Exploring Prague, Czech Republic! | Travel Vlog

This was my first time traveling to the Czech Republic. Old Town Czech is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. There is so much raw history there and you can feel it simply walking down the street. Hopefully this vlog makes you feel like you were there with me!
Enjoy! -ash
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Teri says:

Omg! Thats insane, I live in Prague and its so amaizing that you are here.❤️

Nisa Hasani says:

I really like the thumbnail

Ashly Buschatzke says:

Is going to Prague affordable? I want to eventually go there but I need to know around how much flights are!

Natalie Rose says:

I love Monica’s top! Where’s it from?

Amartista By Ani says:

Ashley hi. I saw you if you don’t remember i saw you in Westfield mall with Alisha and Jon marie and it was really good. I wanted to make a photo with u but you didn’t pay attention to me and my sister. But anyway I still love you!! And if i see u again for sure i would like to make a picture with you!! ❤️❤️

RaceGamerOMG says:

I was in prague at the beginning of the summer holidays!!

Daniela Barba says:

does anyone knows what font she used for the thumbnail??

Destiny Jewell says:

Love your vlogs Ashley! The music, the way you shoot things are beautiful and very calming to watch. Please don’t stop vlogging!

Elenka Kubinova says:

im from czech republic

Markéta Opletalová says:

I live in czech republic! But i live in Brno, that is beautiful too. You should come and explore Brno too. I would love to see you. Did you like it? When your friend said trdelník, that was really funny. Can you say Ř? That is unike word from czech republic and nobody can say it, who is not local. Did you like czech meals? Did you like the city? Thanks for answers.

N Milaski says:

Anyone wanna be helpful and tell me the name of the song in the beginning of the vlog? Ty 🙂

Itz Magdalena says:


Solveig Tufto says:

Come to Norway! Its beautiful ❤

Josie stoffan says:

I used to live there!!!!!

barbora voláková says:

OMG!..I live in Prague 😀
Funny watching you walking on places where I was the day before or earlier 😀
It´s so nice to hear that you like it here 🙂
Enjoy! ❤

Naty says:

OMG IM FROM CZ3CH REPUBLIC OSTRAVA its a honor tagt youve been in Czech republic can you like this so that h se can see this

Jonna Craig says:

Can you make a video that shows us how to properly make and edit videos? Pretty much showing us the proper apps to use, how to put music behind videos, and tips.

Veronica says:

omg! i wanted to meet you so bad.. (i live outside the Prague) ♥

Mallerlyn says:

traveling while young is the best thing

kateřina spokova says:

When you are from Czech ond one of your favorite youtuber was to 😀

Natalie Rose says:

Prague is so pretty

Jangobo says:

It´s nice video by the way I from Czech Republic 😀

Pashto music Shrrang says:

If her sister was here she will take more photos less exploring

Amanda Ferre says:

Does anyone know what the intro song is called??

Unicorn Owlgirl says:


Inaya Chocolate says:

i went to prague a year ago and i lost my bagage

Alanah Jade says:

Omg I walked up all those stairs too!!!! It’s was very very tiring

BriarHex says:

No joke i was in Prague, and lightning struck a foot in front of me

Melissa Orellana says:

Awesome Vlog!

Strawberry Pancake says:

You should’ve went to see the anthropoid memorial

The cute sisters says:

I went to Prague only 2 weeks ago

Orijana R says:

I’m going there next month!! so excited!! Love your vlogs x

Lu Magnus says:

OMG! I’m living there but i didn’t saw you..:( so sad

nikita maria rigova says:

I am from czech republic

Julie Grosamová says:

Yuppp thats where i live! Maybe im somewhere in the vlog

Lucia Montes says:

Great vlog!! xx

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