Shoot 35mm Film Prague: Exploring Malá Strana and Prague Castle

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Exploring Mala Strana, also known as Lesser Town, was so much fun. Prague Castle is probably the most visited part of the city next to Old Town when it comes to tourists. And even if our film camera ended up having a few issues during the day, we still had such a blast.

If you want to check out the first half of the roll and the rest of the photos I took that day check out this blogpost:

AND to learn more about Prague take a look at the last few posts I did on the blog where I share everything I researched about the city with you 🙂

It has been so exciting building up this new travel section of our blog and I can’t wait to see how it blossoms in 2018! Thank you for your support and taking the time to engage with our content. It means the world to Lou and I both 🙂
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Film Camera: Canon A1, 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens and Fuji Superia 400, X-tra
Video Camera: Canon 5D3 with a Canon f4 24-105mm lens
Music Credits:
“Cantate Domino” – Anonymous Choir
“Days Like These” and “Saturdays” by LAKEY INSPIRED
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Traveling Triathlete says:

Do you record with autofocus or manual focus?

On another note, can you do a “how we color grade” video? Your look is beautiful

jadyn bonilla-padilla says:


slendergraspontruman says:

what settings did you put your camera in?

Elizabeth Evans says:

the peacock is awesome!

Luca says:

Wait, so the A-1 doesn’t work without batteries? I thought it was just the Meter

Nela Pietrová says:

So many videos dedicated to Czech! Amazing and beautiful as always, maybe now people will finally remember this country (not Czechoslovakia) ! X

Adi u.u says:

8:00 reminded me of “Dogs of Berlin” (remember?) 🙂

Johnny Frisco says:

Another enjoyable watch, thanks… hope your Canon SLR is fine and that it’s just the batteries

Dakota Thomas says:

This is so awesome! You guys are my favorite. Awesome awesome awesome camera work guys!

Teysera says:

8:33 Dope photo

Federico Fai says:

Great video! But fix the camera as soon as possible, it is a very bad thing. Poor camera :/

peugeotjasper says:

Like your videos but said it in another of your videos too; probably check your scan process: A1 + 50mm FD + 400h should give much brighter, less contrasty/saturated photos. Less muddy. Example:

charlie johnson says:

i love that you didn’t let the mishap with your camera stop you from shooting. lovely video as per. x

Riley Austin says:

Appreciate the time and effort you two put in to make these movies. :)Glad to see this adventure. Speaking of the A1 I recently picked one up on eBay. All original with the 1.4 50mm and another zoom lens, and a few other goodies. Should make a great Christmas present for the sis, cheers.

Mark Hickford says:

Oh man! You guys always seem to be running out of batteries! Maybe buy more than 1 next time? :p

Madison & Jenn says:

Thesr video’s are so cool, I’m asking Jenn for a film camera for Christmas 🙂 so excited to start shooting!

siscopiso says:

Im a peacock, you gotta let me fly!!

l'art de rien says:

the colors on this roll are amazing !

Joseph Taylor says:

Love that intro….angelic! Have you been to Budapest?

Kai Jensen says:

You went to Mala Strana and didn’t go to Analogue?

Admin Gull says:

Have you considered investing in a camera that does not require batteries to operate the shutter. Cameras such as the Nikon FM2 and the Olympus OM1 only use battery power to operate the light meter. If the batteries fail the camera still works. You could use a smartphone lightmeter ap or the “sunny 16” rule as a back up method. I use a voigtlander Bessa R2m which has a fairly accurate centre weighted light meter but the camera still operates without it. Sorry if you already know all of this but you seem to be having some issues with the Canon. I guess I learnt all this the hard way studying photography when digital hadn’t yet been invented. Good luck.

Karolína Hovězáková says:

I love your videos. I am so glad you visited Prague. It is a beautiful city. Greeting from the Czech Republic.

Dani Gonzalez says:

Oh man, those 10 minutes just flown away like 10 seconds !

So many memories once again, specially at the start of the video. I have to say i never went into that Castle Tower and it is a shame on me, because the views from there are just fantastic.

Willing to see the photos of that roll once ended ! And it is nice to see you enjoyed the times there !

Zulu Fox Photo says:

Another great video guys. Sorry the A-1 is giving you some fits. The battery is the key.

Oliwia says:

I haven’t watched it yet, but I already know im going to loooove it! 😀

Jade Sierra says:

Great video!! Did you guys get any photos developed while you were there? If so, do you have any recommendations of places?? Thanks!!! <3

Ewelina Adamska says:

where are you gonna travel next?:)

Ruta J says:

I like how you see things from different perspectives (eg., the landscape through the circle shaped window). So it’s very interesting to look at your photos. You inspire me to go out and shoot film 🙂

Veganjedi97 says:

you should get a medium format camera like a yashcia 124 ! 🙂

Hannah Morris says:

You guys nail the storytelling aspect of filmmaking every time. Your videos are a joy to watch. 🙂

Katelyn says:

when lou is fixing the camera, what does he mean he pushed it last night? I’ve heard that phrase but don’t understand! also these videos are my favorite, there’s like no other youtuber’s doing this. i’d love if you talked about what specs you used on these photos! especially the low light ones

Ăla says:

Greetings from Germany! 🙂

Thomas T says:

You should get a fully mechanical film camera so you don’t need to worry about batteries anymore

abbas1872 says:

Ah the perils of 35mm cameras. If you have taken the majority of your photos at the wrong ISO setting don’t worry too much. If you have loaded a 400 ISO film, and your camera was set to 200 ISO, when you give your film in for developing let them know, they can either Push or Pull process the film to compensate. It’s all a learning curve. Just think 20 odd years ago there was no YouTube, we had to learn the hard way by taking roll after roll of film. You should write down the camera settings for each shot you take and by comparing these settings to the picture they relate to you will learn by how much your camera over or under exposes in tricky lighting. You may have noticed that when you take a backlit shot your camera under exposes by about 1.3 stops.
Have fun.

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