Paris, Amsterdam & London // Europe 2017

Mini Euro trip 2017! Can’t believe how fun this holiday was. Will never forget it.
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Janice Luckman says:

I can’t wait to travel to Europe. I’ll be using all your vlogs as travel guides!! I know you’ve probably answered this a million times but what camera do you use to vlog? The quality is amazing, I’d love to use it for my videos!! Love you ❤ xx

l0loful says:

i have the same gray socks as you, from giant tigre :p

Marie C says:

To be honest, some of her videos have helped me so much as someone who’s gonna visit Paris soon. But she focuses on herself way too much like how many times do we need to see her face, what she’s wearing etc… she’s just okay looking and half of the video was not what you would call a vlog lol.. Some parts of the video are completely ridiculous and cringy..

Egypt Express Travel says:

Wow, nice video Alex I love it so much 🙂

Anialixy Carballo says:

LOOOOOOOOOVED this blog <333

Sadra Ishmaku says:

Who was your fave?

Lisette Melendez says:

I also had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam and London for Spring Break and man, what an amazing experience! Paris is next on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your experience, I live for these kind of videos 🙂

Maddie Jameson says:

Does anyone know why she doesn’t drink?

Merouaneification says:

يا ربـــــــي علاه علاه


wow yaaaay that you have another video, I just finished you 2016 post yesterday in France. so cool <3

Tania sheridan says:

Not I didn’t like the Video sorry I want to see places, not yourself guys maybe another video . Most of the video were you you you

Alex Centomo Vlogs says:

One of my most favourite trips so far. I hope you guys enjoy!! Let me know where you’re from and maybe we’ll come visit 🙂

Triahna Coombs says:

you really do have wonderful taste in style!
Can you please make a video on how you achieve your top bun please?!

Israel Johnny says:

I wanna to go on united states.I’m looking for a friend american,someone?Let your number of your phone!

Duh_it's_Kenzie says:

what hotel did you stay ?

Alex O'Brien says:

Omg could you post a link to the Airbnb in Amsterdam? Really want to stay in a boathouse next time I’m there!

Maddie Kinsman says:

Can I speak to the manager plz


Scott Bateman says:

Can anyone tell me where she got her coat from or a look a like in a mens version?

Fatynn S says:

comin to paris in 2 weeks!!!!yahooo

t leigh says:

You should speak more French! I find it so cool you are bilingual. I’m learning Spanish right now!

Jaimee Ellison says:

Have you ever been to Australia?

Ciara Pirote says:

U look like the leading lady in the movie Blue Valentine

keely!! says:

i freaked at 26:23 when I saw you guys were casually chilling in front of THE FREAKIN GLOBE THEATER like what?!?

Malise says:

wait… i need to know the name of the place you guys went to in new york!

Rachel Silva says:

Hi everyone! I’m currently studying abroad in Europe and have started vlogging my travels. If anyone would be interested in checking my vlogs out/ being mutuals I’d love it!

Lexi Shannon says:

what hotel did you guys stay in in Paris?!

Kay Flip says:

How come you didn’t use click bait this year and call it London / Paris fashion week when you didn’t even get invited to any shows? LOL.

Raeshelle says:

Ahhh this is so awesome! I’m heading down to Paris this summer so this had been like a perfect teaser!! Much love!!

L lalax says:

does anyone know which hotel they stayed in in paris? <3

Sanap Adsense says:

Ça ne devrait pas être une vidéo privée ?
J’ai l’impression de rentrer dans l’intimité d’un groupe d’amis et ça m’a mis mal à l’aise c’est d’ailleurs pour ça que j’ai arrêté de regarder la vidéo à 7 minutes environ.

amygiggles says:

I cannot wait to go to Amsterdam with my partner in August x

The Hopeful Wanderer says:

eurosquad :p

Chloe Inthemood says:

Nice vlog!

JenessaIRL says:

Ooooh I love vlogs about Europe! I want to go so bad. My husband said if I reach 1000 subscribers, he will take me to Europe! I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out 🙂

Jenna Marie says:

Where can you get faux fur coats like that?! Also could you do a financing trips video??

Mally Kay says:

I miss Paris!!!❤❤

Moni Dutta says:

I love this video so much. because so much fun. says:

Hey,am coming for one month tribe there ,could u join me to be my Gide there?

Maria Funaioli says:

Song at 11:20?

Muniz Silva says:

Good morning Alex, you send me suggestion videos of good restaurants in Paris, France.

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