A Tour of PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: This City is Incredible!

Exploring the incredible city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic (Czechia).
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Music during the video (in order):

“Getz Me to Brazil” by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
“Invisible Pieces” by Silent Partner

Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with a GoPro HERO6 Black. Get it here: http://amzn.to/2zPXIgm. And a Sony a5100: http://amzn.to/2D3hpQj. Or get the newer Sony a6500: http://amzn.to/2BSz2lI.

Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel”, “Following My Thumb” and several other books available on Amazon.com and elsewhere.

Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

A Tour of PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: This City is Incredible!


David Herron says:

What I found in Prague is there are alley-ways off the main routes where food prices are better. I don’t remember those “little houses” in the main square, so that must be a new thing? It’s been 10 years since my visit, thank you for the memories.

Vaclav Cepelak says:

In river Vltava liv not beaver, this is nutrie (Myocastor coypus).

Gosudar says:

Nice, BTW Czechia is pronounced like Chekia. It’s basically Czech+ia.

MrFusselig says:

I need to disappoint you, this is not a Beaver, it is a Coypu or Nutria. Similar animal, but not a Beaver.

Devon Devon says:

Looks good

reichsfurher ss says:

The al-lies destroyed the beautiful cultured cities

Exocet 8 says:

Lol did you call it Chechnya???

PragaMaterUrbium says:

I hope you were sarcastic about the Chechnya comment 🙂

AstonMartinStig says:

Holy cow, Prague is stunning. Might have to make some adjustments to my next Euro trip.

grumpy impjee says:

That beaver is super rare thing…

yogiaol says:

Burek is bulgarian traditional Produkt too, not only serbian.

Stefan says:

8:10 I’m pretty sure this isn’t actually a beaver but a nutria (which are very similar, but I think beavers are larger by quite a bit)

Michael J Weidner says:

You should visit Bamberg, its German sister city, with a similar old town as build by the same architect, the largest UNESCO world heritage site in Germany, built like Rome on seven hills, has a part called Small Venice as all houses there are build into (!) the water, has the only pope buried here north of the Alps, has the highest density of breweries world wide- in the county there are more than 1200 and all villages have several- is university city and always German champion in basketball. There are hundrets of small and so romantic, medieval German cities and villages, many with walls and towers and around here there is also the highest desity of castles with all village has one! Our big cities were destoyed in WW2- all- but Dresden and Munich is the nicest as others were rebuild badly.

Taťka Medvěd says:

: D he should stop ar that nigga and say the same thing about him as he told about the beaver …that would be epic

E says:

I like this video so much that I watched it twice!

Shelley Sharun says:


PragaMaterUrbium says:

So…..when Americans bombed Prague for the second time just few months after the first “accident” was it also a mistake?

kevin zero says:

@11:44 The statue on Charles Bridge which people touch for good luck is dedicated to the John of Nepomuk which is a patron saint of Bohemian Grove in California…

ubarhd1 says:

Great video thanks

Matus William Horecny says:

not a beaver, it’s a nutria

john brikkeljon says:

I should read my comments again and correct them. Lot of typing mistakes. You seem to be a clever guy, interested in the story behind things. That’s why I add a litlle side info which is also in Europe underground knowledge. Only a few know about these things. Reading old scriptures, you find references

jan sala says:

59 crowns for 0.5l beer in czech is a lot of money there 😀 normaly u can buy 2 beers for that price


Awesome video. Prague is the city of my childhood and youth and when watching it, many memories are coming back. She truly is beautiful. LOVE YOU PRAGUE! Thanks Gab for making this video!

Milan Haleš says:

It’s really funny when you see all those incredibly overpriced meals and a ferign tourist who says that the prices are great.

RovexHD says:

No idea Skoda made trams

trimerista says:

7:49 don’t mess with that…. it looks cute but bites awful ;D

Sidh Jain says:

Nice Video…Does your Gopro Hero 6 Freezes ? mine does that pretty often…:(

Brian Pan says:

I’ve been to Prague. I’ve always described it as a fairy tale city in terms of architecture but I wouldn’t want to live there. People weren’t overly welcoming as far as I discerned. I heard Bratislava is better but I haven’t been there.

simbakafiri says:

that city puts all American cities to shame….I live in SF and its doesn’t even come close to how gorgeous and clean Prague is

DzejWi says:

If you want to get to cheaper and better places just a few streets from the tourists paths, you can watch “HONEST GUIDE” youtube channel.
Im not a part of it, not sponsored or something. I just think they make really good videos for tourists and sometimes even for locals.

Adam Šafránek says:

Anyone told you you look like Jagr?

Sumit Kumar Nayak says:

Dear Gabriel, Thank you for producing a fine piece of vlog like this. Prague is elegant, cool and full of pristine beauty like a painting of a great master.

letecmig says:

I am sick and tired of this popular explanation of “Prague has such an amazing historic architecture because it was not bombed during WW2′

This is nonsense- which great historic city in Europe was bombed and therefore lost its historic architecture?
One exception might be Dresden-yes,it was bombed heavily, but still, like 99% of historic architecture was restored.
So bombing/war destruction is lazy explanation not based on facts

Take example of Paris or Vienna- beautiful cities, but you only see handful of buildings older than early 19th centuries! Why?
Because most of European capitals were ‘modenized'(=rebuilt) from early to late 19th centuries during the growth period rwelated to urbanization and industrial revolution.
So capital cities like Paris or Vienna lost its MEDIEVAL historic architecture due to ‘modernisation’ of 19th century.

Now-why you find such a wealth of MEDIEVAL architecture in Prague still standing?
Prague was a capital of independent kingdom up till 17th century- so all architecture you would expect in a capital city was being built(castles, palaces of aristocracy, ‘churches built to impress’ etc. etc.)
Then Habsburgs of Austria took control and moved capital to Vienna.
So Prague became provincial city/backwater from mid-17th century-main ‘action’,money, building projects etc were in Vienna.
As a result-‘modernisation’ that destroyed MEDIEVAL architecture in Vienna or Paris came much later to Prague- about last third of 19th century.
And thanks this delay- by the end of 19th century people already understood value of historic architecture and city authorities did not allow ‘redevelopment’ of historic districts that was allowed in Vienna or Paris 50 years earlier.
So actually becoming provincial backwater in mid-17th century was kind of blessing that prevented historic Prague being ‘destroyed’ by redevelopment in the 19th century

So this is the reason why you can see so much historic architecture in PRG, not bombing or wars

It really irritates me to hear this lazy explanation again and again when you can easily see that essentially none of European cities was bombed to losing historical architecture during the WW2

john doherty says:

Prague is beautiful. Nicely done Gabriel

Neuminis says:

Malostranská, derived from Malá Strana (Lesser Side), which is one of the 4 historical cities of Prague

bigfellaoo7 says:

Great vid. May 2019 I will be there.

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