DAY 737 // 27TH FEBRUARY 2015


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All filmed on a Canon G7X, sometimes Panasonic Lumix GH4 and a Samsung NX1 and a go pro hero 3+

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Tsambika says:

The entire world was created by God where people could roam anywhere anytime and settle down anywhere. The free masons that are in control of governments especially europe australia england made it illegal calling people illegal immigrants. all the natural resources were stolen from countries like south america middle east africa and asia. This is how European countries became wealthy. There was no written rules in the Commandements of God people needed a visa or permit to live or be in another country. MAN MADE (zionist free mason) RULES!

swithin m says:

Hi Louis, Which camera do you use to shoot the videos?

TryingTo SpreadTheTRUTH says:

I’m French but i don’t live in Paris i live in Lyon which is one of the biggest city of France. And i hate Paris… I mean tourists think it’s beautiful and all that Eiffel tour…. But there is a lot of thief everywhere you did took the subway! It’s difficult to explain to english, american or what ever why i hate Paris. And Oh! you maybe don’t know but in french it’s not allowed to film, take picture of people in the street or anywhere in France without their permission… And for the people under 18 it’s just not allowed..You need the permission of the parents… You could have problem with this… even the french Tv has problem with this law but… NICE VIDEO !!! Come in Lyon please!!!!

cj18 says:

hehe nice, lived there 4 months

MrSmith1221 says:

I’m leaving the US for the first time in my life next summer. Seriously can’t wait to visit Paris and Florence! I can’t believe it’s only a 30 minute train ride from England to France, that’s awesome!

MiVidaTV says:

cool video, damn scam artists !!

Lolerino L. says:

The lady at 1:40 was so suspicious lol

link7697 says:

Best city in the world

Agatha C says:

Oh there are so many soldiers. Well yeah you went there a month after a terrorist attack, now it’s even worse

MaeL_92 Frç says:

You are welcome to Paris;) But beware of pickpockets on the place of the Eiffel Tower, and avoid the 18th district;) And yes Paris like any other cities has several face. I live on Paris

SpartanUruk says:

I’ve been to Paris once back in 2008 on a school trip with my class.
I remember loving it so much and actually wanting to live there haha, it’s such a beautiful city and the culture is amazing, such a pretty place to live. ^ ^
I would love to go back someday.

Benjamin Antoine says:

Let us know if you’re planning to come back in Paris, we’ll show you the best places ! Seeya

bobduvar says:

C’est formidable !!! On voit les roms trafiquer avec leur putain de jeu sur le parvis des Droits de l’Homme et les flics n’interviennent même pas !!!
Pas un qui fera dégager cette merde de racaille qui pollue la capitale !! Ha non mais allô quoi !!!
Paris est à l’image de la France : gouvernée par des gens-foutre !!!
Et c’est pas fini !!

Kristina Olejnik says:

What do soldiers do there? Is they there all time?

Jenna Sipos says:

I’m extremely jealous of your life, I love watching your vlogs and just imagining that someday hopefully I’ll be able to travel to some of these amazing places keep up the great work 🙂

victoire djn says:

Je suis française !

abbey olive says:

why was there soldiers??

a b says:

Paris is so much overrated O_O There’s so many cities wayy better ..I traveled to paris many times and it’s just full of homeless people , thiefs ,…People in general think it is the city of love and shet , the true city of love for me is Venise …Btw for those who would ask im french too. Hope i didn’t break your dreams ..

Aline F. says:

Whenever you want for the “secret Paris” recommandations and tips ! You’ll see the city has tons of nice quiet and unknown areas ! 
Aline from Paris

ChOcOLaTe Fam says:

You are missing some amazing gems in Paris but you’ll find em’ one day 😉

Alp Rose says:

Oh now I really miss Paris 🙁

Yepitsjeff Knight says:

Have you left Paris already?

Muhmmad E says:

music 6:00 ?

MightyPotato says:

I’m french and I know why there is many soldiers, it’s “plan vigipirate” because there has been an attempt against Charlie Hebdo on january 7th 2015

TheApopolypse says:

Next time go to the catacombs of Paris!

generalshenanigans15 says:

Wow I found this video exactly one year later 😮

Mark Griffiths says:

I love paris. Possibly the most beautiful city in the world.

DsFToXiiC says:

Just remember louis no-one can tell you to stop recording as you’re perfectly allowed to film in all surrounding areas. Even though he is a scam artist i would have continued filming him just to get him to move along.

molly h says:

i spent the day in paris on thursday and it was amazing

thepilotfrench says:

You need one life for visit the city of Paris

Enzo Garcia says:

Many people who liv in paris says that they wants to go in california, in australia, but i think that paris is the best city in the world.
Me, i live in lyon, in france i i really want to go in america but when i read your comment, i think that it’s better to go in paris…

Sorry for the sentence if there not good but i’m 14yo…

LyKos GAMING says:

Je suis charlie !

Laoria Köss says:

One of the place you can go to if you want to have lunch is Saint Michel. It’s next Notre-Dame and it’s a really nice area!

neonshot says:

when i went on top of the ifel  tower and its freezing

William Bray says:

What was the name of the song when the dancers started going silly

Paradise says:

لمحبي السياحة و السفر تابعوا قناة
“Ahmed juma alfalassi”
على اليوتيوب و الانستاجرام.

Janet Nimundele says:

Louis’s life so cool.. he’s just like “oh im bored today, what shell i do.. Oh i know, lets go to Paris and come back” lol 

Jazy says:

Looks like Louis has an amazing life. Hopefully we all get opportunities like him 🙂

Joe says:

22 miles

Nicolas D says:

the “game” at 5.45, is ilegal 😛

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