Hey angels! Welcome back to yet another travel vlog… really hope you guys are enjoying them! I was lucky enough to be invited to stay with Wishlist Prague for the last few days and brought 3 of my best friends along with me. All details below:

APARTMENT – http://www.wishlist-prague-residences.com
Instagram: @wishlistprague
You can also find them on booking.com:
And also on Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.ie/users/5297514/listings

DAY 1:
Blazer – http://bit.ly/2r7Ugsz
Cycling shorts – http://bit.ly/2JAA1ua
Evening blouse – http://bit.ly/2JCtqzA
Cycling shorts I wore it with – http://bit.ly/2JCtMWW
DAY 2:
Denim jacket out of stock but here’s a very similar one – http://bit.ly/2r8GvcZ
Crop – http://bit.ly/2JCFDEa
Joggers – http://bit.ly/2JxZ6Ww
Shoes – http://bit.ly/2JxZOmE

IG @elledarby_
Twitter @elledarby
Enquiries ellenorjanedarby@hotmail.com


Elizabeth Mathers says:

Hi Elle, I’m usually a silent watcher (this is my first youtube comment EVER) and just wanted to say how much you relax me! I’m crazy stressed with dissertation and assignment deadlines at the moment but just coming away from it all and watching one of your videos completely de-stresses me and puts such a smile on my face! Love ya boo xx

pus tutus says:

I swear u have the best accent iv ever heard

Lily Ann Darby says:

The thing at the end of that road is the museum I think it’s currently being renovated or just finished being renovated not exactly sure but last time I went it wasn’t finished yet xx. So happy to see you enjoying Prague because that’s where I was born and I love that city more than any other place in the world. ❤️❤️

bethany waine says:

Love this editing! I’ve been watching you since 10,000k and honestly love your videos and how genuine you are! Have an amazing time travelling xx

Kayleigh Jade says:

Does anyone know what song that was which was playing during the drone shots? X

Dominika W says:

Haha, that “castle” is the National Museum 😀 Glad you liked our capital city Elle 🙂

Megsy Joslin says:

I love your vibe boo!!! xxx

Ellie Frances says:

Boo, is it expensive in Prague? Like food, restaurants and bars.. ? Wanting to go thanks boo x

Ashleigh Young says:

Can I just say AMAZING editing, yass gal xo

dark33r says:

wow… its fascinating the behaviour and level of those girls … yes, you´re having fun indeed, but you represent exactly that type of tourist, who really did NOT see and feel Prague.
Never mind as long as you re happy with that ; )

Rachel Lee says:

Elle you little pro with all that drone footage! Amazing! Prague looks incredible, I want to go now! So happy you had a great time with the girls xxxx

cristina baltodano says:

Love ur videos !!! Hi from Costa Rica !!! You should visit my country !!!!

Janča says:

That “castle” in 9:51 is the National Museum of Prague 😀 🙂

Emma Cooke says:

This video has made me want to go to Prague….. been sat looking at prices and places to stay. Thank you xx

Rachel Joanne says:

Elleeeeee what’s the song that was playing over the drone footage? ❤❤

Sarah J.R. says:

does she have a drone for those shots??

Holly Hickman says:

Those drone shots jheeeez! I’m going interrailing and I’m so so excited for Prague now thank you for this xx

CZTachyonsVN says:

Prague would be one of the most beautiful cities if not for all the ugly graffitis.

Cecicouture says:

Budapest will blow your mind, if you like Prague. It kicked Prague off the list for me. Hope one day you can visit Budapest.

陈港生 says:

Are most English girls this low class and common?

Sara K. says:

9:50 museum
im from Prague

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