Paris is FUN

Be on the lookout for part 2 of my Europe Travels 😉

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Hunter Toennies says:

Andrew, vous devez apprendre le français, sérieusement, ou une autre langue en général.

TonyUnser says:

Now you gotta go back to Paris again and do all the NON touristy things

Eric Rosener says:

Cardinals fan. I knew you were awesome!

胡承佐 says:

Have you ever considered a trip to China hahaha ?_?

Fz Rm says:

new name for Andrew Baggett how was the train ride? great vlog and 2 guys in Paris no nightlife

Ziqin Wang says:

Kip knows Alibaba. So funny

Alan D says:

Da Vinci nerd alert . . . to get the Mona smile thing you need to COVER one side of her face – then the other side . . . you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Alan x

Tom Buresh says:

Kip is awesome. I want to move to Denver just so I can buy a house from him.

JMars says:

This is so beautiful makes me miss Paris can’t wait to go back

Christophe Paget says:

I like the vidéo .20 bucks for an umbrella !!!!

Spencer Jace says:

i am so jealous right now!!! a beautiful guys in a beautiful place!!!!

Al C says:

IDK what this says but is French: “It takes two to tango”

dellen zhang says:

Shine bright like a diamond! Lol. I like that song too.

Josh Pietruszewski says:

My favorite part about Paris was the Palace of Versailles. Did you ever go up the Eiffel Tower?

Cindy Blair says:

Kip looks like a very blond Neil Patrick Harris!

Michael Adkins says:

Excited to see this video. Im going to Paris for the first time in a couple of months. Fortunately, my partner can speak French.

69kellygreen says:

Wow, Andrew, you sing well! And Kip is extremely handsome.

bribri_an says:

Barcelona is my favorite city glad you went there

Marcus LeeP says:

Look cool…Very nice…Paris, France is always nice…

ewewt ayew says:

I like Andrew’s videos as much as everyone else but there’s no need to lie to the man. His singing was very distasteful and hopefully he won’t do it again. Besides that, great upload.

Maro Krkaland says:

You sing so well. Really surprised me.

Funkee says:

‘Little town full of little people, waking up to say:… Pantheon.’ Hahaha!

ternitamas says:

20 euros!! that’s such a rip-off

Christophe Paget says: a baguette lover andrew

Loganbay says:

Way to charming a host. Thanks for taking us along

Alexander Irizarry-Camarillo says:

I love all the places you visit. It gives me a second hand thrill. You must be very comfortable with the entire travel experience? I’ve had so many opportunities to visit different places, yet for other reasons I turn the chance down. You are open about many things in your life, I feel compelled to do the same. I’ve suffered from Panic Disorder since I was 18 years old. I didn’t seek out help until ten years later, when I realized I couldn’t take it much longer. I thought I was doing an okay job, especially since I attended UCLA, and managed to get two masters degrees at Pepperdine. I was lead to a very knowledgeable doctor at a special clinic he founded at USC. He saved my life. He was the one that gave me my physical diagnosis that my attacks had an organic beginning and with medication and certain practices I can “talk myself down,” so to speak. It’s the ones that I have no control over that still send me in a tail spin. Thankfully, those don’t happened that often. And that is my reason for not venturing to other countries. I know one day I will, but first I’ll need to get my pilots license and a good jet… it’s that feeling of being in total control. I wish you safe travels always. Be well young man. Alex.

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