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Hans Ong says:

Oh my god I can’t believe this channel exists. I’m heading to Prague for my second semester of college and will be staying there to study for 5 months. I’m betting this channel will help me out quite a bit…

Jann Asis says:

So excited, I’m gonna be in Prague this November. You’ve been very helpful and can’t wait to explore Prague.

Trine Hemmelig says:

I just took the second one today, during sunset. Lovely spot!

D&R television says:

The most accurate clock is the stomach.
The Czech proverb.
We are from Russia, we conduct a channel about life and travel. Good video. Laik 🙂

Francisca M. says:

Pronto iré Praga! Muchas gracias por todos los tips! Me haz ayudado mucho 🙂

Slavic Sniper says:

Way too many insta hunters, its embarrassing plz dont guys

ninuxy says:

Where do you go in Prague to see hot Czech girls?

Control says:

I’m glad you didn’t show my secret spots. haha

Jason Le says:

Scamfie, lol

HentaiRush says:

Just for info.. dont be on place on 0:20 near midnight and drunk.. 🙂 Trust me, its horror. 🙂

Forsh says:

Hey I just wanted to thank you for your content and guides you provide. Thanks to you my vacation in Prague was just wonderful. Especially finding good exchange points 🙂 Thank you very much!
Greetings from Germany.

Nikko Parma says:

Janek, literally just ran across this channel. I love prague and i’ve heard and seen a lot of interesting and yet dirty stuff. Lmaooo

Slyy says:

You should do an application like trip advisor for Prague only. For restaurants, places to visit and stuff like that…

Romer_CZE says:

It’s like Disney so you will like it. 😀 xD

Jeffrey Leon says:

I travel mostly by line C and it’s not cool :/

GrooYa Photography says:

Dude link to map died… Can you fix it? 😀

Dup Dupss says:

It’s funny, I went to that first spot around Christmas time, slipped and fell on my ass 50 times to get there though.

Scott Campbell says:

Just booked my trip to Prague. First week of the new year. Cannot wait! Jedno pivo prosím

IironMeideni says:

Hi Janek and Honza! You told in some of your videos that you would be interested to have subtitles in different languages to your videos. I could translate your videos to Finnish language if you are interested? 🙂

Manel Soltani says:

Where is this scary statue ?

wandering spirit says:

Make a video in Cesky Krumlov.

Chiu Meister says:

the link appears to be down

Octavian Alexandru Pitigoi says:

I got a few !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSL4EBwM-qw

Vaclav Sulista says:

amazing capital of Czechia 🙂 and another great video, thank you, Janek

Filip Nitendel says:

Hi Jannek and Honza! Is Book Tunnel open on Saturday and Sunday?

Michael Manantan says:

I was in Prague last weekend and it’s a great and challenging experience to find the spot where you can see the view of the whole city.

Gianmarco Guaitoli says:

Ahah thanks so much man, going to Prague next week, really needed this

Charles Wolford says:

I have all of these on my Instagram already, great video! So many lovely spots in Prague

Josephus Sibal says:

Nice job! We will visit Prague on the 2nd week of May.

Christian Sturlesi says:

Im going in march i hope you keep makings videos and ill make sure to take a scamfie

Matt Meade says:

I need to get my ass to Prague

Kévin 75 says:

Love your videos so much !! I’m French, and i’m in love with prague. Such a wonderful city.
Is it possible to have an LGBT video one day ? I only know one gayfriendly bar in Prague lol. its name is Friends, such a great place. But i’d love to see more.
Hope you’ll read me.
Thank you

stepankovalucka says:

V životě mi nikdy nikdo neřekl nic tak hroznýho, než že je ta věž užší.

Jari Sipilainen says:

you was there 20th. this was shoot saturday 19th? i know friday night rained 🙂

FunPlay says:

Which camera are you using?

Beruška Vozábová says:

Your channel carries me far, far away to the city with the spires. Kafka was right about Praha. She sinks her talons in and never, [ever, ever] lets go.

Hoggs says:

The colors mean which station it is ?

Natalie Pearce says:

I love your videos! I was wondering , is Prague safe enough for me to wander around alone? That’s probably a bizarre question…

Kenyan Dude says:

I like most European cities with 19th,18th or older architecture. I live in Kenya and I am tired of seeing glass and steel buildings in our young cities

Flak 88 Shockwave says:

Do an episode about gun ranges. GUNS!

David Rivera says:

I took the exact same photo on the tower bridge which I knew about how to get in by looking at your other videos 🙂

Margott says:

Can you continue prague vs croocs serie? 🙂

luvwooyoungie says:


ilke_yigiter says:

I love you! You put the maps in the description♡

Patty Jaffe says:

The map link doesn’t work (US). Any other link to find the places? Absolutely love your videos. Our son told us about you and your videos when he went to Prague last month and we’re going next month! Love your take on sights, food, tourists, etc.

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