Best burger in Prague? Best coffee in Prague? Best garden? You guessed it, all of them are in Vinohrady, possibly the coolest district in Prague. Have fun!

Map with all the places:

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš


Bosco Arellano says:

infront of Jirak’s church you can find great cafeterias

Feroxing12 says:

Please stop. keep vinohrady away from tourists.

Jarren Butterworth says:

The Indonesian place “Javánka & Co.” is amazing and worth checking it. It was my first time having this cuisine and I was blown away. When I came home to Canada I found there was a hole-in-the-wall place here. I got talking to the owner and it turns out he used to live in Prague and taught asian cooking to many of the top hotels. He used to live in Prague 2. Very small world.

But seriously, go check out Javánka !

Marek Mensik says:

Prosím, kolik a kam musím poslat, aby se v pořadu objevila reklama i na mojí kavárnu ?

Florent Bodart says:

For me too ! The best one. I would add the place Mamacoffee, Slow Cafe, Cafe V Lese very good coffees with nice people & atmosphere. Oh and the best park for me is Havlíčkovy sady with the cool and kitsch Grotta.

tJEWrisevic says:

You speak such perfect English I’d think you were a foreigner

Asif Miles says:

I hope I’ll be able to pronounce these Czech names atleast once in my life

Canucko says:

I stayed in Vinohrady during my trip to Prague and loved it so much I barely made it out of the neighbourhood. So many good restaurants and coffee shops. Two restaurants I would highly recommend is Bad Jeffs BBQ if you’re craving American style bbq and one of my favourite places in the world Paprika which serves Israeli style falafels and shawarma.

Danny Kean says:

You covered so little lol and even the less nicer parts.

Polli Tao says:

Trafika ❤️

Ruby Ann Blasco says:

We are like an hour away and we will be Prague. Bucket list checked 🙂

Lousy chit-chat says:

Ahoj Janku! Líbí se mi, co děláš pro turisty, aby se tady zorientovali, nicméně to má bohužel i negativní efekt. Říkal jsi, jak nemáš rád moc Václavák a Staromák (ty restaurace), kvůli vysokým cenám, čímž odrazují v podstatě Pražany. Bohužel se to přenáší i na ty další restaurace a hospůdky, kam jsme mohli s kamarádem zajít po práci/ po škole na pivko. Mimo turistickou zónu a prostě jsme si mohli posedět. Celkově dochází k tomu, že i tyto hospůdky pod náporem turistů, kteří dřív to místo neznali, protože to není turisticky atraktivní oblast, tak vlivem videí se tam jsou podívat a zajít si na jídlo, tím pádem začali prudce zvyšovat ceny. Takto se oblast pro turisty zvyšuje, ale pro nás normální lidi začíná zmenšovat…

Olzhas Sagidollev says:


elevenfifteen1115 says:

Damn, I could never thought Chechnya is so beautiful, mad props to mr. Ramzan Kadyrov

Thomas Roy says:

Was I the only one who tried this at home and died ?

John Smith says:

Vinohrady is an awesome part of Prague. I stayed here recently on my trip to Prague. I thought we might be a little far out from the touristy part of Prague, but it’s a 5 minute ride of the metro from namesti Miru.

The area is relatively quiet throughout the day, but it’s great to come back here after being in the craziness of old town square etc as there aren’t many tourists.

Some of the best bars and restaurants are in Vinohrady too!

twilightrocks98 says:

I just moved here!!! This is great!!!

wandering spirit says:

Love all of your videos!

Kaoru Takarai says:

So cool! I took a short walk there last time, but there’s much I didn’t see!

miles hatchel says:

Wait are you in a skoda add?

Petr Vančura says:

Tavern is so much better than Dish 😛

Antonio Škrapić says:

Ive been to prague last week and went to find that rip off exchange place but it was closed and looks like its gone

3747CARLIN says:

best burger in prague… JAMA steak house Ostrovni Nove Mesto by far !!!!! also steaks lol

Steve Cranna says:

Every time I visit your amazing city I Stay in a Hotel across the road from that amazing shopping centre at Hotel Claris. Every thing is with in walking distance and there’s so many bars too. Please could do a video Around The Flora Centre as well I was blown away when I came out of the Metro station and found it.

Alexia España says:

Hi, I have a question. How much should I give for tips in a restaurant?

Chris Rodríguez says:

I was there!!!

Mensch gebliebener Rollstuhlfahrer 67 says:

All the places were build in the last year, well only dobra trafika is there for a longer tjme

Luka Ratić says:

My hotel was near Zagreb and Belgrade streets, both cities that I am from ❤️

William Bouchardon says:

Could you do an episode about Ostrava please?

Batch 4th Roshan says:

How you feeling coming home after trip to berlin? Janke rubes and honza friendship is the best

HideSpyVin says:

Yes, Dobrá Trafika is the best! Vinohrady – Best district 🙂

neko nekic says:

Do video about Czech porn:)

atebugs says:


Matteo Fabbri says:

Fuck sake, two years that i live in JZP and I only knew the Pavillon. And mainly for the Albert 🙁

Garrett Anderson says:

Let’s make a Vinohrady part 2! So many more cool places! :)))

Pablo Garduño says:

Janek! You made me fall in love with Prague, and I just moved here last week. I’m going to school in Vinohrady, the timing of this video could not be more perfect.

Renan Nogueira says:

Also close to the Jiřího z Poděbrad is the National Monument on Vítkov. It’s worth a visit.

Jarren Butterworth says:

Vinohrady is where I always stay, just a couple blocks from the church and metro station. Love that neighbourhood, all the amenities and sights but feels like a legitimate neighbourhood not a tourist trap.

Kwade Mossel says:

We are now in Prague can we meet you?

HideSpyVin says:

Meat and Greet is the best burger in Prague! 🙂 Really REALLY Recommend !!! 😉

Steven Butler says:

In that area is BeerGeek Bar, which was one of the coolest bars in Prague. They have local craft brew. I got to try a Czech attempt at an IPA and it was actually damn good.

Calle Wretström says:

Hey. Thanks for the video.
I have not tried DISH (but it’s on my to-do list now), but your closer then I am to Náměstí Míru. I suggest you give the burgers at Bad Jeff’s Barbeque a try.

Just to make it clear I’m not affiliated with Jeff, I’ve only eaten there a few times when visiting Prague

James Milfajt says:

Dobrá Trafika! Yes. For coffee lover visit is a must. And… tip them well!

JustSadGirl * says:

Hi, I love your videos(♡˙︶˙♡)
Can you show clothing stores in Prague? :3

Nocturnal Drop says:

As I said before, prague is just overpriced and overrated, such a mess…the czechs are very unfriendly, as a Hungarian guy I prefer Poland and cities like Cracow, Gdansk and so on…GUYS VISIT POLAND! HUNGARY STRONG!

Michal Konštacký says:

Ahoj / skvely video jako vzdy/ technicka: “by accident” vs “by chance”

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