Get off the tourist path and follow our guide to cool and hidden places in Prague. They’re worth it!
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Cable car:

Jídelna kuchařek bez domova:
(chefs without home)

Kavárna Čekárna:


Studentský klub Celetná:

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Honest Prague Guide is your best guide for Prague 🙂 We only show you what we as locals like and what we think you should see in Prague. There’s ton of cool things to do in Prague as well as cool places. We’ll show you around 🙂 And we hope you’ll come and will visit Czech Republic and will have an amazing time!

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš
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High Af says:

You deserve a million views! amazing guide

John Fontana says:

Just did the cable car at Hotel NH. It was a pleasant diversion, but should be noted that the view is obscured by trees in the summertime. 😉

shiva shetty says:

Dead Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš, my wife and I went to Prague recently and the ONLY ‘research’ we did before was watching ALL the videos you did of Prague. Never have we regretted a thing LESS !! 😀 we had a GREAT time visiting all the places mentioned here and it was all such a happy experience. we truly wanted to thank you both for making our trip so fantastic and are telling all our friends to watch your vids. We even had a plan to visit your office but it was too late in the day when we decided to so alas we had to bail on that plan. The best bits of your recco was LOKAL for dinner and beers, the NL hotel view and Letna Park. thanks for all your hard work and passion into this, Shiva & Justyna

Julie Grosamová says:

Im from Prague and I didnt know it! Wuuut

Jaroslava Štorková says:

Owesome!! guys you doing a great job!! ….jsem češka, žiju a pracuju pět let na střednim východe a lidi se tu ptají a chtěji vědet informace o naší krasné zemi české …. jezdi se k nam léčit, studovat či jen poznat a ochutnat …nyni jim můžu předat odkazy na vaše videa GREAT!! THANK YOU!!

Juraj Secnik says:

Well deserved my subscription. Keep it going mate 🙂 Vždy dobré vidieť niekoho ako sa stará o u ľudí v Prahe.

Daniel Bay Jensen says:

Every city needs a channel like this!

Jessica Andersson says:

Hey! I’m thinking about moving to Prague after graduation and learning some Czech while working, do you have any tips for good language schools or courses in Prague??

London Power says:

Cool country and people

GodmyX· says:

Janek, your GA accent is perfect :p Are you bilingual perhaps?

MARYCB94 says:

I was losing inspiration in where to visit next… Now thanks to this channel I have three countries added to my list 😀

Vaclav Sulista says:

the guys at the end are from Kingdom Belgium? 😉

Mari B. says:

Honzíku, Praha má 1000 skrytých míst, která jsou jak z pohádky a Pražané si je chrání před turisty. Prosím neukazuj jim naše zákoutí, pokud jsou toho hodni, tak je tam někdo z místních zavede, ale ukazovat cestu všem není správné. protože nám do těchto míst poleze pak každý a zničí nám tu idylu 🙁

Sudml says:

“you may need a dish thing which is umbrella – dish sneak” 😀 krásné automatické titulky

Tony Freitas II says:

Thank you Honza & Janek! I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year now & I’m finally going back to Prague on Wednesday. My wife & I will definitely visit all these places, but especially the Jídelna kuchařek bez domova & tip them well!!! Thanks again for all your videos!

Keenan Mosdell says:

You seem to love alcohol.

Parodies United says:

if there would be czech buzzfeed it would look like this XDDD

bachan thapa magar says:

Damn it. Had I known your office was nearby NH Hotel, I’d have definitely dropped by to say hello. I stayed there for 4 nights last year. Thanks to you guys, our Prague visit was flawless.

louis-paul Roosen says:

Greats of Belgium

Redyar Birds says:

1:03 uhhhh I haven’t

stjepo91 says:

Bur if we all now go there, they wont be cool or hidden. Like that student place, local people need something or themselves, its a city with people not a Disneyland. But thank you for all the other stuff in the channel, right now in Prague and you helped a lot.

Tinesh Shahani says:

i think we will come to prague just because of u….u r a perfect ambassador for this city….plz keep it up….

Wardz Rune says:

Is that Masonic symbolism at 3:02 Kids are really into some interesting stuff 😀

plutorama says:


Andrey Kim says:

How wide is the lens Honza’s using? Looks almost like a fisheye sometimes.

Sully Mems says:

There’s an excellent summer program in the Czech Republic called the International Summer Language School. You can study many languages and get to see the beautiful country. Check out their Instagram page at islspilsen to learn more about studying in the Czech Republic for three weeks!

Margot Loyer says:

Ahoj! I love your videos. I’ve been watching for a couple of months now and they convinced me to move from Paris to Prague last month. could you do a video about cool places in Prague 2 and 3 ? 🙂 Dekuji

fdiluch says:

Thank you.
I have friend guide in Prague. She is australian and thanks to one of her post i discovered your video. great.

Thomas Moroney says:

The funny thing is that I don’t plan on going to Prague any time soon, yet I still love watching these guides

Viviv Noi says:

I’m from Turkey and I love you guys so muchh ❤️

Strengthened sleep hormone says:


that rocket little bit to the right is facing upside down?

toufik ben hachani says:

Ahoj … you are living in the most beautiful country in the world …. I really wish to visit Czech some day

Kate Maresova says:

neee nelezte nám do školy 😀 … jinak samozřejmě fandim 😀

guitaarrmateey says:

“Do you want to have soup prepared by a homeless woman?”
-Nah, not really.

Elim Lagunday-Rosalez says:

looking forward to see Prague next week during the International Montessori Congress

Jonathan Wong says:

Hey Janek, we went to the NH Hotel to check out the cable car and view last week in the early afternoon, but the terrace doesn’t open up until 5p, so we just left.

Cande says:

I only typed in “prague” on youtube and now i love your videos haha thank you!!

Vaclav Sulista says:

Amazing video from the amazing capital of Czechia

Migmar Baru says:

this guy is awesome

Effie Colida says:

You are so good giving us all information about Prague you are great cannot wait to come there and visit

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