Top 10 Things To Do in PRAGUE

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Want to travel to Prague but don’t know what to do? Here are our top 10 suggestions for doing Prague like a local!



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Kendra Zonca says:

Prague is AMAZING. I just studied abroad there this summer!! I recently posted videos from my time there, and it would mean so much if you checked them out 🙂

Rachell Stevenson says:

Going to Prague in March and I can’t wait! These videos are making me so excited 🙂

LivingLikeLex says:

Thank you for uploading this!

The Endless Mile says:

Hi there! I just subscribed to your channel. I love all the travel vlogs. Where are you off to next? We have a YouTube channel as well, called The Endless Mile and we are leaving in a couple of weeks to travel the world. We’re using our YouTube channel to vlog everything. Would you be willing to return the favor and subscribe back to our channel? It would mean the world! Thanks so much and we are looking forward to getting caught up on all of your videos! 🙂

MorMartina says:

Maybe a weird request, but what would be a good place to travel to with parents (who have to go at a slower pace than the typical backpacker) in Central/Eastern Europe? I’ve got Israel and Bulgaria coming up in the summer but I’m from those countries so I thought maybe to go to Prague as well, but I don’t think my mom would enjoy it so much.

We See Here says:

If you like medieval architecture Prague and the Czech Republic are the place to go! Such beautiful cities and unique feel. Went to the Torture museum near the Prague Castle, goodnight that was a brutal museum.

Federica Piccardi says:

I went to Prague on a school trip on my last year in high school, it was fantastic, we went in pubs with our teachers!!

Ella Beauty says:

Prague is the best place I’ve visited by far!!

Laus Sørensen says:

Not one single original tip.

sethraptor says:


Mowmalade says:

You need to go to Prague zoo the next time you guys go, it’s only 5 Euros and it’s huge! Animals get lots of space, there’s a cable car going up and down a steep hill and the view you can over look the Giraffes in is breath taking. Unexpected but truly amazing

BabyTiger1988 says:

suprised u didnt meantion or at least show the Powder Gate

No One says:

you guys need to go to Italy or or Rome.

Adrienne says:

Now we need to go back!!!

Carlos Montoya says:

Marko please tell me what is the name of the style hat you’re using

krysa555 says:

Do you know, what is the best reward for bussines road to Prague?


Prague in the rear-view mirror. 🙂

Sam Zaremba says:

i loved prague soo much me and the mrs got married in prague cathedral in the castle.

Michal Valenta says:

great video! here is some other tips in Prague for you folks !!

Celina Barone says:

I’ve been studying abroad here and so for those wondering about nightlife, Vzorkovna is a must-see bar! It is a hidden hipster gem in the center of the city, is filled with people from literally all around the world, has live music almost every night, and hookah for just 130 Kc (5 U.S. dollars). Oh, and did I mention they have a giant dog?! #NaZdravi

He Jiahui says:

I’ve been in europe for 3 months, traveling one country each week, and you guys have always been my best guide! now prague is the last stop this weekend, thanks so much all along <3

sonnenkind87 says:

guys, you forget one, two things, first: drive with one of the origin ,”tatra-trams” for example line 22 to the castle. second: go to a cemetery at “Flora” – the greatest one or one Street behind the old jewish one, where franz Kafka is. but good Video

XCJ Smith says:

Thank you vaga brothers !!! I watch your videos before I went to Prague, your first prague video and It was awesome!!! Thank you so much !!! Hope you can do one in Finland, one of my favourite places to travel and plans to buy a house there… ^^

Skyler L. says:

visited prague a few years back and did some half of the list you made. It’s the most romantic city I have ever been to, awesome people awesome views awesome vibes. thanks for making this video, it reminds me of good old times.

Lecy Pereira says:

Me and a Friend are going to Prague in Few weeks and we want to know if the city is expensive or not and which kind of transportation did you used

Cheers to Travels says:

thanks for the tips!!! we are more excited for our trip to prague this year and will add this to our list!

JarppaGuru says:

london is london. new york is new york. prague is prague why you say praha?

Ricardo Besne says:

Dude… I went to nase masso by accident! this video made my day, it was the best burguers of my life

AmieAmie says:

The babies might be a symbol of a human “being for sale” from day one. Like how this generation is all about getting accepted by others and getting famous, even if it means giving up who you are. (I’ve never seen them in real life and doesn’t know the artist, this was just my first thought as I saw the pictures).

Anne Carre says:

Looking forward to our visit in March – yeah!!! Thanks for the tips!

Pet Pet says:

Im czech live in Prague ten years, but there is hundreds interest thinks see you told, beer beer beer thats all? wtf

Rodrigo Franco says:

Alex & Marko, congratulations for the vídeo and the channel! I am from Brazil, and engage myself a lot on writing. I have been trying to reach you in a while via Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct in order to invite you to an interview on current US’s political situation on a global perspective. I would be glad If you could answer me in any of this platforms. Again, congratulations and hope we manage to be in touch!

Alžběta Holcová says:

Hey! I’m from Prague :D. You should definitely try to buy some beers or a bottle of vine in the Vietnamies store and go and sit to “Náplavka” the River bank of Vltava!!! Highly recommended!!!

Je Suis Hulk says:

i love prague

Paul K says:

Great video! Prague looks truly fantastic. When do you think it’s the best time to go there?

Honza Rek says:

Dudes, you haven’t even covered a half of trendy and affordable spots around here.. you have to come back to Prague again 😀

Carlos Saraiva says:

I’m visiting Prague this summer, this really came in handy. Thank you a lot, Brothers.
And you still haven’t visited Portugal!! *sadface*

Alisa Wonder says:

Oh..if I’m right it’s the monument of Unborn Children, representing victims of abortions…:(

Tereza Havlíčková says:

I am Czech, so your pronunciation of places in Prague is very funny for me

Sami Holzman says:

I went to prague this summer and it was AMAZING. thanks for these tips- I’m definitely going back.

emanuela here says:

the guy with no hat is so fuckin annoying

Marty Novotná says:

Visit Brno, that’s also wonderful Czech city – plus it’s not overflowing by tourists 😀

chefprov says:

We loved Zizkov radio tower,,, YEP has those babies crawling up the side with AMAZING views of the city (on a clear day) we are going again this year !! Week in Budapest couple of nights in Bratislava, week in Prague with side trips to Nuremberg and Pilsen ! #GONANEEDANEWLIVER
Na Zdravi

Thabata Magne says:

Krymska!! heheh you guys are awesome!!! I love all of your videos!!!

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