Coming to Prague by train or bus is quite handy because you end up in the city centre. We’ll show you what are the do’s and don’ts at both places.
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Prague vs Crooks:

Where to change money in Prague:

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J. Howell says:

Ahoj, Janek! Thank you for your fun and funny vids. Keep it up! You said to buy train or bus tickets, we are to use our credit card at the ticket machine as newly-arrived tourists, we may not have any koruna. Won’t there be a surcharge by our credit card company and make the purchase more expensive?

Circuit7Active says:

Why does the DPP not give a darn about the safety of passengers?

kuschleba3 says:

Florenc- 99% chance outside the bus station that someone ask you for a cigarette 😀

Charles Briggs says:

Fantastic information mate. Greatly appreciated.

Rani Jhansi Jhansi says:

Going in September . Very useful tips you ate giving

E. Dermit says:

If you are traveling on the metro with luggage, do you have to purchase an additional ticket?

Yosef Elgart says:

does in poland they understand russian? almoust same words

Natty Games says:

Mám rád prague, ale je to obsazeno im pouze 17 a dostane se opravdu otravné najít místa

J S says:

If I have euro rail global pass will it cover local metro in Prague? I think Eurail Rail Global pass can be used for all trains and local trains in Germany, Austria, etc. Suggest, please.

tina nunez says:

Hi! Can you help me find train from Prague to Vienna. You have any site you can recommend?

Steve Weaver says:

Excellent work guys! We will be arriving by train and now I won’t feel lost. I’m going to owe you guys serval beers by the time we get there in May. 🙂

Felix King says:

Your personality and love for Prague is gold!

Daxy Dax says:

Dobry denJanek! I am a big fan! I have watched almost all of your videos and I and my wife will be visiting Prague via train on Nov 16. This saves me a lot of anxiety navigating through the train station getting to the city. I admire your brave stand regarding taxis and money changers. You are one brave man and you are a blessing to tourists! Great job! Your fellow Czechs should be very proud of you! God Bless you! I am very excited to see Prague and I find your videos very interesting, transparent and helpful.

If you come to Melbourne, Australia contact me! I will be glad to show you around.

Neha Patel says:

Visiting praque in April 18 . We have return flight in mid night . Can you make video how to use transportation to reach Prague airport

Craig Telljohn says:

In hlavni nadrazi don’t forget to check out the new Nicky Winton memorial to all the children he saved.

Aprlmoore says:

You guys are AWESOME> 🙂 We’ll be in Prague in e weeks! 🙂

Mr. Grey says:

helpfully channel

Asif waheed says:

stay blessed

Sukhant Pundhir says:

Stream.cz International pls make sure to remind liking and subscribing in every video of yours…. I subscribed after watching ard 15 video… Though i like the channel from 1st vid….

youweechube says:

can you say dobrey den at night ? as you say it means good day… just checking !

AT matthew says:

1:03 LMAO!

MyGardenSpace says:

This was really informative, and not found in any other video !

Philipp Blum says:

I also arrived via bus and changed my money at the bus station. I also looked the exchange course before. And 26 for 27 looked also fair for me 🙂 Good to know that I was right.

Kalyan K. Das says:

Janek, do the tickets usually SELL OUT for Trains ? I’m going to Vienna from Prague in July. I know they don’t have an E-Ticketing system for the trains (unless i”m wrong) so just wondering should I wait to buy tickets (to Vienna) until I get there in Prague.

Edward Tremethick says:

when you say how to say hello, and the (its me) part, is that the translation or is that a reference to what I am thinking

MD GH says:

Coming by bus from Munich.
Thank you for the video
If there’s a guy like you in every place people visit it will make things a lot more comfortable

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