Alone in Prague! (Part One)

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Labinot Reçica says:

LOVE Czech Republik from Albania LOVEEEEEEEEEEE

Luca G says:

Hi, I live in the Czech Republic near Prague, it was interesting to see your video 🙂 I love your videos 🙂

35Justme1 says:

At 10:36 is that the people playing this music outside or did you add this music?  Its really nice.

Giorgi Babukhadia says:

ooo i love prague so much will be there tomorrow #strawberrychannel

Kyle Jeffery says:

Your beautiful. Thanks for the video.

Waxil Animations says:

I am glad that lot of good youtubers like you like Prague 😀 (I live in Prague)

FGM11 says:

lol that little furry thing is a “deadcat”.
nice video, been in prague 4 times now and i will come back as often as possible.

kmichaelle says:

This was gorgeous!!!!! I went to Prague last summer and it was so cool watching this and being like, I was there!!! Those European windows in your airbnb always freaked me out… I guess American contractors don’t trust Americans not to toss themselves off the 10th floor or something :/

Pablo Podhorzer says:

Walk in the sidewalk you peasant!

JennInLondon says:

Fun!! Thanks for sharing!

Buzzardgirl13 says:

Hi Charlotte, I discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago (I’m a newbie vegan) and wanted to stop and say Hi. I think you are so brave travelling alone…..well done you! Anyway Prague looks amazing and I hope you found a yummy vegan meal to eat. Your videos have been a big help to me and I have learnt a lot from you. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes from Paula x

Harvin Vasudev says:

be careful in praga, you can be seduced by Czech streets guys

lyla. sundance says:

Ahh what a lovely trip down memory lane for me! I went to Prague in easter 2015, and you reminded me how beautiful it was and is! thanks for also inspiring me to travel alone more often!

oldtapa1 says:


Brutos CZ says:

OU….Im so sorry to tell you that you missed so many places and things to see during your walk…. 😀 greetings from czech 😀

bookcook73 says:

Great Video!!!! But your smile is wonderful

Alfredo Olivares says:

Eres un enfado.

RatedRSuperstar301 says:

Can i pay you to just call and talk to me? haha. I am a sucker for the accent

Olgoj Chorchoj says:

14:07 I will try to find somewhere Tasty and Vegan to eat :). Good luck with that

Squats and Salads says:

Loved this video 🙂

Rosie says:

how was it getting vegan food? im going in jan and wondering if i will starve lol

Jamie Wiles says:

My favourite city in the world! Am visiting again next weekend for an escape and can’t wait!

KevinPDX1 says:

I like postcards too, have collected them since I was very young. It’s a fun, inexpensive hobby.

SkyKingKona says:

great video. I’ve been all over Europe but never to Prague. I think I’d like to go there. You should be here in the Sandwich Islands.

Levphonic Music says:

We were there at the same time. I stayed from Sept 12th to Oct 19th.

zappatx says:

Your experience is similar to mine., LOL – I remember that hill too – except it was raining (May 16), Going back in October for the Marta Kubisova concert. I can’t imagine not knowing Marta and trying to understand CZ..

Jiri Kucera says:

When you was on the main square as you told… You have been excited, what are the people looking at. This big clock tower is called: Orloj. You may find some video of this process which is happening every half and full hour. Watch it! It’s amazing!

Hannah Marg says:

You should maybe try vlogging in public with the camera on the tripod to get a wider shot when you’re talking to the camera. Might be annoying to carry..

MrSonofsonof says:

Norwich and Prague – my two favourite cities.

Peter Mike says:

nice city but racist people

acousticguitar says:

Hi.  Can I ask what it is like to be away from your family?  I might move for promotion and don’t how I feel about it.  Could you upload a video about it please? x

Michal Wubs says:

Very cool video, but I never understand travelling alone. I couldnt do it I would just feel lonely and not have fun Lol xD

pink indie says:

I loved this! Inspires me to do something similar! I am a single girl and feel I just want to get out of my city for a bit too. I’ve never been to Prague. I’m guessing u would recommend? It looks lovely and the apartment is lovely too! Was the apartement reasonable in price? Also what is an air b&b?? Never heard of it!

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