Northern France ROAD TRIP! Paris 🚘 Normandy

Day 411 – We’ve had an amazing time exploring Paris, but we’re ready to get out of the city! So we rented a car and we’re doing a little road trip up to Normandy to explore the French countryside!

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sasidhar r says:

hey first view

Alex Candy says:

see this adventure “took its toll” on y’all!!! lolololol I’m funny I am…..

Jacob Carlson says:

I know that France has very strict privacy laws. Did you run into any trouble or have people complain when you were filming outside in Paris?

Andeez Anderson says:

Rooky mistake. Everyone in Europe knows that the French motorway system is crazy expensive!

Ellie Browne says:

Another awesome video guys, annoying you had to wait around for the car after you’d all been carrying around your luggage. Have to say the highlight of the video was watching the baby lambs! Keep up the wonderful work 🙂

Karthik Bhat says:

Incredible video like always, guys ! Please do a Q&A video sometime in the future.

Yaddy Molina says:

Normandy is sacred ground. Treat it as such.

Sophia & TheWizard says:

The three of you are so great to watch. Thanks. Looking forward to see what you guys eat in the country. Love from Canada.

Not Known says:

Welcome to EUSSR. You will pay for using roads that you paid too much to have built.

You guys must be sick to death of 21st century travel-related bullshit by now. You go everywhere, then realise everywhere’s the same. But you’ve gotta go anyhow.

Sean Go mez says:

Yeah that’s one thing I don’t like about France and Germany… the toll’s.

Sam Vermeulen says:

Another tip. If you want to avoid Payage (toll), you have to take the Nationale (N) routes. it takes longer but you’ll catch more of the sights too and pay less tolls of course.

thecollegepicker says:

You popped up randomly on related channels to travel stuff I was looking at, doing work! keep it up!

Richard Talbot says:

If you are into sports search out a decathlon store massive places and quite cheap. Might have some extra shoulder pads for your rucksack.

faIRmODs says:

You could always try Brittany – its very proud of the fact you have no toll roads ;D

Mark Johnston says:

I hope you guy’s don’t just think that only the American soldiers landed on the beach in World War II. and saved us all from the German Military ! Mark UK

JourneyGirl says:

What’s the name of the red day bag?

Chasing a Plate - Food and Travel Channel says:

Love your production. Can’t wait to follow along to see where the adventure takes you.

mayur more says:

NIC hoom book and keep it up you hear style is awesome

george saguna says:

That train that looked like a “submarine” is Arts et Métiers and its like that as there is an art school above, the one where you got lost is and if I am not mistaken it is the biggest underground station in Europe with a pool, cinema and shopping complex included in it. There are some pretty amazing underground stations in Paris and they are pretty safe and cheap to use. The buskers have to audition to get a licence whilst the ones that come on the trains are illegal and the police are after them all the time. I use the Tomtom app on my phone to avoid paying tolls but sometimes it cheaper to take the toll roads themselves. I dont know what car rentals you use but I go through easyterra and they are amazing with prices and customer care. What do you typically use ?

Phoebe Warren says:

Hey guys! Where are you off to next? I’m going to be InterRailing for a month starting on March 19th

Sam Vermeulen says:

You have to go to Lille, very nice city and there’s a great hostel named Gastama. It was awarded the best in France a few years back. And the city itself has a lot of historical buildings and halls.

Florian H. Wave says:

How old are you two? 🙂

Perfect Little Planet says:

Oh man, as soon as you started walking up to the Firefly booth I cringed. They are never worth the savings. Glad you eventually got a car though. Road trips are the best! I went to Normandy on D-Day about 10 years ago but I didn’t get to see the surrounding area at all, so I’m excited to see the rest of the area. -Brian

New Nomads says:

Welcome to France, it takes about 75 euros to make it all the way across the Cote d’Azure in the south!

Gareth Jones says:

Only just subbed to you a few days ago. You guys make great content.

Drew Dixon says:

looking forward to your Normandy tour, we( family and me) have been a few times, though driving from Scotland to there and back each time, is a loooooonng way.

Joel Hardy says:

Came from the WAYAWAY Fam 🙂 Love your videos so far…. I am looking to travel this year tooo! 🙂 So lets see what happens

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