What to avoid when in Prague – tourist traps and scams.
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Where to exchange money in Prague?

Enjoy the Kafe Damu place and their 70 cent beer here:

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Finfun Fan says:

At 2:50 what he is eating is actually delicious i was in Prague and i ate it a lot lol

Kamcule Hagjel says:

Janek, LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ! It’s so great that finally someone point out on all that crap, I’m born in Czech and always wished to screamed out to tourists ever since Matrioska, all Sovietian stuffs ( nothing against Russian nation ) but even Trdelnik IS NOT CZECH and therefore it shouldn’t be sold to tourists as Czech souvenir in Czech souvenir shops and stop confusing tourists. Be wise people and stop argue here, it’s like you sell all this on Paris Champs Élyssés !

Jakub Šulík says:

Are you CZ? (Si CZ?

DavidMCLR says:

This is some solid public service! Nice job!

Syed Rizvi says:

the TIRLO tastes great wit nutella and coconut

Icameto plunder says:

but those weird things are tbh pretty damn tasty xD

Žonatan Rivera says:

Dude on segway on right side looks like he is ridiculing Janek for speaking on front of camera.

Joke’s on you, дебил

Pujan Karmacharya says:

Good Job… Good Vibe…

Alp Erol says:

2:44 hungarian sweet

Keith Evans says:

I’m just not gonna go anymore thanks to you fuck that place you just made it sound like shit because you had to make a guide can’t trust the hole place now

Blastorex Titan says:

I went to prague about a month and a half ago that russian place did sell prague thins, its pretty cool, every thing else you said was for sure true

Levyn KHS says:

dude let them have their life,they may become poor cuz of you.

vamoalla9 says:

Where do you recommend to change money?

Praise Kek says:

Tourist traps are gay.

Muffinlicker 134 says:

I litteraly have gone to prague like 5 days ago and bought one of those soviet hats XD

Jonas Go says:

Here in Norway we have a trap for japanese! A waffle cost like $10

Aldo Malaj says:

So many traps for one city

장현준 says:

in anywhere, there is deceit but especially Prague it was absolutely empty-ethical country.

Badger Dubhghaill says:

Tunnel cake may not be czech but if you’ve never seen or tasted one, why not at least buy one and try it. It equates to about £2

Rogelio A. Ferrol Muñiz says:

Good video! The scams are basically the same every city in the world, but it is woth wacthing videos like this one just before your trip. Sometimes when we travel we are caught off guard because we tend to relax and we are usually very lazy when making mental numbers to convert different currencies.

communistjesus says:

Tourism is a PRIMARY INDUSTRY.. Meaning other businesses (Restaurants,Hotels,etc) depend on it for their existence. The Czech government and the regional governments SHOULD do MORE to CRACK DOWN on tourist scams..

Ilse Risseeuw says:


taching125 says:

Thank you. Do more european cities pls

Ashley Neumann says:

makes me want to visit Prague, looks beautiful.

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