Paris is expensive…isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. We show you how to do Paris on the cheap!!!

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Praveen V says:

Very useful video.. I’d be going in December 2016.

Bambina Bee says:

luv it !!! will going to paris in sept and it helps a lot . thx guys

zen samantha says:

Awesome tips!

David Rankin says:

Victor Hugo is buried at the Panthéon, not the Père-Lachaise cemetery! 😛

Ajay Anchal says:

I love your videos………..u guys r gr8……

Kae' Kirk says:

Great Video, loved the tips… New Subscriber!

GooberSnattch (Anthony) says:

is a student card a school ID card?

1952mclean says:

If you travel to France, make sure lower your expectations. If you are in a big city –be prepared for rudeness at every corner, very low work ethics, stepping on dog poop, taking your life in your own hands every time you attempt to cross the street , and witnessing how multiculturalism ruined this once great country. The French don’t like to work, follow any rules , and they thing rudeness is chic. It looks like Spain the neighbour to the south took all the courtesy, welcoming attitude and hospitality, and Germany the neighbour to the North East , took all the punctuality, work ethics and law and order. The nanny state made most French feel entitled to all things without any obligations becoming lazy , dependant and pathetically apathetic. . Don’t you dare ask them to do anything because they are always in a bad mood except if it is time for their 2 hour lunch or frequent cigarette breaks. The Grand Nation is no more

BlunderCity says:

Some museums are free on certain days and/or to people under 26. If you guys wanna know everything that is free in Paris at the moment, you can visit the Paris Tourism Office website. They have a section dedicated to it.

For some reason I can’t copy paste the link to the page. Go to then change the language to English. Go to “EXPLORE” and select “THEMED GUIDES”. There, you have a section called “Paris for free” where you can find out what is free on what days.

Also, if you’re in Paris, go to a newspaper shop and buy the “Pariscope” which is a weekly guide to everything going on in Paris that week. The price has gone up but it’s still a very affordable 0.70 euro.

Mariela Ramos says:

Nice video! I just released a video giving 10 tips if you go to Paris, from my own experience. Hope you can check it out too!! 🙂

lionandlambkl says:

Whereabouts on la seine do people sit?

Poopoo Mypants says:

hi, how does bus work??? is it cheaper than the hop on hop ofg?? pls help were going this weekend..

v0calbeatzlaughs says:

I’ve never seen a video executed so perfectly that really optimized how an individual can still enjoy themselves on a budget in a generally expensive city. Well done guys.

Martina Rol says:

If you’re younger than 26 you can enter the Louvre museum FOR FREE after 6pm just by showing your ID!!

Carmen Rosa Tello says:

jajajja me gusta la parte de ir a tomar cerveza al costado del rio, maravilloso!!

Vinayak Joshi says:

From all the above activities and spots you mentioned in the video, are all of these operational and can be tried during February/March? How is the weather of Paris during February/March?

Tom and Lucy says:

We went to Paris last weekend and hired the Velib bikes, they were so much fun! BUT they do charge you for the amount of time you use them, so if you’re cycling a lot, it will come to more than €8. Still a great, cheap way to see the city though!

Danielle Muller says:

Another great video! Love the budget friendly tips, activities and sights.

Morgan Gomez says:

I’m french, I live in Paris and I’ve never heard of that Shakespeare And Company bookstore! Thanks!

Victor De Oliveira says:

Chalie Chaplin is buried in Switzerland in the Corsier-Sur-Vevey Cemetery not in Pere Lachaise. Victor Hugo is in Panthéon not Pere lachaise.

Their info is wrong.

Sabrina Mira says:

heyy! im going to paris in a few days, ur videos are awesome !! Little question about this video tho! that place to drink wine by the water …. where is it exacly or how is it called ?? looked so cozy !! thxxxx

Stephen Parry says:

I know this is off topic but I have to mention it before I forget to – this video by far has THE BEST thumbnail haha!

Ryan King says:

What’s the website to get the bikes? I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow and i really want to do that!

flore cabarrubias says:

Hi I’m from Philippines I want to visit the Paris how I can go there can you help me I really like to visit the Paris im first time to travel there

anil chhabra says:

Nice job guys….thanks.

Fabolous Four says:

i visited paris two years ago and now after watching this video start missing it again though i didnt like paris that much as i expected when i visited !

Jessica Rivera says:

Just a quick comment! I’m going to Paris next month and I was looking forward to visit Chaplin’s grave, but I did some research and he’s not buried there, he was buried in a small town named Corzier in Switzerland 🙂

Great video!!


#11. To eat cheap (under 10 Euros) go to the Quartier Latin (near St. Jacques, around the corner from Notre Dame) and walk the narrow streets, looking at the menus that stand outside of the restaurants, most offer an entire menu (salad, main dish, dessert) for just under 10Euros… 

#12. Fancy a good seafood platter? go to La Comedia on Rue de Monge, and order the Pasta Vert (14 Euros) it comes with mussles, shrimp, clams, etc…

Amanda Motivacion says:

Nice video, thank you for the advices!

Maddie Ross says:

this is so helpful !!

Lauren says:

shakespear and company is THE BEST BOOKSTORE EVER! If you go there, go upstairs as well, you’ll be amazed

thejerizzle says:

How does the bike thing work. Is there a site? details please 🙂

White Noise says:

Shakespeare and Co is just my favourite place on earth

Jamie Pollard says:

tip: always carry a water bottle, water in cafés is very expensive.
Go to supermarkets instead of seeking for affordable street good for hours. it’ll be much cheaper 🙂

Ollie Umma says:

Thank you for the tips!!! Will be in Paris next week 🙂

Gays R Us says:

Metro day passes are cheaper!

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