Another practical episode today – getting around Prague by trams, metro and buses. What is the best option and how it works? What ticket should you get?
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Beruška Vozábová says:

It is the longest in the world, according to everything I’ve read.

TejkoRubix TejkoRubix says:

wtf why do you have only 60 k subscribers !!! ffs you should have more !

Mirek Hersalek says:

3:14 ? To s tím Prague law, je to pravda ? Vážně ji někomu můžu vyslat ? Já jen že jsem o tom žádnou zmínku v žádném úředním dokumentu nenašel….

Maria P. says:

Hey, there! I’m travelling to Prague in June and I find your videos super helpful, thanks! I have a question though, when you mean that a ticket gives you 30/90 min of travel, is that only valid in one direction or it doesn’t matter? Let’s say I go from the north of Prague to the south, because I still have 15 min left on that same ticket, could I also travel from the south back to the north? Thanks a lot 🙂

Oguz A says:

very good dude

borneon says:

can one buy the tram tickets from the same Metro ticket machines, please?

Yngve Acer says:

You can also buy att 72 hours ticket

Christian Wetzel says:

a there bicycle rentals in prag ? and is it a good way to travel ?

Honey Sharma says:

Hi can you please let me know whether one day pass is valid for 24 hours or just 1200 PM of given day?

Andrew Ziuz says:

Deepest station in the world located in Kiev, Ukraine

HipnoTube says:

Janek, i’m going to stay at praha for 30 days. It is possible to get a monthly ticket or card?

Erinn Floyd says:

Been watching your vids for a year now preparing for my honeymoon in Prague and we are FINALLY HERE!! We just got back from Kutna Hora and HOLY SHIT, bro…why didn’t you tell me about this place?? Lol. It’s AMAZINGLY beautiful. Seriously, I know you couldn’t cover EVERYTHING about Czech Rep that’s awesome but I thought it was worth giving you shit about. Btw..I’m a YouTuber too. Wanna meet up for a beer? Or two? I’ll be here for another week and a half.

Jade Sierra says:

So if I buy a ticket, its good for trams/busses/ and metro? Or is there a specific ticket for each one? And once I have my ticket and I want to go on the tram, do I have to validate it before or on the tram?
Thanks so much! I’m going to Prague in a few weeks and am so excited! Your videos are so helpful! 🙂

Steve Vanicheck says:

There has been a change in line numbering. All night lines (both trams & buses) now begin with the digit 9.

Joe Taylor says:

Going to Prague in a months and I’m so glad I found your channel dude!! Informative, funny and super entertaining! Big love

Gard Ruben Fauske says:

Is there an app for buying public transport pass? There are so few of the mashines that takes card, and its stressful to always need coins…


You bitches can’t even spell Prague.

Kefkie Teapot says:

“It’s like people of Walmart” LMAO XDDD

Sebelfisch says:

Hey!Can I also buy more than one 30 min. tickets for later use? Do they have to be validated the same day they were bought, or can I use them the next day as well? Thx

Petra Fiserova says:

Ahoj Honzo, nemas v planu video bezbarierove cestovani v Praze? Dekuji. Petra

john lastimoso says:

Hello. I just want to ask because I am so confused regarding the tickets. I want to know if what does it mean for a 90 mins ride?? So sorry I really dont understand it. I am planning to have my trip to prague this coming October.

Samy Oussama Zebbache says:

Hello. I just like your videos. I’ll be in Prague next friday, and I’ve just a question: you told us NEVER CHANGE YOUR MONEY IN AEROPORT ❌ So how can I do to get tiquet to go to the centre of Prague ? Are there any machines which accept Euros ? Thanks a lot

Kevin Schmidt says:

Please do other European cities!

JarppaGuru says:

why you buy ticket if you have card for year? i understand you dont need buy it but it looks like you need buy it but not validate it lol. so how much cost card for year lol

Jesse Baker says:

just paused the video and told my friend we had the longest escalator in the world, cheers.

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