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Step into a child’s storybook when you first arrive in Prague, a city in the Czech Republic where sleek, modern buildings share space with ancient gothic architecture. Wander down the twisting cobblestone streets – you’re sure to find something new and exciting. After all, even locals get lost here.

Prague tourism usually involves the Royal Route, a historic coronation path that will take you through Old Town. Walk a few blocks to Old Town Square and sample local street fare in the shadow of old castles and palaces. Old Town itself is full of cafes, restaurants, and galleries, and will provide days of exploration for intrepid visitors.

Cross over the Charles Bridge and climb up to Prague Castle, a network of palaces, churches, and numerous museums. Be careful, as folks were a lot shorter back then – you may have to duck your head as you walk through the low-ceilinged, artifact-filled halls.

Your Prague sightseeing must pause at St. Vitus Cathedral, a massive gothic structure dating back 600 years. You’ll have to arch your back to see over 300 feet to the ceilings, which seem to vanish into the heavens. By the time you’re back outside, it will likely be twilight. You’ll see pigs roasting on spits and people gathered under the statue of St. Wenceslas to share their daily adventures. The people here are friendly, so why not join them and chime in with your own stories?

Have you been to Prague? What would you like to do while there?

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Martin2035 says:

Hey, for all those going to Prague. I’m local. Check Prague Guide on youtube (channel Stream intl.), you won’t regret it. They give nice tips for tourist, how to enjoy Prague the best way and they are honest.

Rointan Siahaan says:


Hans Hubner says:

This is one good looking German-built city. Now occupied by the stupid, lazy, dirty, poor Slavic-gypsy Chechs.

Raquel Giacometti says:

Maravilloso!!! Muchas gracias

Ash Dee says:

“Refreshingly modern, too”??? Modern is never refreshing.

Oleg A. says:

Amazing city, highly recommended! All the best to Prague and the Czech Republic :). Ahoj!

Ryan Cabrera says:

I want to go back so badly. With a guide. So many questions and still so much culture to experience!

Elizabeth Kreutzer says:

M to

Butterscotch Scotch says:

Love pargue

Vikas 17aks says:

prague i love it… awesome place i waana lost myself in the beauty clean street of beautiful city…

kenonifty says:

To really capture Prague on camera or here on video is difficult because you have to capture the feel of the bridge to Old Town Square atmosphere of the place at night time – a very difficult thing to do. I can remember having a meal near the Charles bridge one night there and walked out of the restaurant and looked out over to the bridge with all the happy people on it, white swans floating on the river, the castle and surrounds all lit up over the river and the weather was perfect- it was the most perfect experience in my life and is still seven years later crystal clear in my mind.

Sidharth vyas says:

Thanks Expedia, I was unknown to such a beautiful place on our planet.
I will sure visit this beautiful place called Prague one’s in my life.

Massimiliano Pirrottina says:

i ask if is necessary put of ancient thing

Dante Alighieri says:

Wow! it’s just amazing!

Věra Miadiková says:

I´m so proud of my home town.Great presentation.I can recommend you beautiful Café,cozy quieter places or give you some tipes what to do in Prague.
Pozdrav z Prahy=)

Mega Sceptile says:

So amazing!

Muhammad Irfan says:

wow nice

Patrick Lavin says:

Just bought my tickets for April 2018! Cannot wait to visit this beautiful city!

Farrah Dinda says:

Someday i will go there!

shijire bckm says:

Danke Expedia. In 2015, ich war 2 wochen in Prague. Ich interessiere mich fur St.Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Pilsner und Kozel beer.

Paul M says:

Velmi krásné město! Rád bych tam jít.
Czech Republic is one of the contries I want to visit soon.

Sasha Kartus says:

Opposite to Moscow, Prague needs more confidence !! But it is not so sleepy like in this video.

Danne says:

Great video! Prague sure is a fantastic city. I was there last year in september and will go again this year in may (my 4th time). The food is great, the beer is great, everything is cheap, there are many things to see and do, feels safe and lovely people 🙂

Abigail Zammit0jht says:

Make a video of valletta malta plese I like your videos.

Christian Djami says:

I once mistaken Prague with Pressburg and ended up in Slovakia XD

EchoPepe says:

The most beautiful city i ever visited!! Holy amazing!!

Mario Torrez Quant says:

Planning to go this year!!!

Christian Djami says:

I once mistaken Prague with Pressburg and ended up in Slovakia XD

Bobby Finn says:

I Love Prague

Peter Widia says:

So far among all of the cities I’ve visited in Europe Prague isy favourite <3

Boris Vera says:

Great videos!

Aline Kadamani says:

. ññp9mmm.njkkonv



x man says:

this country is full of racists like all the fuckin’ poor countries in the fuckin’ east of europe

shijire bckm says:

I want to download music in this video? How to download this music?


wow nice city

Shirimaan Singh says:

Very nice Presentation as Always, Expedia.

Djura says:

I’ve never even head of this city before, my god it’s beautiful, added to my travel list.

jhonson lamakname timor lospalos says:

expedia is good

TattooBro says:

this is not a castle … must to say … i live in prag 7 years

Flor Masibay says:

Glad I got to visit Prague! I wish I could go back.


Very beautiful ❤️
Thanks expedia
Do u have any video related to Switzerland?

MrAdy0207 says:

definately the most beautiful city in eastern and central Europe.

The Vũ says:

Very very beautiful

Mohammad Ahmar says:

i like prauge

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