BEST CZECH RESTAURANTS IN PRAGUE ft. Taste of Prague (Honest Guide)

We’re gonna take you to the best Czech restaurants in Prague. Huge thanks to our friend from Taste of Prague for helping us out! They’re great and btw. you can book them for a food tour 🙂
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Lokál Dlouhááá:
La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise:
Lidová jídelna Těšnov:
Next Door:

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš
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Jan Matras says:

I honestly thought the guy was english, not czech

PragaMaterUrbium says:

Good appetite, not a good taste!!! lol

Dimitris Ambient says:

where i can eat a really good soup in prague??

Ahmad Abdelghany says:

Man you are courageous and respectful. Love what u do and the whole show.

vertoRr says:

I am not sure, maybe I am maybe I do not, but saying good taste doesnt mean “dobrou chuť” you would rather use “enjoy your meal”… I guess

Al-Bait Al-Sharqy says:

How about turkey restaurant in Prague

eddie brune says:

Big no no no i have been to all place shown here and i would recommend only Lidová jídelna Těšnov. Many restaurants in prague dont offer anything creative and also tasty but are over priced. I dont mind to pay for a great food but its really hard to find in prague, that is why i preffer the simple, real good food of Lidová jídelna Těšnov that tastes as it looks so you dont develope too high false expectations.

stujenner says:

“Improvement through shouting”. I like it.

jack freeman says:

You can eat quality food but cheap in Prague my dinner bill including drinks is usually around 200/300 crowns that’s about 10 Eur. But that means going in local places not joints like those on here.

mordr3doc says:

we just come back from Prague and thanks to your video it was amazing. About ESKA though, we have to say that in our opinion it is way too expensive for the quality. we payed more than 2000 Kr and we had to go somewhere else to eat cause portions were insanely small. we would not recommend it…

Lecoultre Maria says:

Tested and tasted:
1 Local – Nice for a beer, very good service,very strange toilet ( ugly,unpleasant, like a free charge toilet in a train station)
2 Eska- LOVE IT!!!! Fresh, modern, stylish, very very good service, dynamique! Food is just a burst of flavours, good quality products, surprise! The best breakfast and lunch we ever had for the last years was there! I am able to fly to Prague just to eat there and discover more tastes!!!!
3 Next door – a lot of expectations followed by disappointment. Pretentious regarding the food and the service. Seasoning problem, the dish balance problem: fois gras for example is served with a peace of sausage and other garnish with is far bigger and more and quantity than a peace of fois gras which is lost in all these, svickova – 2 very little peaces of meat in the comparison with huge numerous peaches of bread dumplings, which is good for Lokal but not for a more modern approach and more fine dining with is promised. Service strangely cold, pretentious and at the end the service is charged and directly included in the bill, which may be can be accepted if it is good but that wasn’t the case.

wandering spirit says:

Fantastic video! Thank you!

aswler says:

How strangely the fried cheese is served on a plate without anything?

Marco Prolo says:

next time in prague iI’ll visit exactly these spots, exactly in this order. Exactly same order. Can’t hardly wait for it. See you around.

Samson Gianakopoulos says:

Thank you very much for your interesting videos. Could you make a review of real, authentic “hospodas” in Prague which are worth to visit by tourists.
Thank you.

Mateusz Bodziony says:

I will go with my Girl in valentines to Prague for about 4/5 days.
It is a suprise for Her because I did not inform Her where we go.
To go to Prague was Her dream since a long time.
Thank You for all Your videos! 🙂
I am sure We will enjoy! 🙂

choco kerem says:

i hate the banana shirts…

Paul Williams says:

Please tell us about Praha for the gay traveler.

Georgina Garrigan says:

How did you eat all that food? haha. Great video thanks 🙂

Jan Mack says:

I dont come from Prague but I can recommend also a restaurant similar to Lidová jídelna Těšnov, cheap typical czech food, and only few meters far away from Vaclavske namesti.,14.4215915,20z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x470b94eea8fb7ff7:0xf30748d5c1b38432!8m2!3d50.0855681!4d14.4216337

Jesus Lapuz says:

My favourite city in the world that is Prague 🙂

Rob Hegarty says:

Just flew home today from Prague, your videos were so helpful!! Thank -you for all the ideas of places to visit and transport tips, a far better time with all of your great suggestions, ones I would never know about or think about! We loved the town hall lifts and post office! Thank-you!!

IN_DEI_XICHT___ says:

Damnit Zuzka is cute 😀

Loulou Heidi says:

hi…thank you for the videos you made which are very helpful to us…however I have a question about food and restaurant where Muslims can eat…it is forbidden for us to eat pig’s meat and wine…so how it works for a Muslim tourist .please need your answer as soon as possible

Mesmerizing drive says:

Like your guide, fun! Just wondering if need permission to film in a restaurang, how you do this? I would like to do my own restaurant research and need some advice. Thank you.

Ron Ein says:

La degustation has nothing to do with Czech cuisine (and im not sure  if it has anything to do with czechs) not to talk about the prices. Lokal is very expensive when you see the size of the dishes, next door is the same story…. nothing i will pay for again. ESKA? are you kidding me? average food in rocketing prices. I might be wrong but i suspect that this list was done with some kind of interest

Petr Havlíček says:

Už se poněkolikáté opakuju, ale zase mě to nedá, abych ti vyjádřil, že děláš neskutečně dobrou práci.

Jiti Dias says:

Those bananas on Honza’s and Zuzka’s t-shirts totally cracked me up! I swear I thought at 0:30 there was a real banana and Honza was about to eat it.. 😀

Professor Omega says:

American here! I just learned about the very existence of Prague (welcome to America, you’ll find people like this a lot). This place looks absolutely beautiful. Would anybody inform me on how life in Prague tends to be?

Huberdina says:

Love czech food…

dfguko says:

michelin whats that? you mixing parts from tires into your foods?

Greg Hilinski says:

What about the oldest restaurant in Prague near the John Lennon memorial. Awesome.

Jay Arora says:

Hi. Visiting Prague in may…can u suggest best vegan restaurant.

CzPoSkFan says:

If you just want a drink and maybe some cake, but in the company of cats, there are cat cafes in Prague, too! Kavarna Kocici (Krizikova 264/22, near Karlinske namesti) and Kockafe (Borivova 1102/43 in Zizkov – between the Lipanska tram stop and the TV tower).

Al-Bait Al-Sharqy says:

I need some information about Turkish restaurants in Prague please

Karoline Seymour says:

What is with the banana t shirts.. that cracked me up..also the best czech food is in my house.. Dobrou chut means “bon appetite” as in enjoy the food greeting..Dobrou= good Chut= taste..= enjoy your food salutation.. The foods looked ok.. the potato liquid.. I as a czech do not know what that is.. LOL..if you thought that was the best dish.. then they did not cook to taste..sorry.. the dumplings must have been dry served on top.. always dump them into the tasty gravy..

Dunja Petrovic says:

Thanks for great videos! Just one detail i personally witnessed: your famous Lokal restaurant is charging dumplings apart from main dish ( gulash, svickova). That’s kind a small tourist trap that even locals fall to.
Keep up good work!

rasputinf says:

all restaurants listed here are in the same area. are all of the best restaurants of Prague located in the same area? 🙂

ChrisOmatic ChrisOmatic says:

Pavouka is the best

C colonel says:

How tired of those Americans are all judging with the air of connosseur

MarcusT says:

I enjoyed it until 4:10. That phrase was just so…….

Frostpastel says:


play0my0music0 says:

I love that video! exactly what i was looking for 😀 And I want banana blouse like this, where can I get it?

Žonatan Rivera says:

Zuzka is so smiley. How cute

elsquibbs says:

I just did the Taste of Prague tour with Honza/Jan, and it was great. I highly recommend it.

Judemayes77 - Travel says:

Thank you for this! As a result we went to Eska when we went to Prague and it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had!

Ian Martin says:

Eska and next door were amazing but book.

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