CASTLE EXPLORING! Prague Castle and Cathederal | Czech Republic Prague Travel Vlog

Prague Castle and Cathedral deliver another incredible travel vlog tour from the Czech Republic – a visit to Praha is… ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Prague castle isn’t just the Cathedral you can see from the city or across the river, commonly confused by travel peeps like us! The castle itself is enormous, the cathedral is one part of the castles grounds.

Czech Republic as a whole has some incredible buildings, tours and castles, to think there is one sitting right there in the heart of Praha is insane! Highly recommend a visit if you plan to travel to Prague, you can pay for tickets to explore further or just look around like we did.

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DrSoulstealer says:

Hey guys, I don´t know if are planning it or not, but you completely absolutely HAVE TO visit this little town called Český Krumlov. Trust me, it is a literal jewel and once you see it, the idea that you could have missed it will be haunting you for the rest of your life.

Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia says:

Prague looks similar to a few cities in Switzerland. Everything that’s old is beautiful – except people!

Tiger's Eye says:

You should check out fellow YouTubers Honest Guide. They are locals and have some great videos. I believe they do tours, too, but not sure what they charge or if you are interested in professional guides, but judging by their videos, they have some great insider tips.

MrSchvarz says:

The tram thingy to the Petřin tower is actually part of the city’s public transport, so if you were to buy a public transport ticket for 24 hours, you could use that for that tramway aswell 🙂

james little says:

Not really impressed i would pass on Prague.However i think you tried to shoot it in the best light.Good effort on your part but no.

Milan Krsek says:

Thank you for this video. It was really nice to observe Prague from tourism point of view 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your stay as much as it looks from video!

lando evora says:

Beautiful city of rich history, grand buildings and Gothic cathedral. Are cobblestone roads typical in almost all of the city? Would love to see where Mozart performed in Prague, if I’m not mistaken. Thanks so much for sharing your journeys from Asia to Europe and beyond. Godspeed to both of you!

Jan Klaeui says:

Nice video, I definitely have to go to Prague! New subscriber here 🙂

Michael Černes says:

For all of you visiting Prague in the future – don’t try to spend your money on that „Trdelník” thing (the doughnut/tube shaped sweets). It’s just a big scam, what can i say. It’s most definitely not czech, no one actually knows where it came from (Romania maybe?), as i recall, I’ve started seing those only about five or six years ago. I know it’s literally everywhere and for and it might even look tempting, but trust me, all you’re going to get is a worthelss piece of pretty bad fat-filled dough, all of that sometimes for more than 100 CZK – the price of a dinner/ three beers (outside the city center that is 🙂 )

Rex Waldron says:

Love the bike comments! Humour is the lifeblood of all good relationships. Some great panoramic shots of the city in this vlog. Oh, and I’ve found your Facebook page so can catch up with your latest there too 🙂

AG Genovea says:


tinadroldan says:

what camera are you guys using! love your vids!

Daneger and Stacey says:

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Mike Gill says:

I love that kiwi accent. Every time you say “Czech” I hear either small chicken or a girl. 🙂

G B says:


standa xd says:

Your channel definitely deserves sub!!:)

Henk Van Rotterdam says:

Prague castle is nice, but Vyšehrad Castle is so much better (and much less tourists).

Travellers Relish says:

The cathedral is majestic and so beautiful. That castle is huge. I would love to know all about it too. I see why there are many tourists. The car at 5.19 driving off is so cute and the train too. Seems like Prague has nice unique qualities.

SuperYehe says:

Tredelnik isn’t actually Czech but the biggest tourist trap 😀

James Varabkanich says:

You two are so perfect together
It might be my age but you guys are the Steely Dan of YouTube 🙂 Smooth and Cool and just appreciating lifes 🙂 Always look forward to your episodes.

LuvMyLilBabe says:

ahh Prague my favourite city in Eastern Europe! I have live in Prague 6 for about a year, close to Hradchanska Station. these brings back memories! Thank you!

Jan Matras says:

with regards to the so-called ‘traditional’ trdelnik, almost $9 for this is a massive rip-off!! i’m not sure who and when came up with this pastry roll, but i certainly know why. to rip off tourists! 🙁

BonBonnie says:

The Crown Jewels are actually hidden in The Chaple of st.Venceslav in the Cathedral of st.Vitus. You can see the doors. And everytime a new president is elected the Crown Jewels are shown to the public.

x340x says:

crown jewels are hidden there but they show them only once in decades and there are always ridiculous lines to see them, so most of prague citizens never saw them. its mostly because their value is uncountable

Martin x says:

It is bad luck you did not venture the mirror maze on Petřín hill. It is interesting experience with a historical picture/stage of battle agaist the sweden on Charles bridge. Please note TRDELNIK is not “tipical” in Czech republic ANYWHERE, and usually is grosly owerpriced in comparison to other kinds of food aviable in Czech republic. If you are interested in realy tipical sweets, go to “cukrárna” (sweets-shop). Also, for a lunch is much better to taste Svíčková omáčka (candle-meat sauce), or rajská omáčka (tomato sauce) – both with dumplings. The prague castle you were on (the one with a cathedral) is a seat of czech president. Bohemian crown jewles are stored in a special room in a Saint Vit cathedral. I highly recomend you “honest guide” videos to check interesting locations and avoid tourist rip-offs, like the trdelník is.


hlo may we be friends

Tiziana Heck says:

It is great to see that you are enjoying Prague!! Definitely check out vysherad and/or rigerovy sady for a sunset, if you got the time.

john o says:

Yes went there in 2010 …. Awesome place… There is a water feature somewhere around there of two naked men taking a piss…. I had a wtf moment… See if you can find it….

Robert GUENTHER says:

Place is beautiful. That’s why I love Europe because they strive to save their history through architecture.

Dream331 says:

More beautiful architecture and cobblestone roads… pretty cool. I hope you guys are wearing very comfortable shoes? One of those days that my wife and I were in Barcelona, I wore the worse shoes for walking and paid for it later lol Ouch! Love the John Lennon wall too. That would be a great spot to photograph someone but it looks like there’s always lots of people there! Really liking Prague!

Jakub Kiml says:

And nobody knows why the trdelník is considered as a typical Czech delicacy. No it´s not Czech… only some business trick for foreigners…:D great videos… 🙂

Ritankar Sasmal says:

lovely video n one of my fav cities but the thing u ate is not even Czech food LOL that’s a scam basically…

Kim says:

Nice video! 🙂 You both seem very charismatic and sweet!
Glad you liked our gorgeous city!

shiftleft says:

Hey Dane, whats the cost of living like in Prague on a few items?

AlbertShell says:

As for the crown jewels being inside the cathedral somewhere, that’s false. They are actually stored at Karlštejn Castle which is about an hour long drive from Prague.

judi May says:

Beaitiful place..

Jamie Banks says:

Prague is seriously a fairytale! Beautiful video.

Ynat says:

Prague city centre is made to rip tourists off. The best thing to do is to stay away from the main attractions and explore the less known places. They are just as (if not more) beautiful and less crowded. And if you have time, go to the other cities like Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, Brno, Olomouc or visit some of the castles in the countryside. They are truly incredible – Lednice, Kost, Orlík, Hluboká, Karlštejn, Bouzov, etc… There are also caves and national parks, but if you would also like to learn or see more of the WW2, you can always visit Terezín (concentration camp).

MacMedia Productions says:

Epic! Keen to see how the beer tour went also.

Jan Vojtíšek says:

Funny that when you were talking about the secret (it’s not secret at all) room with crown jewels, it was just right next to your head. 😀

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