Perfectly Alone (EXPLORING PARIS)

Exploring Paris, France alone is pretty awesome when you’re into museums. Today on the vlog, it’s time to visit the Louvre.

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Marco Antonio says:

I just stumbled upon your channel now I want to head to Paris alone hahaha

Gavin TheGamer52 says:

i love to go to interesting places where i can soak it in, i am looking forward to seeing Paris by meself too:-)

Swelyn Marie A. Lacsa says:

enjoy here in france haley,,

MaCeL says:

The only girl i follow! I’m a Christian so many things not to like about you. But who am I to judge? And you’re just so adorable the first time i saw you.

You made my daughter cried with your video talking about Wil.

We love you. God bless!

Niky Lour says:

can’t wait for the #VLOGSQUAD ya already know #DGAFSQUAD to be reunited again. Yaaaaaaas. I so oove ya Haley.. :-*

Haley Dasovich says:

wow. I love you guys.

Frances Chiong says:

Haley, please don’t stop making chatty vlogs! I love listening to your insights! 🙂

Malhing Adventures says:

Love your eyeshadow! So fresh!

Jardenn 77 says:

Haley! Love you sista and always looking forward to see your travel expeditions. You know what they say, those who fly solo have the strongest wings!!! I honestly watch your videos more than your bro, but love u both!

Sandersing says:

For some reason I just feel that not far from now you gonna be a huge Youtuber.
The way you speak in front of camera was so real, simple, efficient, and not wasting time.
And for me you are even more mature youtuber compare to any youtuber that had been doing vlog for many years.
Someday I would like to meet you, and hopefully we can do Travel vlog together.

Akashi Zetai says:

You don’t wear bra?

zashikibutaq5 says:

Introverts need alone time to recharge.. I can relate.. Do you know your MBTI Haley??
Love hearing your words of wisdom, I learned a lot plus I got to see places I wouldn’t know when will I ever see in person. Finally left a comment after being a silent viewer.. Keep it up 🙂

Hashime Rivera says:

sub. to sub.

tua says:

I agree you have to look confident. I’ve traveled a few times as well. I would research intensely on transportation means. It’s quite an experience. I’ve missed a flight once. But traveling alone was for me to learn to be more in-shy around people. Be more social, it’s different when your out of your home country.

Kelsey J Nelson says:

gorgeous as always Haley girl! I loved the shots at the end, and the music. take care!

OneEyed Jack says:

Suggestions: #1 Step away from the “touristy” Paris, and experience the real city. #2 Leave the headphones at home (no, seriously) . #3 Its okay to let the pictures (or video) speak for themselves, that way you get more content, can speak less, and enjoy more..

Erica Lopez says:

Where can you get a pocket Wi-Fi? Sorry, late comment.

Mary Grace Aunzo says:

I wanna see the world so much but haley’s doing it for me ❤

Maurice Pineda says:

“Not to talk….”

koreanaddictish says:

How I wish to travel alone, yet I’m scared and not that knowledgeable on directions. I also have trust issues with people so I guess I always have to do it with somebody I know.

piperwood924 says:

You look lovelier today! Can you do a makeup tutorial? Enjoy the trip!

yan-yan magat says:

strong, independent woman! ang peg-an ko:). keep rockin’

bagoda says:


Kirsten Khaye says:

here i was feeling bad not gettin to watch your videos for the last week and expecting i had to catch up with tons of your vids.. but here ya go, only 3 uploads to catch up! hihi not saying it’s a bad (or good) thing though, i am still probably used to you doing daily vlogs.. hihi 🙂

paomanz says:

Did you, by any chance, walk passed Jason Bourne’s house there in Paris?

PC R says:

Where’s Haley at?????

Sarah Joy Abejar says:

Yeah girl! DGAF! people say what they wanna say and we’re not here to please everybody! And it means a lot when you heart my comments! That’s why I love you Haley you inspire people to be confident to be themselves

Dolrich Aguillon says:

Hi Haley! I live in Belgium and i could give you a tour around Antwerp if you’re interested. Would you mind checking out my vlogs as well? Greetings!

narendran arunachalam says:

Visit India and explore the culture of India

Evan DuBose says:

Congrats you didnt get killed by a muslim!

John Michael says:

You’re a cool girl!

Arman Tijol says:


pinkpeace says:

Hey, can you suggest a pocket wifi brand? 🙂 I’m interested to buy one for when I’m travelling also.

marie jay rassie says:

I love you haley

Arnie Rossel says:

Hi, Haley, what do you use to edit videos?

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