KUTNÁ HORA (Honest Guide)

If you stay in Prague for more than 4-5 days, we suggest you take a trip to one of the Czech cities – today we’re gonna guide you around Kutná Hora 🙂

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Fredrik Olsson says:

love this channel

Joseph - DI says:

Hi there, I had been to Karlovy Vary in Mid September 2017 thanks to this video! It was amazing, and loved it so much for a 1 day trip! Just a piece of advice, and please think about it. You should start a business from Honest Guide, and make private tours for couples and even individuals. Your friend that works with you can buy a 1080 or 4K video camera, and can be great to make a film after of the group you gave that tour to. You now have a chance to offer a film, and get paid extra for it! People get to spend time with you for a reasonable rate, and you can also sell them a video of their trip (hands free). This is your passion bro, so please follow it and you will be successful! Good luck!

Freddy Marcel-Marcum says:

As the sole American in Kolín, I’m not trying to push tourism, in twelve years here I’ve never actually seen a tourist in Kolín, but it’s on the way to KH and old town Kolín is a hidden gem, stop by sometime.

Billy Bob says:

I can’t find any train on google maps which travels from Prague to Kutna Hora below 2 hours. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

Nika Adeishvili says:

355 CZK to kutna hora? It is expensive. For that price you can get return ticket from prague to ostrava with regiojet (economy class of course) but still great value

MrkaramelCZ says:

2:21 4th July, Now is May. but good video to all tourist that come visit the beauty of the Czech republic. I like this type of video because I live in small town name Slavkov u Brna. This place is known for that because here was the battle of 3 imperials and also we have here a beautiful castle from baroque which is the most beautiful castle in this time. Come to visit us.

BrokenRuleII says:

Don’t go on a Monday like we did – most of the places were closed!

HoneyDane says:

Is there also alcohol free beer for around the same price?(in prague aswell?)

Philip Sarginson says:

Went yesterday Awesome , tried to follow your guide , but to much nice food to eat and run out of time , definitely worth return trip ……..

sharkeynoyz says:

700 hundred? Wow, that’s old. 😀

Petr Havlíček says:

Jenom se budu opakovat, když řeknu, že děláš skvělou práci, co se týče propagaci měst jako je Praha, Karlovy Vary a Kutná Hora.

Jason Keller says:

where do you purchase tickets for the two cathedrals?

Amethyst1983 says:

There are 3 Kutna Hora stations. The one closest to the bone church is Kutna Hora Sedlec. There you find the first 2 churches in the video. Then the other 2 are at Kutna Hora Mesto.

m.editz says:


(Hitory) Kutná Hora was a mining city peope mined the mountains there it was a big supply of iron there. st.Barbras Cathedral was built for the miners protectress saint Barbra.

Jason Keller says:

And can you a credit card there in Kutna Hora or do I need Czech Kourna?

Kaka-jan says:

Thanks guys for your video’s and tips, We had a great time in prague, it’s such a beautiful city!

Petr Havlíček says:

Jenom bych se tě chtěl zeptat, kde jsi se naučil tak dobře anglicky. Je mě jasné, že mě asi určitě neodpovíš, ale přesto by mě to zajímalo. Děkuju.

Zoe Smith says:

You are so good. Everyone in my hostel has watched one of your videos. As you come when people research Prague on the net and Youtube.

Žonatan Rivera says:

One of the most memorable cities in my life. My friends and I ate at Restaurant Dacicky after exploring the St Barbara cathedral. When I looked at our path on Google Earth after coming back home I got major feels. Here I am again wishing I can rewind time

Ondřej Matějka says:

Go to Kutná Hora in june during medieval celebrations. 😉

Bethania Villela says:

Hey Janek , do have a video about Cesk Krumlov? Would be great! I’ll be in Prague next week for my third visit. Your tips are amazing. Tks..tks…tks.

Birinjin says:

Prej “baroque touches” 😀 Tam víc baroka než čehokoli jiného 😀

Russel Mohan says:

Janek is soooo cuteeee!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna kiss his beautiful cheeks!

Mikołaj Komorowski says:

In 10 days it’ll be already a year since I moved in to Prague, I keep watching the Honest Guide since months and somehow I missed this episode. I guess I’ll be going for a small trip soon and I already know the destination. 🙂

anis farhad says:

bones belong to all the people who disliked this youtube channel XD

Blackaria says:

Wish you would do a video about using the train system. I’m from Canada and over train system is huge. I walked to the station and went down to the main level and was so lost, lol.

John Fontana says:

We tried this, unfortunately nobody was helpful at the train station, and I even speak a little Czech. Some people told us to go upstairs, then they sent us downstairs, then when we said the ticket is useless if we had no train, they ignored our request to refund. Then some crazy woman starting chasing as around the train station and we had to ask some poor guy in a bookstore to call the police. Such a shame, as I have dreamed of visiting this place for years, and even worked very hard trying to learn some Czech to make it easier.

Zdrawc says:

I was a couple years ago in Kutna Hora with motorbike. It’s really impressive to see.

ng choi says:

I also went to Dacicky, hahaha

Klára Scholleová says:

Může bejt dvojdíl Pardubice versus Hradec? Jinak Honest Guide je pecka, kdykoliv se mě někdo zeptá, co dělat v Praze, už prostě posílám link, protože se to obvykle kryje s tím, co bych jinak vypisovala ze svýho vlastního názoru 😀 🙂 dobře vy (y)

Abderian says:

Made this trip last week. A word of advice to those who may not do more extensive research than this video (as I did not): Check your ticket! Or rather, get someone to help you. They made it look easy–BOOM! 50 minutes later, we’re in Kutna Hora! Yeah, no. Unlike their experience, I had the world’s least motivated non-English speaking ticket seller at the main station, who threw my change and ticket at me like you’d throw table scraps at a dog you have a particularly sour hatred for. What the ticket DID NOT say in any clear way is that the train I would be on did not go from Prague to Kutna Hora. Instead, I had to get off at Kolin and change to another train and, if I wanted to get to the station listed on my ticket, switch to yet another train at Kutna Hora’s main station. There are three Kutna Hora train stations: the main station (where they go in this video, I think), one whose name I forgot that puts you about a 1 min walk away from the first cathedral and another 3 minute walk away from the ossuary, and a third station that isn’t really close to anything but is at least closer to the town center and the Gothic cathedral. How would I know this? As a tourist with no Czech skill beyond “nemluvim cesky” and “dekuji,” I didn’t. The ticket doesn’t make it clear, and the person at the Prague central train station information desk didn’t seem to want to enlighten me any further than “There will be changes.” Whatever that means.

When I inevitably got lost, wasting a couple hours in some small town past Kolin, an extremely nice woman equipped with an old computer and one of those old printers that have the tear-off side perforations explained to me with no English exactly what went wrong and how I could get to where I wanted to go and back to Prague. Only when I met a couple of gentlemen from Oklahoma did I learn about the three KH stations and where to go from there. Uncaring laziness wasted 3 hours of my time; 10 minutes of kindness got me where I wanted to be. Unfortunately, this meant I didn’t have time to see the Gothic cathedral. On my way back to Prague, I met two other fellas on my train who suffered the same experience as me–not knowing they had to change trains at Kolin, overshooting, and having to waste a couple hours finding their way back. I hope others will have a smoother experience than we did.

Ananas_CZ says:

355CZK by a train? It is cheaper take metro (buy 32CZK ticket for 90min) to station Háje and than take bus 381 that takes to Kutná hora. Ticket from Háje to Kutná hora cost something about 150CZK.

Krunal Joshi says:

Good u came out of prague now f czhec luks more intresting to travel all d way frm. India n u really good person who makes travel easy

Nouler says:

Zubní nit nitenko.

Aleš Novák says:

nevím jak jste jeli, ale mě dneska stála obyčejná zpáteční do KH 205 Kč?! 😀
a za taxi dáte 50 když víte kam volat 🙂 ale pro turisty určitě ne 😉 200 za taxi taky není problém 😛

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