Houseplant tour: Paris garden center field trip edition II

Houseplant tour! Here’s a fun little tour of another garden center around Paris. A lot of people requested that I do more of these but it’s hard because if you get caught they’ll make you stop. Plus that painful shakey cam action. I’m getting a new camera, I promisssse.

If this is your thing, I hope you enjoy!


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Olivia Ehret says:

I would love to see IKEA’s plant selection!

Fr_Francis Hein says:

Hey, I heard it, “orchid person.” Ouch, because it’s true. Great plant center.

Taylor Tillandsia says:

Ha! What a great video. I loved the commentary.

kenya b says:

Hi Betsy! At 2:30, what’s the name of the green and purple plant?

Weronika Stępień says:

hey, i’m writing with a plant problem. i thought maybe somebody here could help. The problem is figuring out what kind of a plant did my grandparents used to have. My mum says it had leaves like clivia but flowers were big, light pink and smelling more like a lily. Does anybody have a clue what could that be…?

Mandy Orchids says:

Haha I so appreciate you getting in trouble for us. That was a great visit and I love your videos. You remind me of a good friend I have here in Colorado ❤️

Holly Hasegawa Nielson says:

Love love love your videos, makes me super happy to follow you on any plant tour, so sorry you got in trouble for filming, some people are just so sensitive, lol. Keep smiling and I will see you in your next video, bye for now.

Plants and Piggies says:

Thanks! Very entertaining! Can you take us to the Ikea plant section too and any other garden nurseries?

Myles says:

I loved watching this! Your videos are my favourite. I’ve just got into houseplants and you’ve helped me sooo much! Now can we get some tips on how to stop naughty cats messing with plants? Lol my cat has knocked mine over so many times already

C Keene says:

You just got a shoutout in Nick Pileggi’s latest video!!!!

luxurycardstore says:

10:02 so funny that you tried to to soothe the “depressed” plant.

nays needle says:

Thanks, I love seeing garden centres in other countries.

MaryG Orchids says:

I enjoyed your garden centre trip , god you are so funny! Bring smile to my face every time I watch your videos. You have been very strong not to buy anything in there. Thanks for sharing and happy growing.

Kathy Gilbreath says:

I enjoyed the video and your humor. The center had some beautiful plants and great prices. Loved the philodendron imperial red. Thanks for sharing.

A Bo says:

You know things!!! It’s definitely not obliqua!!!

Sylvia Baba says:

You can keep a haworthia alive even if you don’t have a ton of light. They’re not like most succulents in that regard

Deya says:

I enjoyed this so much! “Name your-self”! Lol. I’m sorry you got in trouble.

Cracker Boxy says:

So long as it’s not digramontiana/mother of thous I’d get at least one of that shop of horrors alien one. And these kalanch.. seem to lend themselves to hybridization which adds to the interest but maybe should leave that to the guys in the lab cause It’s hard to imagine what kalanch.. seeds look like anyways.

blindasabat says:

Lovely video as always Betsy, been binging all your content since getting into plants very recently and purchasing my first proper one a couple of days ago. 🙂

Sandy G says:

Hi Betsy ~ you are too funny! I LOVE your videos and can’t wait for more! Too bad you got into trouble, but some places are like that. Oh well! Thank you for taking us along…..

Sarah Fatouros says:

I recently started watching your channel because of Jenna, and I’ve fallen in love with you, your plants and your humour! I have to ask though is that a Minnesota accent??

greydoe says:

Ka-lon-cho. 🙂 And I don’t like ’em either.

Louise Christine Larsen says:

I so utterly enjoy your videos! Thank you for getting into trouble on our behalf. The alien kalanchoe is indeed a triffid. Whatever I do to extinguish it, there is suddenly a two metres stem turning up in another pot.

Felix S says:

I enjoy watching your videos a lot .
can you do a video about how to make a terrarium and what plants to choose for that ? 🙂
greetings from germany 😀

Katie Ann says:

You can say that Venus as kal-un-KOH-ee

Myra’s Vloggs says:

I have enjoy this greenhouse tour lots of nice plants and it looks like a huge place too .

thecrystaltarot says:

Your videos are hilarious! Loved this one! So cool! 🙂

Maud Makhlouta says:

Omg your honesty is so entertaining so funny you are very cute 🙂

greydoe says:

Seeing what you do to baby plants when you think they’re cute (shaken plant syndrome comes to mind), not sure I want to see what happens when you don’t like them – lol.

minimalistcali says:

“It’s so cute! I just want to eat it!” Hahah

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