IT’S STUNNING! Prague Old Town Square & Tyn Church | Czech Republic City Travel Vlog

Prague old town square and the Tyn Church are incredible! Czech Republic and it’s old city style of Praha are…⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

First proper day exploring the Czech Republic and we head to the Old Town Square of Prague (or Praha), this place is breath taking. The Old Town Tyn Church and Clock are centre in the square and the scale and architecture of the place blew us away.

Prague is a stunning city and we’ve got a lot more to share from the Czech Republic in vlogs coming soon.

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Thirstytraveler41 says:

Love that city…At first, I wasn’t sure I would have loved Prague but thanks to your vlog, I changed my mind…Thanks guys!

Arkan CZ says:

Kdo je z Česka ? 😀

Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni says:

I’m here in Prague right now too – such a beautiful city to photograph – but I must say your visuals are particularly impressive. Do you mind sharing what camera(s) you use? Enjoy the rest of your time here. Look forward to seeing more of your videos.

slowshots007 says:

Great video guys!
Next stop Bratislava?

R Magnus says:

Go to Budapest, its like a version of Prague but i must say it‘s more majestic than Prague.

Alison Linh says:

Wow! Prague does look amazing! I’m going there this summer and am even more excited to go now! Where are you guys going next? Do you think you’ll go to Budapest?

Robert Mansfield says:

If you liked Prague, you would certainly like Budapest.

Dandy S says:

Great vlog as always, guys! Enjoy the Czech Republic.

Me says:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 [avid fan from the PH looking at the gelato]

james little says:

Hay the city looks nice a fine day in Prague.

Jimmy Jack says:

Hey Brother. Is there any plans to travel India…?

Rex Waldron says:

As always, you have captured the essence of the place beautifully. The big thing I’ve taken away from this vlog is how much we who are born and raised in Europe take for granted the history and antiquity that is all around us. Seeing your sense of wonder in relation to the age and style of the architecture and culture is going to be my main lesson of the day to look with fresh eyes at what is around me every day here in the UK. Cheers guys!!

Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia says:

What an awesome place! By the way, your videos are coming in as ”deleted” and not working.This is the second time this has happened.I use the ‘bell’ and still the videos have not been ”uploaded” correctly. Have no idea what the problem is….

Wanna buy some thread and a needle for the remains of your jeans?

VMF STUD says:

Angelato is sooooo gooood! 🙂

mikan199 says:

Ooooh first time I’ve ever had a shout out in a video! So exciting, thanks guys!

Joe Blow says:

So glad you guys are having fun in Europe 🙂 I really enjoyed Prague, there is so much going on, and an amazing mix of old and new. Really enjoyed this video, and the music was more mellow, which I dig 🙂

Daneger and Stacey says:

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Lots To Learn says:

Prague in late May, early June ’17 was a lot of fun.

Jimmy Jack says:

Enjoy your Holiday.. Brother.. Keep Smiling, God Bless you both…

Dangski fr Great Britain says:

Was there last Sept and stayed close to city centre….bit pricey compared to other East Europe countries but it’s amazing city….r u going to Hungary, Budapest is a nice city to visit too

steve connolly says:

try and get a look at the Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Prague were Czech partisans holed up after they assassinated Reinhard Heydrich ,[the instigator of the final solution] there is a little museum there that explains all about it…depends what you are into though but i thought it was quite interesting…

Mark Dennis Capistrano says:

One of the most astonishing well-preserved squares in the world. Included Prague Old Town Square in my bucket list. Thanks, Guys.

apntv says:

Thanks for that, first one of your videos I’ve seen, I have subscribed now. :-). How long would you recommend to stay in Prague to see and film it, we are thinking of going there later this summer, we will be vlogging it too. Just back from doing a travel vlog in Lyon, France :-). I’ll check back on some of your older videos. Andy

Martin HaJung Kim says:

your videos are awesome! what camera do you use?

Radim Šašek says:

hey guys, glad you like my city, consider going to Vysehrad castle, The Prague Zoo, Stromovka park during these beautiful days

Dutch Nomad Couple says:

Just found your channel via the Feather and the Wind Travel Couple must-watch list in 2018. It’s pretty clear why your channel is in this list. That Kafka statue is very cool.

Aaron N says:

I always have to hit your playlist to find your videos. If you have your upload videos at the top of your page it would make it easier to find. Other than that I do enjoy watching your vids. Keep up the good work.

Tobias Krasa says:

I live in Prague so it’s really interesting for me to see how you enjoy it here :-D. In Prague we’re really proud of our beautiful center, but lost of streets in Prague I found really ugly and dirty and I don’t think it’s really good place to live. I never haven’t live on some other place and problems are everywhere so it’s maybe only my personal view. The prices in restaurants and supermarkets are not high but on the other side the salary in Czech Republic is normally 3 times lower than in Germany or Western Europe countries and the prices of houses are by me quite high too. What I know the average large flat costs 500000 euro it’s in some old building and not very close to center. Even tho is Prague very good places to visit and I hope you enjoy here everything.

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