Here are the hidden gems you can and should find in Prague 🙂
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-Nový Svět:
-Staroměstská mostecká věž – downstairs museum
-Nová radnice
-Skautský institut
-Street V Kotcích
-Kubistická lampa
-Billiard center V Cípu
-Joystick bar
-Na skleničku (all you can drink wine)

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DeanLogg Channel says:

A co takhle čítárna na Václavském Náměstí? 😀

James Zerafa says:

I was in Prague for my stag do and we were gonna be brave and invite you to join. Obviously would have paid all your expenses. You should considering touring people. Good job 🙂

Марсианский Пончик says:

looks like those elevators could seriously damage health

Winterprince O says:

I’m from the other side of the world not even a traveller but i love watching your videos. Its really entertaining and fun to watch. I wish i could visit prague atleast once in a lifetime.

Chrisjan Wust says:

3:28 This guy is great.

Cristian carrasco Robledo says:

thank you for this

Technologically Mad ♫♫ says:

that elevator is also in Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Prisca Lumbantobing says:

can we really try the paternoster elevator in this video freely ? i’m going to prague next month, think I’m gonna try it

ClickToPlay CZ says:

It looks like easter eggs from some game 😀 😀

AraXouBaM says:

i never visited yet prague but if i visit i will remember u mate. i hope good guys like u, do the same work at other countries. continue the good work, cheers from greece

Tammy Kruger says:

We were recently in Prague with our six kids. We loved the city and its attractions but my family likely LOVED best the Paternost elevator we saw at YMCA at your recommendation! There were actual squeals going on 😉  Had a great time there – thanks  for the video!!

Chief Akatosh says:

You just made that empty street full of tourists with this video LOL

Simmozheim Tube says:

You are sooooo great! Vielen herzlichen Dank! Schade, dass es Euch nicht auch für andere Städte und Länder gibt. Weiß nicht was besser ist: Eure Insider-Tips oder der witzig-sympathische Monolog. Warum hast du noch keine Fernsehshow als Moderator. Auch gut, bleibst du dem Honest-Guide erhalten. Für uns! Denn nach dem Pragurlaub ist vor dem Pragurlaub und dazwischen überbrücken wir die Zeit mit euren tollen Filmen. Macht weiter so. Wir bleiben dran und kommen bald wieder nach Prag.

ninuxy says:

I don’t think I want to go to an arcade game if I visit Prague, but thanks.

Circuit7Active says:

I went to V Cipu in March 2017 and it seemed like it had closed

kaijaksgaming says:

in latvia we have the same trams like you they`re pretty comfortable

Hai Ma says:

love your videos, coming to Prague in Sep. will watch all your videos soon. if possible, can you post all the hidden places as google map locations? very hard to search by watch the video. all the good food, nice places worth to go. thx in advanced.

T__ _ says:

AH so glad i saw this video. Leaving in 3 weeks to Prague!! so pumped!

z43 says:

good job with these videos dude

Tina Rigby says:

There is a Paternoster lift in the university of Sheffield. Loving watching your videos, I am due to visit Prague in September so your videos are giving me lots of great information…thank you

Peter Pan says:

Billiard center is gone by now. The whole building was flattened…

renato ronzon says:

There are two elevators like tha in CVUT FEL and FES

Din Chen says:

i love praque. my now husband and i went there for our very first vacation and actually stayed at novy svet. it was lovely! we also got engaged in praque so it will always have a special place in my heart. my main tip for a trip to praque: walk or take the metro. there is no need to take a cap cause you will miss so many beautiful places and its way cheaper anyway.

Tyson Wright says:

I gave been to Prague twice and love the beautiful city.
This video would have saved me a lot of time if it was available when I went some many years ago.
keep up the good work

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