Here are some cool fun facts about Prague 🙂 Come and visit and check out more videos from our series Honest Prague Guide! 🙂
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li wang says:

Hey great videos, my boyfriend and I are thinking about moving to the Czech Republic, can you make a video about how to rent and apartment and prices? Thanks

Matyáš Nazaretský says:

Česi sú sračky z kanála oproti Slovákom

PSPSMITH202 says:

Slovak flag..ha ha.

Matej Glejtek says:

What is your problem with Slovaks Honza? Did you have a Slovak girl who broke up with you?:D Great videos btw 😉

Harold Baskerville says:

I really love this channel and I am happy to recommend it to my non-Czech friends, but I did not enjoy the flag “misplacement”. Unnecessary. Other than that, great job and thank you.

owenburnett says:

i literally LOL’d over “Czech out”! love these videos! wish i knew about them the times i’ve visited prague!

jan Koper says:

ive been at the top of the petrin tower when i was a kid

いちご これは何? says:

haha that hungarian flag LoL. But who cares, the Slovaks are essentially the toilet cleaners of Prague. 😀

sekleng says:

I might be traveling to prague alone. Would it be possible to maybe meeg you… Btw no homo

Jan Trenčiansky says:

# not largest… one of the most largest #1 Malbork Castle #2 Mehrangarh Fort #3 Prague Castle

Carl Barns says:

Actually Malbork castle in Poland is the largest in the world…

Michael Thomas says:

Coming to Prague at the end of November 2016 for a solo visit. Watching all your videos for the useful information. Cheers

Teppo says:

Czechout! Brilliant!

Floyd Williams says:

Thinking of going in the winter, maybe Jan. or Feb. Perhaps you could do a show on cold weather visitation; where to go, what to avoid. Can’t really see a picnic in the park in January but since I’ve never been to, or even close to, Prague that’s only a guess. Lead on. I’ll be watching

Osquar says:

11 euro per km is cheap compared to Sweden. Some assholes charge 15 euro per km and there is a famous cheat who charges 90 euros per km, n a regular car! Thats free pricing for you. They live on tourists that don’t know the difference and don’t check prices before they enter the cabs. Most afflicted are Gothenburg and Stockholm where that 90 euro guy operates.

Bence Slemmer says:

Hey Janek, or people from Prague! What is this inside joke with the flags? 😀 I’m hungarian, but I study here in Prague, and this joke got me by surprise, although I’m really curious.

paja k says:

Super, super, super!! A pak že u nás nikdo neumí natočit video světovýho formátu. Ne ViralBrothers, Kazma apod., ale TAHKLE to má vypadat, Stream by měl Janka platit zlatem :). Navíc na Slovana naprosto skvělá angličtina! Jenom ten počet shlédnutí a odběratelů 🙁 .. no, asi je větší zábava koukat na děti, jak hrajou hry na počítači .. 🙂

Nathaniel Wojcik says:

In fact the Prague castle isn’t the largest castle it’s actually Malbork castle in Poland

Maharshi Rajodiya says:

how can one get permanent residence? nd what it exactly cost in indian rupee.

Ura Snotball says:

ta vlajka byla madarska 😀

MedniLedved says:

Scrolled to comments to see if the flag was mentioned, wasn’t disappointed.

Sagi Hai says:

Just came back from Prague and visited Vyšehrad thanks to you! Prague was awesome and I loved the metro

Ján Vojtech Snopko says:

Niekto nevie predýchať že slovenka je primátorkou Prahy? 😀 Zbytočné a opätovné vyvolávanie žabomyších vojen 🙂

Jay says:

please make a video of best bar in Prague.

bruno cardonnel says:

that was the hugaryen flag

FeriB19 says:

Čistý CHUJ, tú maďarskú vlajku si strč do prdele.

14ManuChao says:

LOL!! You’re crazy man! Great videos, thank youuu!!!!

nick De Leon says:

Hey man!! I just watched all of your videos and I loved them! I got an offer to study abroad in Prague for like 3 years and I’m for sure going to take it. Do you have any advice for living in Prague? Or like what are good and affordable places to live within the city? Anything would help! Everything I’ve seen so far has helped so much and I can’t thank you enough for how awesome your videos are! Thanks!

Milan Španko says:

I don`t think that Hungarian flag ,,joke” was appropriate,Czechs don`t like Slovaks making fun of them as well, so why did you have to do something like that.

motersk313 says:

I’ll be heading to Prague in 2 weeks, love the videos!

Bjørn Gryttingsodegård says:

This guy would be fun to go out with, especially in Prague haha. Can’t wait to visit in two weeks!

Michaela Svobodova says:

skvele videa, konecne nekdo kdo to umi podat zabavne, vesele a vtipne, klobouk dolu!

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