The Happiest Place In PRAGUE


Prague is known for many things. Absinthe and beer will make sure you don’t remember any of them

When I lost my job in December, I decided to do something I’d never done before: a solo backpacking trip across Eastern Europe.

Featured in this video:
Lennon Wall:
Café Louvre:
Blacklight Theater:
Zly Casy Pub:
Kutna Hora Bone Ossuary:
Choco Café:


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Thanks for coming with me 🙂


yessicaflores79 says:

with all my respect, you’re handsome and intelligent guy!!

mikefalzone says:

I hate how delicious this video looked.

RtisticXplosions says:

I feel so much stronger! Thanks Ross!

Joel Ponce says:

do you travel by your self man? you look like you are having a blast, love it!

RtisticXplosions says:


Ps. Sorry about that all-caps. I assure you that I only use that in special circumstances.

Josiph Vissarionovich Stalin says:


Zaneta Endlicherova says:

Get jo ass to Prague!

Brendan Yeo says:

Love the videos! 🙂
What’s the name of the song in the ending ?

DesmondCZE says:

And dont get these tourist . They want to taste czech beer , but the always buy the worst ones … 😀

blazEwOw~ says:

Finally someone who didn’t come here just for the bitches. Feels good.

Carmela L. says:

That dance montage though! 
Looking forward to that Berlin video. Kinda nervous but pumped at the same time — I leave for Germany in a week and a half and I’m gone for 3 months.

Danielle Pearce says:

Once again…..killer dance sequence, Ross!

Michael Zola says:

Wow +TheRossEverett, what an amazing experience it must of been to explore Prague like this.  Thanks for documenting, and cheers to a great trip!  Very cool for one of the viewers to treat you to a few drinks.  18+ to drink?  Seems like a very reasonable law, haha.

Kripperino Amanino Berserkerino says:

Sir, i have to say, you can enjoy Prague more then most of the people living there. It is really nice to see people like you. Cheers from Czechia.

rybolfc says:

Going to Praque in September cannot wait! Boss little holiday;)

ondarze says:

Wanted to grab beers with you as well Ross, goddangit:D

DigitalNova says:

Great video, why does your description say Krakow?

Erlend Midlang says:


George Emanovsky says:

what’s the song starting at 4.35 , it’s sounds so good !

Arty212 says:

If you gonna make another one of theese go to ´´Český Ráj´´ or ´´Česko Svýčarsko´´
I know it is good there because i´m czech

Steve Honz says:

Love this series of vids Ross! Entertaining and fun to watch!

therealmaplesyrup says:

R.I.P john lenon wall

Dennis Mitchell says:


711 ave kiddo says:

my boy has a hungarian 500 forint note on his table. yay

Vegan Katerina says:

Happy you like our city :))

oceane2508 says:

Cool video.

Junior525 says:

when he lost which job? sourcefed? or was it something else?

Tomas Suberek says:

i live in CZ for 3 years, the biggest mistake is to stay, drink or eat in the center of city..Prague has alot to offer not in the city center 🙂

StarsServant says:

From 0:33 to 0:44 you explain perfectly why i don’t like to travel.

Señor Con Queso says:

Prague is on my bucket list to travel. I am so jealous of you right now.

Kakibot says:

Makes me miss Louvre! So much food for so little money ;__; I love that you met up with a viewer like that!

mikefalzone says:

Superman curl at the beginning!

The Land Beyond My Home. says:

I am your biggest fan..I watch your videos over and over again…I am actually taking notes…nice job Ross

Petar Markovic says:

You can see the Serbian embassy at the beginning of the video. Can t have a video without Serbian propaganda, YEAH!

MrUrtaza says:

Ross if you are ever in visalia California I will buy you a beer

Scott Wilkens says:

1 US Dollar is approximately 25 Czech Crowns… all the beer, for such a low cost. What a dream.

Johnny Anderson says:

Keep it up hommie!

DrunkenShinobi says:

Makes me wanting to take another trip to Prague!
Seriously, though, how much money all this traveling costs you?
Do you have any tips on saving money?

Folkhemsbarn says:

I totally love that wonderful City!
Nice video! 🙂

Srijit Bhattacharya says:

Can I get the list of beers , please 😛

Andrew Mayeku says:

Wicked, good review..

yana says:

Thank you so much, for this lovely presentation of my city.

L. M. says:

Life in czech republic is awesome. How do i know it? I’m from Czech republic and i live here vhole my life. I’m glad you liked it here. 🙂 Come back again! 😀

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