Fun & Chaos in Paris Vlog

This video is about Our Paris trip August 2015


Job serve says:

Why you say “chaos in Paris?” You seem to have a nice trip. I m really desappointed about the bad advertising you re doing. I unsubscribe

delara zahan says:

ha ha ha nice

Dhia Istiqamah says:

mashaAllah 🙂

shagufta yaas says:


Rumana Irfan Irfan says:

paris wawwwwww……

Naats by says:

Your family is a really happy family masha allah I hope allah keeps your family happy forever xx❤️

M.R.H. M.R.H says:

ما شاء الله تخبلون

Syawal Fitra says:

woow happy family

Blast30 Gaming says:

mashallah may Allah always keep u guys together

saniya shaik says:

masha Allah! how cute family!

Signature Swatches says:

Love your videos

New Rose Grammar School says:

mashallah sami look like her mother

nining setyawati says:

What a happy family…Alhamdulillaah..

azra wadiwalla says:

you are sucha adorable famly mashallah

Alka Bhagat says:

Loved it specially sammis dance….. Very sweet family

Fatemeh says:

where is her youngest?

khatija Khan says:

Masha Allah God will bless you and your family zukreat with lost of love dear.

DK OS says:

As a Baghdadi , I love it when you speak Arabic

nada Goglam says:

Your son look like my son especially the hair

Soha Irfan says:

nice mashaallah

Dandona says:

اريد انشوف بنتج الاموره

ishanrei09 says:

Thanks for sharing this Family throwback moments video.

Ms O says:

how the hell is it sunny and everyone’s in shorts and thirts? we were there end of January for our boys birthdays and oh my Gosh it was beyond freezing! such a magical little place, and lovely vlog Zukreat! x

Slavic Sandie says:

Oh my gosh when I read the tittle I thought something bad had happened to them, I watch the whole things and I’m happy they are all good, nothing bad happened, and on top of that they’re having fun. Click bate xD hahahahaha either way thank you so much for showing me France and your new to be born child. May you and your entire family be blessed, loved, cared for and respected everywhere that you all go in this universe.

EU Muslimah TV says:

Masha Allah. I am watching you from Brazil. may Allah bless you and your sweet family. asslamualaykum warahmatulahi wabakatuhu

aliyahasan39 says:

Such a beautiful vlog 🙂 Masha’Allah your family are so lovely 🙂 Sami is adorable & you are beautiful Masha’Allah x

Muhammad Ahmad says:

perfect couple and happy family….MashaAllah

Nikhat Khan says:

masha allah beautiful family
may allah bless u and your family with all the worldy happiness

um ibrahim says:

Wow Mashallah lovely…. U Should come to dubai to launch ur brand

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