Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and it definitely deserves your attention because of all the cool places and hidden gems!
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Places from the video:
BRNO: …. 🙂
Big black clock:
Zelný trh:
Old City Hall:
Smoking sign (one of many) :
Dat horse:
Pink tank:
Moravská galerie (with the slide) :
Exhibiton Kmeny 90:
Super Panda Circus: well, we didn’t find it… 😀
Pater Noster elevator:
Vila Tugendhat:
Best Burger Kitchen:
Bar, který neexistuje:

Petr’s video:

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Eva Čechová says:

Sehr gut gemacht, mit deutschen Titeln dazu.

Blagovest Peshev says:

There is no single episode without 2-3 beers! Perhaps this makes me love the channel more! 🙂

kokojambo says:

Ive been in brno for an iron maiden concert it was awsome. Im from israel by the way

Rohĺík z Kauflandu says:

TrdloKafé why ?………Just why?…..Best 😀

MselleDinochon says:

Thank you for your vlogs! You really made my trip to Prague so much easier and lovelier! <3

Matěj - Bob Stone, 100K subscribers challenge says:

Jo Brno je naše město ou je

Jakub Polzer says:

Pls pls pls do Ostrava actually do it

Sebastian Kelar says:

1. do not drink starobrno 2. I would definately recommend burger inn instead of best burger kitchen

Basil says:

What happened to him?? Anyone?

Joseph Gunnar says:

This is not only when a divorce happen between Slovak @ Czech, but it is also a day’s to remember when Czech robbed the most of the Slovakian treasures!!!

Šárka Poláková says:

when žijete v brně ale nikdy jste nebyli ve vile tugnevimjaksetopíše xd

Adam Walding says:

Just got back from Brno – lovely place and still off the main tourist trail. I did spend a (relatively) long amount of time in the post office without posting anything, no prizes for guessing what I was doing… 😉

nitin kumar says:

Hii am planning to visit prague in the month of Feb in 2019 can you share details about bohemian Switzerland park .I mean public transport from Prague to bohemian Switzerland park.

Matěj - Bob Stone, 100K subscribers challenge says:

0:52 V Brně je to šalina a v Praze je to tramvaj

Jakub Jancovic says:

I would recommend The technical museum in Brno too.

Little Bangtan Direction says:

If you visit Brno and will stand under that damn horse everyone will know that you’re a tourist.

PrigoX says:

Proč musíte nad to velké “i”dávat tu zasranou tečku?!

jarek cz says:

and graffshop brno kopečná 7 and pantograff art store dornych 2 a is where in this video?

Denise Sananes says:

Does the yearly public transport card cover those “trams” in Brno as well??

Karolina Wilk says:

oh Gosh he’s cute

Steven Charles says:

Hi bro

Im Malaysian. Is there any way for me to Work in Czech? Any medium for it?

Filip Ivan says:

Good editing, good content, good english. Well done 🙂 Greetings from Slovakia

WordsAreMyArt says:

Byla jsem v Brně v roce 2010, když ty ošklivé hodiny na Svoboďáku ještě neexistovaly. Štěstí! 🙂 Brno stále je moje nejoblíbenější město v ČR.

DEBOZZ says:

or you can come to the beatufull budapest xd


Im czech republic Brno!!!

Markéta Čermáková says:

Já se koukám z brna

Leo Cool-ish says:

What is wrong with Prague ??? Come on guys let’s be serious!(I’m Czech but I’m not bothered to write in Czech

Karolina M. says:

You have not been in Bones museum? :O

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