Getting Ripped Off & Greetings from Prague – How We Travel

Greetings from Prague! Enjoying a few days in one of the coolest cities in the world. Watch out if bartenders or waiters try to rip you off!
Have a great time traveling!
Filmed in Prague, The Czech Republic
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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Andy in Prague says:

Hi, it is great you are here, would you like to meet on Sunday? I can show you some good places around!

TravelingMel says:

Sorry for the ripoff. We’re learning the lesson of these “small mistakes”. Glad to find this vid and the other Prague vids as we are thinking of there after we leave Bavaria in January (now in Croatia). Keep the vids coming. Thanks!

Art Rea says:

i was in prague when u published this!

Ann Hall says:

Prague is amazing – I’ve been there in June. There’s a wonderful Italian restaurant called Marina in a riverboat close to the Charles Bridge ( a bit to the right, if you’re coming from Old Town) – their prices are pretty cheap and the scenery great

DavidisDawei says:

Absolutely, what I do is whip out my camera and start filming to document the conversation and they have backed down EVERY time

EeeeenSH says:

It may be all of twenty years ago, but I remember leaving a tip (equivalent to £1 UK), outside a bar on Wenceslas Square and the waiter trying to give it back to me because he thought it was too much.

Natasha S says:

Going there again next year 🙂

Owen IV says:

Come on do a meet up here!

Physics Only says:

Hey Mark, what would be a great list of places for a first time traveler? Should I stick to the usual: London Paris Rome sort of thing?

Cris Yorke says:

Amsterdam is quite crazy. Many people were trying to pickpocket and the management at the fast-food chains are quite rude. Copenhagen is so much logam and better!

The Anadromous Life says:

Maybe the problem is that you are in the heart of the tourist zone Mark. (I know you know this.) The Old Town Square area has tapped me more than once. Keep going though! Go to the Svandovo Theatre and see the puppet troupe Buchty a Loutky! They are great and they have kids shows too. I highly recommend them. You’ve never seen anything like them anywhere else.

Martin2035 says:

All of you who want to visit Prague, check videos called Honest Prague Guide on YouTube. 🙂

MrCommentator says:

Aww father and son. Adorable!

Teacher Fábio Emerim says:

Hey, Mark! What’s up? I’m an English teacher here in Brazil, and I keep a blog on English tips on a major Radio Station in the south of Brazil (I’m from Porto Alegre). I just published a post on my blog about youtube channels about travel so that English students could use as an alternative source for their studies:,1,1,,171,e171

It’s in Portuguese, bit I know you get a little of it, right?

I hope u don’t mind me using your video. Cheers, dude. Keep your great job!

Patrick Seydholdt says:

That is why you should never go to eat or drink at Old Town Square Prague.Twoo streets down you are away from the crowds, the food is much cheaper and the beer is just as good.

Slimy Weasles says:

🙁 I miss prague so much. You’re very lucky!

Falcons Flame says:

I was literally there two weeks ago, got ripped off at the olivia verde up the way from there, Prague was fantastic though, your do’s and don’ts video really got us syked up 🙂

Cris Yorke says:

Oh definitely! When I was in Amsterdam just a couple of days back, there are people trying to rip me off by charging extra for the same amount of Doner. And I almost gotten pickpocketed by those middle eastern piece of trash TWICE! I had my 2 phones stolen from me which sucks. I’m traveling to Dublin from Copenhagen now, and I did try the hot dog and Danish pastries which are so tasty!

Nagadir-chan says:

Aww you are in Prague again, it makes me very proud that you love it because I’m from Czech Republic =)
I should recommend to anyone who loves a bit more cultural things to book anything in National Theater or The State Opera (important! do it like half a year before you actually go there). I was in Prague during one week in April this year with my mum and we booked 1 play, 2 operas and 1 ballet. It was the best experience in my whole life!!! So freaking mesmerizing!
Definately going there for more next year!

gorymarty56 says:

awwwww, Liam is a ham, soo cute

Teorge says:

Youtube channel named “stream international” is doing nice series about how to not get ripped off in Prague. Showing tourists traps etc. And even some videos with good ideas what to visit there.

Deva1510 says:

I went to Prague in 2014 and I LOVED it!!! It looks like Disneyland… I was staying with some locals though, so I didn’t get ripped off 🙂

catips111 says:

Do you save your work money or just throw it ALL OUT THE WINDOW ON TRAVELING??? Hope you’re NOT A SPENDTHRIFT…

shantife says:

Czech Republic is well known for scamming.

BriansRadioReviews says:

Why not just complain to the manager?

Prime Minister says:

Destroy them on Trip Advisor

Sam Zigo says:

Ripping turist off is typical of Prague. The local people don´t even dine anywhere near places like old town square.

UnitedPebbles says:

What with these comedians down low??(shrug)It is okay. It’s ok, Wulter. I rarely eat out so don’t know what you are talking about. I think the Czechs only drink at taverns. Those rest stops are probably for travelers??

Kalinmir says:

dont eat/dring at the tourist areas 🙂

Sade Lewis says:

love these vlogs

martinusvanus says:

Why did you drink there? No Czech would ever go to any restaurant on Old Town Square. They are all overpriced tourist traps.

Mark McMarkface says:

Surprised Mark you went against your own advice and went to a typical tourist trap. The establishments in the Old Town Square are owned by some dodgy characters and it is full of tourists so they don’t need to worry about repeat business. Always use places off the beaten track or at least walk 500m away from tourist hubs.

ko kot says:

Can you go to Slovakia and make new video about that because last video about bratislava is 5 yearls old and Bratislava is very different now

Raja Jinnah says:

Mark I have alwayz called you to India but No, Please do not come. The situation here is very unstable. So avoid it.

Lots of Love

Wisely2Prague wise says:

Guys, if you want not to get ripped of, checkout our facebook page, where we answer all the tourist questions about Prague. We are local students, giving advices for free! 🙂

Conway79 says:

Watch out Liam, I think your dad might be an alien.

Amir Haddad says:

Big like “Mark Walter” thanks A lot for the tips Prague is awesome cityI’ve ‘been there twice , and I never got enough from it.

sofakingdrunk66 says:

Fantastic city is Prague..
Little street hot dog vendor type stalls are a massive rip off as well, they normally do it to you in the change they hand you back always short.
I’m glad you taken my advice and have started to touch on the scams more…

Gent30 X says:

Prague is a wonderful and lovely historic city. Anyhow ripping off people is a national sport and you learn this from school – to -high to college.

Shooterdash says:

Omg, i was in Prague 😀 and i can hear the czech jazz band!, oh i miss this place now!, jazz band at almost every corner and the city as beautiful and the food is so delicious! i recommend everyone to go there (if you sensitive to cold weather don’t go there before May)

Viola T says:

I was in Prague last summer…highly overrated.

chargr383 says:

Blow the place up

MR.X says:

Please Respond: Why have you disabled some of your videos?

Monique Riddle says:

Hi, Walter. Sorry to hear about that experience 🙁 Where are you traveling next? If you’re staying in the Czech republic a little while longer, you’re more than welcome to come to Olomouc. The Christmas market is amazing and it’s not that pricy as in Prague… 😉

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