Paris Side-Trips

Side-tripping from Paris into the Ile de France, we indulge in the world of royal and aristocratic extravagance in the pre-Revolutionary playground of France’s elite. We explore Versailles, Europe’s palace of palaces; exquisite Vaux-le-Vicomte; and extravagant Fontainebleau, home to centuries of French rulers. We’ll also marvel at the glass and statuary of Chartres Cathedral…and dine like kings. | © 2014 Rick Steves’ Europe

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EEN63 says:

Definitely one of my favorite videos thus far! Beautiful, opulent and absolutely over-the-top. I can’t help but think of all the amazingly talented artisans and craftsmen that spent years creating such intricate and gorgeous architecture and decor! Such fabulous historical treasures!!!

Graeme Gerrard says:

The opulence is breathtakingly arrogant! Great video, but not even a mention of the labyrinth at Chartres, surely one of its most interesting features.

peter tuann says:

now that you mentioned quietness, you are correct, Asian restaurants are way too loud. I agree with the English, keep your voices down in public.

Julian Carbajal says:

14:47 hipster spotted

Marco Schwarz says:

Great video document. I saw Paris at least 5 times. Fortunately my uncle lives in Paris.

John says:

vive le roi

Mike H says:

Rick…the bed at 13:05. Come on man.

Dito R.franco says:

Ótimos Videos,

Zac#TRUMP2016 says:

I thought china was the richest

Ajmal shah says:

wonderful versailes

Payhole Everdouche says:

Where can I rent me a royal womb?

hawaiilorenzo says:

*SHART* i wonder if that’s the correct pronunciation… anybody know?

stephen10 says:

you have the best job in the world

naveen roshan says:

Mr Rick steves i like europe the most i am very happy of your europe collection videos. Thank you sir and your term.for giving us this good videos..

Nguyễn Hoàng Vũ says:

Europe is so rich in terms of culture, customs, music, and,…. so much more to discove (A man from Vietnam). Thank so much for sharing the clips.

Manthan Yagnik says:

awesome …….. just loved it…………..

Bruce Burns says:


Deem M says:

Ah, this takes me back to France and Paris, the cuisine, the wine the deserts!!! the culture.

Ajmal shah says:

amazing historical palaces in paris

cl223 says:

What a tool. Does only senior citizens watch his videos?

kobyjones says:

Chateau du Pret? I can’t find it online?

Jason Malihan says:

Great Job! Nicely produced and edited 🙂

Annabelle Baca says:

i love paris so much!!!

CNHabs says:

Thanks a lot for the detailed videos! It helped me a lot for my upcoming trip!

JALBE - Jennifer says:

The upholstery in Napoleon’s apartment is beautiful, thank you for showing it in great detail! I also want to thank you for the new uploads, I’ve been a fan since childhood and I love that the Rick Steve’s team made the videos available on YouTube.The sites in “Paris Side-Trips” and the Château’s in “France’s Loire: Château Country” have been added to my visitor’s list!

moviebod says:

Foie gras really? Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force-feeding corn with a feeding tube. Just so you know. If you don’t, then you should read about it. If you do…

Brian Ross says:

Rick please it’s pronounced Fon-ten-blow

Mirandu Kan says:

“script, please”
How cute, haha!

Lance Burley says:

Just looking at Charred Chapel…..I can see where St. Patrick Catherdal borrowed its design from…..

Christian says:

Monarchy is so much superior to democracy

Grace Serena Christie says:

Also I have a degree in Divinity.  So actually the floors are crosses as are the windows and the mirrors are cross in designs.  And the ceiling it was not someone who decided just to paint people.  Now if you are clairvoyant you can ask God to separate the clouds to see the people and to show heaven which is drawn on your show 6:43 parts of the Hall of Records is shown on the ceiling there.  Yes you can see that all the time if you look up after praying a lot with angels around you.  In France they just painted what they saw.  All the churches had similar paintings…… the ceilings are not someone’s imaginations they are real just seen by painters who work for Kings and Queens.  All of the white and the Gold it to make the Building more Divine for its purpose on earth as in Heaven to rule with a lot better advisers…. was the plan people don’t know that it was only told to the inside groups.  As you see the mirrors are also doors…….

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