24 hours in PRAGUE, Czech Republic! (Travel Guide)

Conner Sullivan and Ashcon spend less than 24 hours in Prague, Czech Republic! Here is a short tour and travel guide of prague! SUBSCRIBE for more world travel videos!

LAST EPISODE: (Salzburg, Austria) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TEJynQbEH4

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Kronks says:

Every food originated from Hungary in the clip.

Taryn DeCicco says:

I spent 4 days there a couple years ago and definetly cant wait to go back!

Insta: x.gretax says:

HI, bin ne Deutsche, wer noch? 😀

Mark Robby says:

Awesome historic city. All those Christian symbols especially crosses would be taken down once the Jews become the mayors and governors there as they did to US, UK and France.

Calium01 says:

Prag ist echt schön!

Tobias F says:

i was there too in february for a weekend! most beautiful city where i ever was

phil do says:

Trdelnik is not traditional Czech lol its some fake touristy shit

Ralf Haget says:

Dein neuer Freund sollte mehr die Kamera halten… er ist scheiße xD

Patrick K says:

I am a lil bit racist buuuut… who’s that Arab refugee following you all the time? lol.

Ich lerne deutsch says:

Wie läuft dein Deutsch lernen?

Ami Accacia says:

Happy you made a video about my city 🙂

Yannick Schmalbrock says:

I am going to Prague in September. Thank you for the preview

zAlexSW ! says:

Miss German Videos

Dan says:

Trdelník is not traditional (but it’s good).

Wotgembler Cz says:

This is one of the best vlog i ever seen (-:

Run Town says:

Come to Linz

Don Brooks says:

What a great city! Loved going and want to go again.

Diazepamo says:

awesome travel video Conner, Praque seems like a very beautiful medival town. keep up your great work!

joking #liske kommandeur Lp says:


Brian Lau says:

Huss was from Prague. He was the first seed of the reformation, 100 years before Luther. While being burned he said ” you can roast this old goos, but someone will come in 100 years and him you will not roast”.

Steve says:

Nice video…
Funny they had the youth revolting against Communism there, and we have naive youth embracing Socialism/Communism here in the U.S.A. (Bernie/A O Cortez), how soon we forget history.

CanadianKelsey says:

Wow! ❤️ Love This!

Jakub Zeman says:


M Asif says:

beautiful place

TopKleare says:

travel from europe over russia to china (trans sibirea way) xd

Andreas Wittmers says:

Praha is sooooooo beautiful!

jonny CZE says:

někdo cz/sk?

Mimi Kri says:

You probably learn a lot more now through travelling and finding out more about the nations, languages and things you see than you ever did during school or university, or?

jan prondrie says:

Pls read a book from Franz Kafka.

TomTominov says:

When you say Lennon it sounds like Lenin XD

Tobit Bilderwelten says:

Trdelnik is not an traditional czech food….tourist scam…

laura Li says:

Kommst du zurück nach Deutschland?

PaolOerfurt says:

It seems that the people dont like to get filmed there.

Conner Sullivan says:


Zton3D XXX says:

Yaay 🙂 i will follow U to The bitter end :p . All The Best! Greetings from Karlsruhe (Germany)

Erwin Rommel says:

Nice video gringos

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