Prague & Rome

Heading to Europe for the First Time & Not Sure Where to Go or What to See? Here are our recommendations for first time travelers to Europe. A two week trip hitting some of the best sights in Europe. 3-4 Days in London, 3-4 Days in Paris, 2-3 Days in Prague and 3-4 Days in Rome.
Filmed in London, Paris, Prague & Rome.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

10 Shocks of London

10 Shocks of Paris

5 Love & Hates of Prague

10 Shocks of Rome

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CEG says:

My advice to you guys(as someone from Europe) would be to do something more like: Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Istanbul. I think that is a way more varieted tour.

Linda Gates says:

Do you have a video om money or currency? Safest way to carry money ans cards for travelers?

Sotheavy ken says:

You make me really want to go.

ryudada says:

problem is UK isnt part of Schengen, so if i visit UK and other european countries i will need 2 visas.

seraphiccandy21 says:

I prefer Amsterdam to Paris. I’ve been to Paris twice and every time the Parisian were arrogant, the city was dirty, lots of homeless on the way into the city and way to many tourists …although you can take a day trip from paris to Reims( champagne capital) which I can certainly recommend…

Kamal Rajesh says:

can you do Seol, Korea.

Bethany says:

I’m flying across the pond in a few days for a month and a half. Thanks for all the help in these vids!

george says:

Oh goodie another fat american in london

Dracula Nova says:

London’s restaurants are better than Paris’ imho

Matthew Barker says:

I would apreciate an italy one so much

MrQuidestveritas says:

Dont call it ‘Blood sausage’ in UK nobody here calls it that. We call it ‘Black Pudding’ hope that helps.

EvilSecondTwin says:

7:30 LMAO!!!!!

Agata Zadrożna says:

I would definitely add Barcelona or Madrid to this list !

Lots To Learn says:

Skip Paris & go to Budapest.

sra mar says:

Love your videos. Thanks for the great tips!

ratscoot says:

If it’s your thing you can take the guided Jack the Ripper tour in London. Starts every evening at the Tower.

L. Johnson says:

i would love to finally see some parts of Europe! thanks for the itinerary

elmer1949 says:

Beer food is in Florence

Staso Stergelj says:

Yes, twoo weeks is enought lol

Yahaya Goje says:


Battle5star says:

Could you please tell me how far from the Paris city center are the Monet gardens? Besides the Louvre, and the walking I really love visiting gardens.

lalilulelo says:

4 cities in 2 weeks is a lot. When I travel, usually it is 1 week per city/country.

Morena Linda says:

Could you recommend an itinerary London-Paris-spain

Andrea Ryan says:

Came to your channel looking for videos on Europe! Just bought airfare for September. Going for the first time!

TheLanciaFan says:

In italy you have the trip “rome to firenze to venice” cause is in line and you can do it with the same train.

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