Visit Paris: 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Paris
Thinking of visiting Paris, France? Here are some travel tips about what you will love & hate about visiting the city of lights and possibly the most beautiful city in the world. What to see and do while in Paris.
Filmed in Paris, France
Copyright Mark Wolters 2012

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Michael H says:

Thanks so much, especially reminding to sit have a wine/coffee and take it all in!

Donovan Michael says:

If the police catch the thieves, do you have to testify against them?

Andy Valdez says:

your a pretty chill guy, for you to say @ 4:55…means they really suck at service..

Sofia Rockwood says:

Thanks! This was so useful! I’m planning my first trip to Paris, in 1 month! I know i’llegar fall in love. Thanks!

ThisbeofBabylon says:

I found your video interesting. I need to be more specific about pickpockets. I’m french and work in Paris and i have to tell you that i used to see tourists in subway not being careful with their bag. I mean it’d be wiser to keep your stuff in front, not on your back because you don’t know what could happen, so it would be better if you’ve got some logic reflexes.

aregua1 says:

Everything he said was spot on!. The food, the river, the slow pace of life, subway, parks, etc. were absolutely amazing. I wanted to become a Parisian and love life the way they do.
The customer service, on the other hand, was a disappointment–as he stated. It is disturbing, but you have to expect it in France. Hopefully, it will change someday, because they are very rude in the service industry. Also, there is a severe lack of public toilets for such a huge tourist city. Be prepared to hunt for toilets or be prepared to constantly ask restaurants​ if you can use their toilets–often for a small fee.
All in all, I don’t think anything in life will surpass the beauty of Paris, its culture and surrounding areas, food, and relaxing historic style.

Inbread Fred says:

I went to Paris… and thought it was overrated. Went to the south of France, like Marseille, very beautiful. The people were lovely. There actually times I think the French are nicer than Americans and Brits.

LT Smash says:

I live here and the worst things here to me are the smell and the dirt. it’s a really dirty city. filthy. and everybody is really really boring. they have no life in them.

winwinwin282828 says:

Agree with the customer service part, but not all are like that. I thought they have something against asians when i kept getting crap from the white french. I went to buy some metro tickets at the counter and asked for a map , pointing at it. the Madam like got pissed off and pointed back at me angrily. did’nt know pointing at something is considered rude in France. Anyway, i slowly got used to these rudeness when i encountered them . many of the service personnel also don’t smile alot. i guess it can’t be help in a large city with millions of tourist.
They could be nice in general. I saw a black guy helping a woman with her heavy luggage down the stairs in the metro. When i gave up my seats for 2 old ladies on the metro , they thank and smile at me, which was nice.


Thank you for sharing ! 🙂 LOVE THIS!

Khanh Ho says:

I spent the month of April in Paris. Rented a nice flat from a British art dealer. I highly recommend renting a flat for a month anywhere, as that really makes things cheap in a hundred different ways. It was the height of America’s Great Recession and the dollar was so weak, so I couldn’t eat out at a cafe more than twice a week. But I really enjoyed the simple things–the markets and the impromptu picnics and getting to know the tradespeople on my arondissement. I lived by the Marce Aux Puces by the Porte de Vanves…so there was always great windowshopping. And it was fun to make a nice meal from the farmer’s market and stores. It does help if you know a bit of French. The people are not so rude if they feel you are trying. In fact, I can’t think of any rude experiences I had in general.

Elaine McCarthy says:

Service industry? No such thing in French. Americans are used to the customer being king; French people are used to kings being kings and customers being people who come to a shop or restaurant in order to partake of whatever the shop or chef has to offer. So please try to drop the arrogant attitude and keep your expectations and your voice low. You’re not “in charge”, but you’re still special: you are a guest. And wherever you go, you represent your country, whether you want to or not. So please, if other people around you are not shouting in the bus or metro, maybe you should not be shouting. If you are in a city like Paris, where there are no beaches, perhaps you should not be dressed as if you’re on your way to one. And anyone can say Bonjour; excusez moi, before asking a question in English and Merci for thank you. Happily accept the role and behave like a (yes, paying) guest. You will have a much better time!

dpey says:

iv bin to paris short stay bt got decent service and found ppl to b frendly enuff? im aussie n we r pretty frendly ppl the parisians not as much bt frendly enuff to help us wen we needed? i generally think ppl who r overly frendly r the ones who get offended by not so frendly ppl. also was there for a full week n got targeted twice by beggars, they spoke very little english bt enuff to ask for wat they wanted, i literally told them to go away and they did. the rest who were watching on got the mesg n moved on to the next poor tourist

barbara whittall says:

Wear body armor

Dimitar Stoyanov says:

Stupid American pig !

RovexHD says:

They’ve got a serious resting bitch face problem there


You forgot to add getting blown up, shot, and run over by a truck.

Cris Nemitz says:

Hi Mark, I have to agree that the people in the country are wonderful. However, I had a horrible experience in Paris. I was 13 years old and got separated from my family. I went into a shop to try to get some help and directions. Wherever I travel I try to speak the language. How arrogant to visit a place and expect them to speak your language. So there I was a 13 year old girl with my English/French dictionary and obviously upset. The man in the shop refused to even speak to me! I kept rifling through my dictionary trying again. He just looked at me and refused to speak.
What kind of person would ignore a child in distress who was still trying to be respectful and use his language??

acajudi100 says:

Thank you.

Cory says:

I had a very good experience at one of patisseries just east of the Eifel tower on Avenue de la Bourdonnais. The lady gave me two free pastries for my twins and told me not to say anything so her boss won’t know. I was shocked at how nice she was and even spoke to me in English. I didn’t encounter any anti-american attitude while in Europe.

Arnoud says:

As much as I appreciate your videos, I must say a lot of advice is rather random. We all know that you can eat well in Paris, that there are great museums, and that there are long queues in front of them cannot come as a surprise. And so on. You might want to surprise a bit with more specific tips.

Turin Turambar says:

Paris is a shithole.

Eroll Alsayega says:

Actually there’s a lot of vandalism everywhere in paris even inside railway on the subways, and so stinky the on subway and dirty. When hear PARIS you gonna amaze but it’s only the name of Paris.

BeatboxAddict says:

Within 4 years there will be a terrorist attack

Keith Dawes says:

I have been to France many, many times, the truth is, the French don’t like foreigners, and are very rude to them. They are impatient and often ridicule customers. It is part of their French collective personality. Their rudeness has nothing to do with not speaking French, it is in their nature. I still love visiting France, and have many French friends, every one of them agrees most French people especially the men are rude and unfriendly. Oddly enough, I still like the French people.

Lana M says:

What a clever boy Caleb! (like his dad , of course :))

German Stil says:

You’ve forgotten: French people don’t speak ANY OTHER LANGUAGE. THEY speak ONLY FRENCH!! 😀

Pierre-Jean Tuloup says:

I am French and I say that you are absolutely right. Paris today, like France, is an incredibly dirty city, full of aggressive beggars and illegal immigrants from the Third World and hordes of Muslims praying in the street! It is no longer the City of Light, it is now a city of the Third or Fourth World! Dear foreign friends, do not come here, you would be terribly disappointed; and if you come anyway be very careful because tourists are easy prey that thieves are looking for!

Lester Lester says:

Why doesn’t he lose 40lbs?

Kay Smith says:

You have to travel with an open mind and open heart. I found the French to be professional and pleasant. Paris is an amazing city and I hope someday to return to her.

Donovan Michael says:

My niece went there two years ago, and hated that there was no air conditioning.

Flora MK says:

I love ypur videos (looking into Paris). You are very good at putting things into perspective, I like your advise and pointers. Thanks!

Głos Beskidu says:

6th thing you will hate- muslims and african immigrants.

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