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Arijitology says:

Hi janek, can you tell me please which months are best for travel to Prague? (BTW u r the best Guide ever i’ve ever seen)

madamelapunk says:

Went to Prague a few weeks ago and i fell in love!! Only got to spend 2 full days there so i’m definitely coming back.

Martin Taylor says:

My uncle uses a windows phone don’t worry I make fun of him

Yenny Nguyen says:

Can you plz do a video about shopping???

Wilma L says:

Hi does the map app have English version, n I can’t find goout.cz on App Store, please advise, many thanks

cristi9313 says:

Hey guys just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to make such helpful videos. I’ll follow up on your recommendations for czechoslovak movies :). Cheers

Janaina Schierholt says:

Hi there Janek, what about the public holidays? We’ll probably be in Prague (or Cesky Krumlov, still deciding) on the 28th of October. Will the sites and stores be closed? What about the restaurants? Thank you for the wonderful show!

Lukáš Guhl says:

Janku, díky za videjko, goout vyzkouším 🙂

Abies Alba says:

Your yt channel is really GREAT!!!! I have so much fun with your vids! Greetings from bavaria/germany

Bri Fetterley says:

Hi Janek & Honza, I love your vids! I am also making videos about Prague life. I am an english teacher in Prague and my videos are geared towards those who want to come to Prague and teach english. Maybe we can do a collab on a video? 🙂

Hai Ma says:

the map app is not english? i downloaded it, but can’t find any english on it, can’t read. any idea?

tangerine jones says:


TheTobi103 says:

Ahoj Janek and Honza,
could you please recommend more songs like PSH-Praha ?

CHUCK V says:

Janek I understand not to change money at the airport. The ATM machines give a fair rate of exchange at airport?

Simona I says:

Hi Janek! First of all thanks for your informations and suggestions, i’m Italian and i love Prague! I’m planning to go to Prague with my sister! Could you give me some advices about not expensive restaurants where i can go? Thank you :))

Brendan Hunter says:

going in june. cant wait

Renjith Radhakrishnan says:

One more offline map / navigation app is Sygic which i use almost wherever i go 🙂 coming to Prague on the 9th.. Any tips on how to get from airport to city center post midnight? by the way i watched all 39 videos .. gonna watch it over and over again till i fly .. especially the money exchange video.. you guys rocked .. 🙂

jessica bonnema says:

I am going to visit Prague in april, your videos are very usefull 🙂

Shelly Ni says:

Hi Janek (and team)! I binge watched your videos back in December when I was in Prague and I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all the effort you guys have put into the production of these series! I enjoyed my stay in Prague so much because of you all! If only there were more ‘honest guides’ for other cities! Sending much love from Australia!!

Tashnuva Shafique says:

I cannot wait! I’ll be there on the 15th!

lukastomasek22 says:

Sorry but Czech rap is ultimate trash. I recomend everyone a great aapp about Prague – 2GIS 🙂

Faizan Raniwala says:

Hi janek , which is the best month to visit prague

sga says:

Ahoj Janek, dude where is that cafe it’s super lively and I bet it’s not around Klamovka.

Barbarian762 says:

Excellent video.. poorly executed beard.

Liveinsydney says:

Staying at court hotel in June. Also had a look on google maps to park my motorcycle! Thx for all the vids.

Bernie in sydney

taskinhp says:

I confess. I have a Windows phone.

Panos stavros says:

What a useful youtube channel ,I wish i could have found for every county i visit.Thank you so much for all the useful info you provide!

Jayfive276 says:

UK people – I would STRONGLY recommend getting a Santander Zero Credit Card for getting money in europe. I used it in Prague, Poland and Ukraine at ATMs and paying in shops. No conversion fees, conversion rates as good as youll get anyway and as long as you pay it off right away no interest.

Rovshan Pashayev says:

Why only Prague? I am in Brno by the way.

Kadim Ahmed says:

Hi, Thanks for all the informations that you provided to us in your videos, and I want to know If you have any videos about some advices for those who want to live in Prague ?

Adrian says:

Every barber shops are closed in January?

Javier Derteano says:

I have a Windows Phone 🙁

Bảo Nguyễn says:

Hi Janek, thanks to your channel I have spent a wonderful 5 days trip in Prague without having any difficulties. Prague is a great city. I was searching out for you with hope that I can meet and thank you in person for those honest guides. 😀

Leonard Farinola says:

Janek, you are the best. We watched all your videos before traveling to Prague and had a fabulous time. We traveled like experts thanks to you and the Honest guide. You were even able to recommend an excellent guide who took excellent care of us. We still watch all your segments and come back every time you post a new one.
Thank you so much

Lenny & Nancy Farinola USA

terence davidson says:

I’m going in a couple of months….can’t wait to go these videos is exactly what i was looking for

TheTraveler says:

Can you do a video on how tourist and short term dwellers can get access to a medical doctor and pharmaceticals if needed?

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