Visit Paris – 5 Essential Tips for Visiting Paris, France

Visiting Paris is a must for anyone. Here we go through five tips and words of advice on getting the most out of your trip to Paris. Whether you are heading to Paris for a weekend or visiting the French capital for a longer trip these five tips can help any traveler enjoy Paris even more.
Filmed in Paris, France
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
#1. Have a plan: Paris is huge with tons of sights, you should prioritize the sights you want to see and plan out your daily adventures to get the most tourist bang for your buck.
#2. Book tickets ahead of time and reserve spots at restaurants as Paris is full of tourists all year round.
#3. You will eat so well in Paris… Just eat, you will be fine anywhere and everywhere.
#4. Explore the neighborhoods of Paris. Paris is a living city and you should definitely see the tons of sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc but don’t miss out on just exploring different areas of the city.
#5. The Public Transportation system will get you everywhere quickly and easily.

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Paris

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10 Things That Will SHOCK You About France

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about France

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Xeniia Delacruz says:

A lot of good information thank you! Can’t wait to visit France!

Raycapone The Art Designer says:

I’m planing on becoming a professional abstract artist here one day so thanks I need to know everything thing about this beautiful city it’s definitely a one of a kind too treasure

Jonna says:

Where could I find the wall shown at 3:51 ?

Jim S says:

My tip (and biggest mistake from our trip from last year). Don’t try to do the whole Louvre in a day! (Yes you veterans can start laughing at me now!) We went early on the day it’s open late, and my wife and I LOVE that kind of stuff, but after about the first 7 hours your feet feel like they are going to fall off, your eyes glaze over even though you’re looking at one of the greatest Renaissance Masters of Sculptures of Antiquity, and all you just want is to sit down and have a croissant. I think something like 4 hours a day spread over 3 days would be FAR more enjoyable, maybe a wing a day (the Paris Museum pass rocks!). Just a word of caution to any super excited first time visitors (to Europe in my case)- learn from my laughable mistake!

Pug in a Blanket says:

Going to Paris for the first time in about two weeks. Excited, but also insanely nervous. My anxiety level is a seven at the moment.

Its.Carso n. says:

Hi Mark, I want to plan a massive trip for my family to Europe.I Plan to spend at least 4 or more days in each of the following countries, France, England, Germany/Bavaria, Netherlands/ Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and Greece. I want to see all the beautiful sights, and the most well-known sights as well as the not so well known but beautiful sights. We want to see holocaust landmarks movie landmarks and other places which you have featured in your videos. So my question is how would I plan this trip and what websites and other things should I use to organize this massive trip?.Anyways keep up the good work on videos and I hope to see your reply to my question

HyborianAge says:

Can I walk around wearing my MAGA hat? Wouldn’t want to offend ANTIFA or some French cuck now would we?

Nils T says:

Visit Cypris, please 🙂

Ron A says:

Wolter , planning a trip to Paris and Rome for one week each for our wedding(Paris)/honeymoon , just my fiance and I. Your videos have been so helpful so far and we still have some more to watch. I was wondering where you got that jacket? I am a similar build and love the look of it!

j4ck says:

I’m going to Paris tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Shadowdog500 says:

The OrlyVal shuttle train between the RER-B and Orly airport will be an additional 9.30€. If you are flying Air France and have a connecting flight between Orly and Charles de Gaulle, tell your gate agent ant they should give you a free pass to the Air France shuttle bus that runs between the two airports. Chris

Cpb Carmona says:

Missing Paris

Kimberly H says:

Is it true that Paris is ruined? I heard that it became really dirty and that there are a lot of homeless people.


Thank you so much for your videos! They have been so helpful for planning. ☺

Derek Yee says:

Do the lines for the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre get smaller later in the day?

TheLanciaFan says:

Buy a bottle of red wine, some brie cheese, some little tomatoes and do a picnic at troccadero waiting for the flashing lights of the tower to start to blink.
You ll never forget that.

Ernest Hemingway said: If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

Thats very true

scott šzabo says:

careful, some thoroughfares which appear to be sidewalks are actually streets. they get mad when they almost run you over

g2 says:

Why do you always call the Louvre “the loo”?

EmilLime says:

Pro tip #6: Go into the suburbs and yell BLATTE at people, eventually you’ll get free drugs, trust me 😉


Hi, I am traveling to Paris for the first time, my wife and I are going for our tenth anniversary. We have learned so much from your videos, with that being said. What district would you say is recommended to stay in Paris? We have reviewed them and most have ups and downs. Something safe, within reasonable budget, and easy access to metro. We appreciate your reply! Thank you

A Norwegian king with nice hair says:

Would it be worthless and a stupid idea to move to Paris? (by my prof. pic and name you would know where i come from)

Facundo N says:

hey mark , have you ever eaten at the eiffel tower? do you know if it´s worth it?

My life as Diane says:

We are here!!! First day was amazing! Thanks for all your videos- has prepared us so well!

Samantha White says:

Hey Mark and Jocelyn! Thank you for all your amazing travel tips about Paris, my sister and I went in January by ourselves and I was a little nervous (even though it is my dream destination) but watching your videos helped me be prepared and not feel like a “dumb tourist”! I have a little tip for using the metro, I got this app called NextStopParis and it helps you find the metro stops and which trains to use, also videos on main attractions with tour guide info! All of that access even on airplane mode! It was a life saver for my limited data abroad!

YokoShige18 says:

say “sacre KUR” one more time and i will punch you!

akeconomics says:

Hello and great video as always. Are you sure that I can book my ticket for the Louvre museum I’ll be able to skip the line? I’ve read that it’s almost the same. Thank you

LeoDahVee says:

I did not research but i still enjoyed Paris, but i regret not researching for there are more treasures in Paris than just the Tour Eiffel or the Arc De Triomphe .

Beth Di Bartolomeo says:

I know I got to see Paris a lot through TV when I used to watch Highlander the Series back in the 1990s (which also filmed episodes in Vancouver). If I had enough money to visit Paris, I’d love to see some of the filming sites.

Scott says:

Hey Mark, got back from Norway a few weeks ago and am heading to Louisville tomorrow for the Kentucky Derby. Why haven’t you done a video on getting bumped, either voluntarily or involuntarily from the airlines and compensation. You must try to get bumped since you love traveling and try hard to stretch your $$$. You should talk about some of those experiences you’ve had and if you have some strategies on how to get bumped.

BlunderCity says:

Were you in Paris during the presidential election?

MrSCRIBR says:

Hi Mark, I’m from Australia and a frequent flyer for work. I had points that were expiring so the best value for money and points was to book a 16 day gapped return flight MEL to LAX to travel alone.
My question; when I normally travel I do a lot (I had planned to do LA, Chicago and NY for this trip), would you suggest doing the lot above (seen them before) or, as I’ve seen others suggest, do the full time airbnb in LA or NYC so I can live like one of the locals? What are the pros and cons?

picobello99 says:

Another tip: when you’re an EU-citizen under 26 years old all museums are for free including the Louvre and you can skip the long lines

luv2travel2000 says:

Thanks Mark & Jocelyn for making another great video of Paris. (It makes me want to go back!)

Bob Mob says:

Make sure you speak Arabic

Lenlen says:

Thanks for sharing a lot of tips from all your travels. Would you suggest hop on hop off bus to go around Paris?

Amazing Stud says:

Best tip, visit paris from spring to autumn. Paris sucks in the winter.

Jeanna Lee 이진아 says:

I’m going in less then a month!!! This channel has inspired me to travel so much <3

progfan71 says:

The D in canard is silent, as is the S on plural words. Kah-Nar. Freet. Bah-get. 🙂

Luc Feuillerat says:

Thank you for showing France in your videos as a great country with kind people, and beautiful places to see !
And please do not listen to medias, we’re a safe country and we are happy to live 🙂

somethingnice purple says:

My boyfriend and I just went to Europe for the first time and picked Paris as our destination. I’m so glad you recommended it! It was amazing! Your advice helped out several times, Thanks so much!

Samantha Pham says:

Love Paris!!!

月 小秋 says:

Je peux boire l’eau?

AkubraBromptonGirl says:

Hi the 7 day pass is only 21 euros!! It´s called NAVIGO. Because the tourist pass is 5 days and about 70 Euros. Anyone can buy the Navigo and you just charge it up every time you are in Paris. It´s 21 Euro 6 zones and 7 days!!!! Including the ride up to Sacre Coure. YOU NEED TO TAKE A PHOTO with you. I did a video on my channel about it. Hope it helps x

David Ellis says:

You’re in Guatemala, no?

When I went to Paris, I sent my Mum a postcard of the Eiffel Tower saying Greetings from Belgium! Still don’t know how that made it through the french postal system…

MrCorvusC says:

Forgot to mention on a sidenote about food – don’t be a vegetarian when you go to France. Just…don’t, okay 😀

ThesaurusToblerone says:

Omg, I think I actually recognise the restaurant that’s in the photo at 2:06. The food there was pretty bad (for France), hahaha. But it’s on a very lively quintessentially Parisian street.

Ayman Ilham says:

I had a 5 hour layover at Paris once so I decided to take the RER to the Eiffel Tower for a bit to take some pics (got some good pictures of the tower, the nearby streets surrounding it and the river seine) – made it back to CDG with an hour to spare to catch my connecting flight back to Manchester! Next time I go there, I might go over to La Defense and take some pictures of the skyscrapers! Another tip, go off season! Champ de Mars was surprisingly empty and quiet when I was there!

flamepeace says:

go to paris … with a BACON

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