Don’t get cheated at Prague Airport! We’re gonna show you awesome tips for Prague Airport.. 🙂
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Honest Prague Guide is your best guide for Prague 🙂 We only show you what we as locals like and what we think you should see in Prague. There’s ton of cool things to do in Prague as well as cool places. We’ll show you around 🙂 And we hope you’ll come and will visit Czech Republic and will have an amazing time!

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš
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Tushar Palav says:

You are best

Majner Pro says:

0:40 Předražená pizza! 1/4 za 139 Kč! Za to bych měl v pizzerii celou!

SimisioLP says:

Very entertaining even though I have no plans to visit Prague in the near future 😀

The king says:

definitely i visit in PRAGUE very soon ….love PRAGUE

DJ Vlogs says:

your videos are really great .. I watch most of them.. very much informative.. soon I am coming to Prague .. hope so I can meet you.. thank you..

katy G says:

Hi. I want to know how to go to bohemian switzerland from prague?


you guys are doing such a great job….hats off..!! lots of love from india..!! ☺️☺️

Quick Talks says:

Hi, superb videos you have here!
We are travelling soon and with a kid would like to use a cab from airport to prague 3 (our Air BnB). Whaich taxi company is cheapest? Can we use UBER…if there is free wifi at the airport to book an uber?

arnas784 says:

Prague sucks, i once went there and it smelled like shit the food tasted like vomit and the people were looking like bums

Dark Rex says:

2:55 = 15 EURO you can get 1.5GB
In indonesia 0.06 EURO you can get 1 GB Data for 1 day

Hans5958 says:

3:00 how 2 rant like a thug

Shōwa Tennō says:

i really like your videos but this czech country is really made for white people…

mathias rømer says:

Lego is made in Denmark.

Mazz Rajja says:

Bro may i get your email address please ???

Geraldine McArdle says:

Going to Prague Saturday 21st April 2018

John Zag says:

I love the way he does it I front of them

David Storton says:

A real good rule to stick to is NEVER change your money at any airport, it’s a rip off in all of them (The UK is one of the worst of all)

HumanToMars says:


Czech Spotter A380 Swiss0015 says:

I am fro Czech Republic 🙂

Martin Tomana says:

2:37 lego is not making only printing and Transporting

ItsMimi says:

Omg our airline comes in the first SO PROUD

HD VLOGR says:

I will come to cezh

No Pe says:

Buze*anti jsme v Česku a on mele anglicky jak ňejaka děv*a… To děláte kvůli sledovanosti vy žeb**ci?

vejce4 says:

Nejvetsi scam na letisti je subway. Pokud clovek nevi jak to tam chodi tak da za kousek housky 200

HD VLOGR says:

I will go emirates airplane

Usko Airo says:

Do not use actually all time.If you do not,your programme is better.

Joshua Brande says:

Hello Janek,run my currency is Euros, and I’m wondering whether it’s easier/better to spend Euros or get some korunas. Also, you have said that credit/debt cards are accepted everywhere. Even for small purchases like a meal or a couple of beers?

Teamo Supreme says:

Men, you’re awesome. Glad to see this, czech tourists going to be thankful. Keep being awesome, YOU ROCKS.

Lukas Matej says:

ahoj, ta videa se mi libi. zachytil jsem jednu nepresnost, treba ji ale preklenu svoji nepresnosti 🙂 podle me jsou ty korejske texty na letisti z doby, kdy Korean Air odkoupil vcelku velky podil v CSA. sveho casu byly Czech Airlines propojeny s letistem v ramci aerolholdingu, proto pridali k anglictine a rustine taky korejstinu. dnes je uz vsechno jinak, Korean svuj podil na CSA prodal TravelServisu.

john barker says:

You have persuaded me to visit Prague

Cesto Man says:

every time I am saying to people, dont change money here, go to restaurant have a beer and you still get more money there than here. Everybody looking at me like I am crazy 😀

Lenka Brown says:

Is there a video about renting a car at Praha airport or should we rent in downtown instead?

Alex Osterrieth says:

The “big ass plane” is an Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane ever!


I just came across your videos and loved them !! Planning to to go Budapest Vienna and Pargue soon…
Videos are really genuine and helpful..

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