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Paris, the capital of France, attracts 42 million visitors a year.

You can start your Paris tour on the metro, on foot, or with a taxi or bicycle; the city is easily navigable on all fronts. Visit the Arc de Triomphe in the center of the city and marvel at its graceful lines and commanding presence. Built between 1806 and 1836, the Arc is one of a number of historical arches and landmarks peppering Paris.

If your Paris sightseeing includes purchasing souvenirs, head to the Champs-Élysées, home of boutique shopping, numerous restaurants, and many bars, along with a theatre and other entertaining venues. Learn about culture and creativity at the Louvre, a 14th-century palace turned art museum, and check in on the Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile. Notre Dame Cathedral cannot be missed, as this imposing Gothic structure has stood since 1345.

Speaking of imposing, the Eiffel Tower is most frequently used to represent Paris. Stroll beneath it to get a good idea of its height, or travel to the top for a stunning view of the City of Light.

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Fresh Water says:

I’m not going anywhere in Europe because there are lots off terrorist attacks but it’s nice to watch this video.

Vanshika Mishra says:


Timothy Raths says:

Hoping to go there in 2019.

موسيقى و عود says:

Where is Disney Land???

Abdul Hameed Dar says:

wonderful city


Here is Paris!!!

Rajvir Singh says:

my dream is to visit Paris oneday

Arastu Gupta says:

really what a nice shoot

muhammed shiyas says:

Love paris

Mario Frans says:

Im going to the city next month! Yeay! cant wait.

kakikokeku says:

city full of racists

kalinka marinova says:


PMPEducator says:

too much nudity promoted as art. Nothing seems to be interesting.

S T S says:

Make a video for Stockholm, Sweden.Please.Please.

denis dralec says:

If I ever go to Africa I’ll choose Paris !

Emnet Abrham says:

I can’t wait, I am excited to visit Paris​

Moon Shine says:

Thank you Madam,

hemalatha pydi says:

My dream place

denis dralec says:

The Eiffel Tower is an “armored lady”…Paris….Louvre Museum, all female nouns ??? I had no idea.

Nerf Ninja16 says:

FUN FACT: The Eiffel Tower is tales than Australia’s tallest building Q1 BY 2 METRES!

john diaz says:

I just went to Paris n its nothing like this. It was dirty lots of graffiti people r rude n everything is fenced in. Military with fully automatic weapons everywhere. Pick pockets everywhere.. It was horrible maybe 10 years ago but not now.

Aicha Aichoucha says:

1: 04 when you momma says lunch is ready

MrBobolero says:

I was looking on and didn’t find any volunteer in Paris.

Maria de la caridad Hernández torres says:

Es increíble lo bello el mundo en q.vivimos para verlo en Vivo ,pero eso hay ser millonario.


Paris c’est trop belle

hundred cs says:

French are really something in a bad way. My worst traveling experience was the summer in France.

Fresh Water says:

Go to France not Paris

fabloos says:

brule en enfer

Lumber Hog says:


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