Tim’s 2017 Trip to Paris

During August 2017, Tim attended a puzzle party (IPP37) in Paris. He came back with some interesting items, some from the puzzle party itself, and some he picked up while shopping in Paris.


Haim Bilia says:

I still miss the old intro.

Some Dude says:

Tim how old are you?

Thutu Luis _ says:


Thomas Luczak says:

i bet a lot of those were very pricey.

Jacobtheboss says:


It’s a banana

Nesrocks Gaming Videos says:

I used to have a R2-D2 version of that walking bear. It was perfect.

Will Kramer says:

“Why it’s a banana. True art there.”

YoseFu says:

Where does Tim get the money to travel the world and buy all these toys? Is he an underground drug lord? Or an assassin? Or maybe he’s a government spy using these “toys” as tools to infiltrate foreign military bases?

Leafyr Oakfyst says:

Duuude I want so many of these XD mainly the colorful spinner and that 4 hands ball. 😮 Oh that handbag thing is genius! Good for anyone with any kinda bag!

2randomcrap3 says:

Water from the Seine

Jake Valdivia says:

Tim was with his niggas in Paris

Oskar_ Dynamo says:

Great video Tim, keep up the good work. Exx deee

WildKatGirl says:

0:21 Tim’s large banana is covered in white stuff.

Perfect_Poop says:

Hue hue, a banana covered in snow…

roblox.Production 123456keean1 [ Verified ] says:

Toys from the nile

Дмитрий Аксенов Second channel says:

9:55 it’s russian version of Winnie the Pooh

Fluffy Starburst says:

If tim dies he should get his own museum

Mike Nelson says:

Iv been tripping balls with Tim for awhile now

Wendy Sparkman says:

The walking bear is nostalgic for me – one of my earliest toys (from early sixties) was a small walking circus elephant that moved the same way, only four legs instead of two.

That one german says:


When you come home from a long night

morally immoral says:

Daily dose and grand illusions are my drugs and I can’t name the side effects

Sho Pao says:


Hageltrast says:

I wonder if that banana with white snow had a sublime message…

Pete Smith says:

Thank you tim for your very nice upload, always nice to see your collection of toys happy days.

Dan Whitmore says:

Lovely stuff,tim

hey Jude says:

Puzzle party in Paris

Nathan Chambers says:

That banana busted

Jimmy Gunawan says:

6:36 is a cool colorfuk gadget.

Fred the Sloth says:

“And at the end of the day it all collapses into nothing.”
Just like my life…

slitor says:

Misha!? That’s Winnie the Pooh! Seriously search for Soviet era cartoons.

There is one that I know Tim would love: Shkatulka S Sekretom…The Music box.

turquoise_ eye says:

2:54 that shook my OCD/anxiety

نيروز روني says:

the banana is raw

Albert says:

Water from the Nile…

MrSBGames says:

Be careful in Paris Tim, the city has gone to shit, watch out for those terrorists.

Lupita Cazares says:

I can’t understand a word he’s saying

James Bender says:

I would like to go to a toy convention.

Lord of the Dings says:

Paris from the Nile.

Hellzyead says:

That’s the Russian Winnie the Pooh at the end … check out the old cartoons

Bob3D2000 says:

I love that bear.

TF150Gaming says:


Russell Teapot says:

Judging from the thumbnail, the trip gone very well

Einaras Juodelis says:


Bönzeaux Bleügreen says:

8:15 FYI Tim, the Statue of Liberty is a female, not a male.

Kevin McFadden says:

Put the chameleon on your shirt and see if it can do plaid.
LOL. Have fun.

Vinay Seth says:

That’s the Russian version of Winnie the Pooh at the end, I believe!

tayfun gürgen says:

9:53 that’s russian winnie the pooh.

Yasmin Grasse says:

I love wooden puzzles. They make such satisfying sounds.

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