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We had a Prague meetup and viewers, Kim, and I went to a couple pubs and got some funny Prague drinks and found out some interesting stuff you can do at Prague bars! 😡
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Valentina Anna Mihely says:

The pixel backpack was a product of a brand which sells you stuff that you can customize with tiny lego-like pieces, that they call pixels. Kids buy that for school

Cat Green says:

Im from Czech Republic, I’m so sad that I couldn’t be there. Your pronunciation of things are hilarious. Your making me miss everything so much

Axel says:

while you were filming the astromomical clock the band was playing the german national anthem. What the hell?

Margo B says:

went to prague with my school last year

Kate's Adventures says:

Lol when the parade arrived I was thinking “Thank you for coming to the meetup!”

EinkOLED says:

Where are the old trams?

UnicornElisa says:

I’m so jealous of all the food you ate. I neeeeeed

Bill Cameron says:

I’ve seen you mention in several previous videos that you have lost your wallet or passport. What you’re going through now is obviously very distressing, but what it really points up is that you do need to take more care in future once this present problem is resolved. It’s understandable and perhaps excusable one or two times, but beyond that and you really do need to look at your own behaviour. PS/ I have never actually “lost/mislaid” a passport and other items of value, but I was mugged many years ago and these items were stolen, which caused a lot of inconvenience, not least because the country I was in at the time had no resident consul to deal with the problem and I had to wait a month for his next visit from a neighbouring country, although of course it was reported to the local authorities immediately and items such as the ID card I had to have in that country (as a foreign resident) were quickly replaced. Since then I have always been exceptionally careful. I suggest after this latest fiasco you are too. Sorry if this sounds “judgmental”, but there it is 😉

Sawyer Smith [Is here to fruck your blitch.] says:

What do you do when your sister will not stop bugging you about ponies?

Rose Harris says:

i love how the meetup became a general day out, it was so pure to watch

Anthara Krishnan says:

“Pick-sel me!”

Mollsauce says:

This is giving me so much nostalgia for when I went to Prague last April i miss the city so much

giveintohappiness says:

Turbo Punch kommt vermutlich aus Österreich (vielleicht auch Deutschland?), sieht man bei uns auf Christkindlmärkten (=Weihnachtsmärkte) oft. Dabei handelt es sich um Punsch mit extra Alkohol, meistens ein Shot (“Stamperl” auf Österreichisch) Rum oder so. ^^

H says:

when you say “what’s that” right at the end you sound so english haha

hannah grace. says:

pixel me boi

beefanyjeanne says:

evan i love you but never say “crunk” ever again

Başak Yalçın says:

That is not joghurt Evan, that is a drink called ”ayran” and the name of the brand is in Turkish lol

Meowthee says:

It is so weird seeing all the familiar places in Prague on your channel as I lived there my whole life :’D glad you tried some traditional czech food 😉

Grace G says:

**realizes that Evan and I have the same backpack**
**freaks out**

Natalia A says:

Hey Evan! are you planning to visit Poland one day? 🙂

tereza42 says:

turbopunč is a really lovely Christmassy drink that’s usually made of hot apple juice and some type of alcohol, you should have tried it! but omg i’d never realised the TurboPunch thing until you mentioned it :’D

xzonia1 says:

Every goulash I’ve ever had has had noodles in it. That was different! The snow was lovely. 🙂 <3

Bridget Teahl says:

Evan I love these vlogs so much! I feel like I’m traveling with you and the drone shots are amazing!! Keep the videos coming. Much love from a fellow New Jersian (idk if that is right )

Urska Erzen says:


The Unexpected Life says:

Losing a wallet when you’re travelling is even worse!! Prague is awesome though

The Loch Nessa says:

16 minutes ago but I just get the notification. Google Algorithms what chu doing.

Ed Moritz says:

You were walking around Prague while I was in Geometry

Emma Violet says:

Rest In Peace Evans visa

Tessthetrash says:

This is not fair! Right after I leave Prague (my hometown) for uni in the UK you go and visit Prague! Anyways, I hope you had a great time even though you lost your wallet c:

Gracie Campbell says:

I’ve seriously been thinking about this stupid wallet FOR DAYS HELP ME

Micah Lee says:

I’m glad Evan has found a good travel buddy with Kim 🙂

jess edge says:

i love how your meet ups are like a general day out with friends would love to go to one, love your travel vlogs!! x

NowARealUnicorn says:

I love your travel vlogs so much, they’re so chill but also inspire me to go on more city trips as well. I’ve never been to Prague and now I want to. Maybe next Christmas.

Mikuláš Poul says:

Damn, you actually included the story about buying weed

TL Travel says:

That statue was terrifying.

LonewolfSaichi says:

Ahhhh I’m crushin on Kim! Help!

Joshua George says:

HAHA! >>> 5:58

Rhiannon Emily says:

Your travel vlogs completely inspired me to document/ vlog my travels 🙂

I hope you never stop making these videos

Marc says:

6:22 is this a Childish Gambino reference ??

hannah grace. says:


CallMeFelix says:

memes in the cz are so old, it’s extremely hard to find people hete that are actually up to date with meme culture

everythingkrew says:

+Bill Cameron I know you blocked me

Denisa Z. says:

Aw, too bad I don’t live in Prague, would love to come to the meetup! Also, I don’t know about Prague bars but you can’t just buy weed lol. Maybe if you know a dealer but it’s definitely not a thing 😀 Anyway I hope you liked Czech republic! (and liked the beer, ya know we’re all about that beer)

Joanna Magnusson Lindblad says:

god, i love the places you are going to.

Scall123 says:

If you love snow go to Norway (Northern-Norway) sometime 🙂

Cheers to Travels says:

LOL! that gin and tonic! thats exactly what i usually drink when it comes to cocktails. we’ll be in prague later this year..will have to make sure to get one haha btw, VERY cool channel!

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