How to TRAVEL PARIS in 12 HOURS – Layover Travel Guide

This Paris Travel Guide is a cheap and fast way to visit the city. From a layover in France, to a weekend trip, you can still see some of the best of Paris in 1 day. We visited the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Invalides, Sacré Coeur, Monmatre, Champs-Élysées. Check out: to start using copy right free footage in your videos! Thanks to them for sponsoring today’s Paris adventure.

Thanks Loic!

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amirtraveller says:

just subscribe your Chanel love they way you are living

Transcend Your Limits says:

It’s really, really hard to grow any sort of following as a new travel channel. Christian, any tips for how to get views when you have.. no views? Even when you’re pumping out almost daily videos and putting effort into editing them, without any help from youtube they just don’t get seen.. Any tips ?

Sylly says:

I almost didn’t click on because I will be in Paris for over a week, but I am glad I did. This was a very well done video. I have been watching a ton in anticipation of my upcoming trip, and this was one of the best!

Freddy Alegria says:

Will I need a motorcycle license to rent a scooter there?? Will be going in May

Bene C says:

great effort boy have you hit a heap of places we want to see well done. These on a regular basis would be good for olaces all over the world us make plans of things to see, great filming and editing stay safe you pair and enjoy youselves see ya

silvia andrea guzman says:

Very wonderful information cultural

Rensy Villanueva says:

Is renting a scooter requires an international driver’s license?

Scott Heaney says:

Always enjoy your content dude. I have to say though, not really a fan of the storyblocks sponsorship. Actually more just not a fan of storyblocks being used by youtubers for travel / vlog content in general. Just seems to cheapen the videos in my opinion. I can’t be the only person who watches vlog and travel channels mainly because I enjoy seeing what THEY create..not what stock footage they think improves the narrative. I’m certainly not knocking the grind, and I do understand the attraction in using a high quality clip of something you couldn’t get to make the video better….but I feel like you do that at the risk of losing a lot of authenticity. Anyways, keep on rocking and living the dream man.

Hayley Nguyen says:

These’s re a lot things you did in 12 hours 😮 And the croissant looks so good <3

Hammy Games says:

I used to go to school with your brother Liam

LeonC Productions says:

well peter mckinnon in an add….. watched it all the way

Plus Point cinema says:

Travel to italy bro

Elijah Reinhardt says:

Awesome! Definitely got a taste for Paris, reminds me of Montreal, I was there last week.

HerreDePerre says:

Go on a Segway tour its just a couple hours you see a big part of the city

Joe Sisneros says:

Congrats on a Milly, sir. Keep on rollin!

nani shengelia says:

I love Paris so much.I think that it is very beautiful city.I really want to visit this city especially after you vlog. thera are lots of beautiful and interesting places.I want to taste Franch foods,especially sweets. of course I want to take picture front of the Eifel tower.Hope you enjoyed which food did you liked the most

Taiwan Cameron says:

Is it true people loose their teeth eating those hard baguettes ??

Manbate05 says:

Ahh this was Fabulous!! Well done guys,so very inspiring…..did Paris for the final of the Tour de France last year and already booked for this year,certainly going to try the macaroon place and the restaurant you both ate at,looked amazing…..certainly got another follower!!

chiqui gadon says:

I love seeing your old vidoes than these new ones

Ermias Takele says:

Where’s Katherine?

Traveling Herbivores says:

Great video! I love how you were able to capture the essence of Paris in a day. Laduree is also in New York and was super tasty 🙂

Andrej Nastevski says:

Congrats 1 Mil my Brother. You Made My days For The Past Few Days Thank You!, You Are My Favorite Youtuber Also This Is My Dream…. <3 <3 thank you for sharing your beautiful moments with us!❤

nelly sorokko says:

Klassno (Russian)

Alexonabudget says:


Joanna I says:

Congrats! Just a little over 1Million Subs!

D.Night says:

Gg belt in Thumbnail is important too. Otherwise u wont make it

Brian says:

Go go go

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