12 DIFFERENT CZECH BEERS! 🍻Beer Tour & Brewery Tour Prague | Czech Republic Travel Vlog

Prague craft beer tour and brewery tour all in one! This is the best way to drink Czech pilsner beer and see the city or Prague by… ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Craft Beer in Prague is really popular, beer as a whole in the Czech Republic actually is special – they love their pilsner. In this travel vlog we took a beer and brewery tour around Prague city checking out some of the nicest craft options in the city. The tour is with a company called Beer Prague here: https://beerprague.com

There’s no better way to make your way around Praga than with multiple Czech beers in various pubs – because the pilsners here are amazing!

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Al Tanaka says:

Dope Vlog guys, first time seeing green beer! 7:22 . Looked like a nice chill beer tour, very cool to see the Czechs have a dope beer culture, Prague looks like its undoubtedly worth a visit 🙂

Boo Recluta says:

Love beer

j.kenneth fraac says:


I don’t drink beer EXCEPT in Prague or Brussels. Opposite ends of the price range, both very tasty.

Kevin P says:

Did you see any Vegemite at the bottom of the beer vats? Lol

Thirstytraveler41 says:

Fun tour with lots of beer, Nice….which one was your favorite?..I can’t wait to see Poland. Thanks for sharing

standa xd says:

i watched so many videos just today 😀 So much fun

Vlad Exo says:

Hey guys, you keep posting new videos from Prague. If you’re still here, you should definitely visit the Prague Zoo. It’s actually one of the top zoos in the world, and there’s a lot to see. Even a full day may not be enough to see everything. Cheers!

Šimon Murys says:

You forgot to say that we have the best beer in the world! 🙂

But seriously we have

Treasure Hunt Travelers says:

Looks like fun♡♡♡

Pavel Brodský says:

Hi, thank you for cheering videos of my coutry’s capital! 🙂
I am really proud on our beer culture, but we have also great tea subculture.
Just type tea room or czech word “čajovna” and praha to google.
actually, in czech republic we have maybe largest tea room subculture in europe, because you can find tearoom nearly in every bigger town in Czech republic. If you still have some time to enjoy tea, waterpipe and cozy places just try one. In many cases it is like having a chat in some yoga junkie’s living room.
My honest recommendations:
čajovna Šamanka
čajovna Na cestě
čajovna Buddha
or any of Dobrá čajovna franchises (yes, there is even tea room franchise)
Or if you are now lacking time, consider it as a tip for sometimes next visit – like, “alternative wiew on Prague”
Have a good luck on your trip and enjoy…

TobyRAWR says:

Just found your videos. You guys seem nice. Good job!

Vladimir Rasplicka says:

hi, enjoy your stay in Prague 🙂

for the authentic czech pub experience, you should try to strawl a little off the city center tho

Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia says:

So, did you get wasted at all? Is the beer strong…or you drink alcohol-free beer? Lovin’ the vibe of the city 🙂

OBIE says:

Nice Love Beer

KarelKubicek says:

brooo, ist czech, not chick… but anyways, your videos are great 🙂

Iva channel says:

lk 130 Dane & Stacey, v

václav novotný says:

Did you visit the Lennon wall in Prague? It´s really interesting place

Mari B. says:

So pity 🙁 You should stay few days more. Maybe you will return 😉 soon

beda rozumbrada says:

OMG never mix beer! It’s way to tomorrow headpain ;-)1st for thirst 2dn for thirst 3-8th for taste added: from one label! :-)))

filisad says:

Go to Plzeň its home town of pilsen beer

Al Tanaka says:

2:23 Beer Science Class at work! 😀 LOVE IT!

Rex Waldron says:

Really interesting vlog guys! Fantastic range of beers available there in Prague (we have great variety here in UK too, but less emphasis on pilsner). As my brother has often said “Beer is good. I consume beer, therefore I am good!” looking forward to the Poland vlogs.

CZTachyonsVN says:

I’m an Asian Czech student currently living in Australia :D. I’ve lived in Prague almost my whole life. This video makes me miss the country so much (definitely the beers :D)! Karl’s Bath (Karlovy Vary) is also a very beautiful small city for relaxing. Czech countrysides are very charming with occasional old castles and castle ruins scattered in the background. Nature absolutely breathtaking (+ no dangerous animals). Too bad we don’t have access to an ocean or sea. Most Czechs travel to Croatia or Spain (hurray to open borders!). Hope you enjoy your stay!

Chris says:

How much was the beer tour?

Al Tanaka says:


Dave Hooker says:

the one dislike must be a non beer drinker! great vlog again guys.. love these trips your having… Live The Dream!

Payton DeAndrea says:

I’ll be going to Prague for 6 weeks this summer so I’ve really been loving this recent Prague series! Thanks for the vids!!

Sami Salami says:

i`ve got a idea 😀 you two should walk the “Camino Francés” 😀

Mike Gill says:

Oh no, “Czichs” again… 🙂 🙂 🙂
As a Czich myself, I have to protest! 😀

AshtonArcher says:

Had all of those beers, some good choices from beerprague.com!

stephen derecho says:

Even though I haven’t tried beer in my life (im too young) it looks really delicious

BazaB. says:

Another great video. You’re going to love Poland.

Iluzon says:

Hi guys, Prague guy here, just watched your Prague vlogs and they are really cool! There is a really cool music/theater festival going on this weekend, called Mezi ploty. It happens in the area of the Prague psychiatric ward called Bohnice. It is aimed at tearing down prejudices about mental health and some of the best Czech bands play there!

Tiger's Eye says:

Beer for breakfast (it is 7:43 here)… But then, beer is liquid bread, so it’s all good! 🙂

Dank Boi says:

Cheers!! Shoutout from Budweis, Czech Republic. You should come here to the south and do a tour of our town brewery (Budejovicky Budvar) if you have the chance. Great vlogs.

HappyCarlsons TV says:

Exit through the gift shop 🙂


Czech beer is the best in the world!

Al Tanaka says:

Woooaaa 0:12 tripped out

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