If you have more than 3 days for visiting Prague, we suggest you make a trip to some other Czech cities. On today’s list – Karlovy Vary, the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic. What to do, what to see or where to eat? We covered that all for you during the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

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Diana observation:
Thermal Swimming Pool:
Carillon in the pavement:
New York Burger:
Tandoor Indian Restaurant:

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Veronika Strickler says:

could you do a trip to ostrava? please

Elisa Castillo says:

My husband and I are visiting Prague in August. what’s the best way to get to Karlovy Vary from Prague using public transportation? and would you recommend Bastei Bridge traveling from Prague? Thanks

N Az says:

Hi thank you for your videos! please could you do a video on a trip to cesky krumlov? (preferably before april!)

EvTrap Beats says:

Where is hotel and restaurant Promenada ???

elevenfifteen1115 says:

I’m Russian and I don’t like all those russian signs and bad russian music playing somewhere in KV. Czech should remain czech. I’m not traveling to see “Motha Russia” abroad. People service ppl. able to speak russian – good. Signs- like multilanguage CZ/ENG/RUS is OK but if it’s RUS only I won’t go there(most likely it’s a ripoff). Russian Music – WTF? – throw it away i’m not here to listen all those stupid pop shyt from the 90-es

gatik mathur says:

whoah Indians are everywhere

CartmanBavaria says:

In Karlovy Vary it’s very expensive to park your car, but you will be faster. from Zwickau in Germany I need ca 1 hour to be there. By train twice time (2h). But it’s worth to get a walk from there to the City.

Sara Pelella says:

Thank you so much for your precious advices, Janek!!
I’ll be in Prague next month and I can’t wait to see this beautiful city! 🙂

Eliska 456 says:


Cigarette Syndrome says:

Karlsbad <3

CartmanBavaria says:

In Karlovy Vary there are great Crêpes in a lot of varietys in the pedestrian zone. a little bit hidden, but worth. You can swim cheap at the beautiful Alzbetiny lazne. over there in the shopping centre there is a great Café with a great look to the Park and the Alzbetiny lazne.

Steve Skotsko says:

Thanks a lot for posting this. I can’t believe how much of this town I’ve missed when I was there last year. I’m gonna need to go back again!!

Kris Na says:

Hey, Janek! Love the videos! ^^, Are you planning to make one about Brno? (preferably, really soon 😀 ) We can’t decide whether to go to Karlovy Vary or Brno…

Ferris Lewis says:

How about the spa city called Marianske Lazne?

acid junkie says:

Tržní doesn’t translate as “Wall street’s but “Market’s”.

The Lazy Girl says:

Since I moved to the Czech Republic I go every year to the Film Festival. I absolutely love it!

Dead Inside says:

Grandhotel Poopp

Charlie Youtube says:

Nice czech bro ! 😉

Kac the Polish Baron says:

I love the show neighbors

Jennifer S says:

Thank you so much for making these informative videos, I really appreciate the work you are done. I am planning on visit Prague next year ( not exactly sure on the month), and it will be my first solo trip. Would suggest a good hostel in a great location? Thank you again for all the videos, you’ve made me excited for my trip out there!!

zvast says:

What a idiotic video. Why all those large white letters? Good thing, there are many other videos on YouTube.

Erik Reiter says:

kdo Čech ať dá like

Willer Amorim says:

Any tips for Plzen?

Herman Gjeitanger says:

Haha. Pupp means tit in Norwegian, so it’s Grand Hotel Tit

Mohsen Ashouri says:

Thank you for your honest guide! you are FANTASTIC!
but please show us some HALAL FOOD places, it’s the food that Muslims can eat,non of check food you showed us wasn’t halal, please let me know about this.

Peter Peter says:

Hotel Poop

Verka Drozdova says:

what about Olomouc? 😉 krom Moravske restaurace se da doporucit napr. b2 a podobny podniky v centru (hanacka rest. je super) palace na namesti, kupecke domky u sv. michala, uni a sv. vaclav… uzasny (sorry za nulovou diakritiku, klavesnice umrela, psani mysi na obrazovce neni vtipny)

Wwe Raw says:

czeck food price chicken

Vincenzo Chmelenský says:

Well i was in newyork burger in Karlovy Vary during film festival, we get three different meals, and it was so shit!. It tried to look like mcdonalds and tried to taste like mcdonalds, and yep it was pretty same, but much more expensive with much less service. You cant mean this… did u actually really tried it Janek?

OrochimaruChick says:

Me and my boyfriend were in Prague a week ago (second time) and followed your instructions!! It was awesome! And the best food we had was in Svetozor definetly!!! Thank you so much, we both fell in love with Czech Republic!! We also visited Modra Vopice (a metal gig, since we are metalheads) and we felt like locals haha!

It would be great if you could show us great bars/clubs worth visiting! :)))))

Much love and kisses from Stevan and Anja <3

Jade V says:

Great post again – tons of advices you cant do without if in KV.Please keep posting about everything Czech Republic related 🙂

Petr Havlíček says:

Děláš moc dobrou práci, co se týče propagaci měst jako je Praha a Karlovy Vary a já ti za anglicky mluvící turisty moc děkuju a říkám, že děláš nám čest i když se snažíš dívat na věc nejenom růžovými brýlemi, viz pražští taxikáři.

Hindi Illuminati says:

How’s the crime rate

BigSirZebras says:

Don’t go to McDonalds but go to an Indian restaurant? I understand the not going to McDonalds but if you are in the Czech Republic for less than a couple weeks I would say enjoy Czech food every chance you get, there will always be good Indian restaurants when you go home. Ok, maybe if you are from a small town or village then it would be ok but if you are from a decent sized city in Europe or North America and you like Indian food then you probably already know some good Indian places back home and probably don’t know many good Czech restaurants in your home town.

Matěj Otýpka says:

Janku příště taky špunt a knoflík 😉 dobrý jídlo

FGM11 says:

been there done that.
i tried almost all the springs. i dont know why all people are so crazy about it. sure its healthy but i felt like throwing up
after 4 hours and maybe half a liter of saltwater. (keep your evian or better yet sugar water bottle close to you)

Denis Lisul says:

Pat i Mat 🙂

Jiří Jezdinský says:

Friendly reminder, do not go to KV when there is no festival, you will be dissapointed, because it is empty and no people around.

So basically it is nice city 2 weeks in a year.

VirusZNM says:

I’ve visited Marianske Lazne instead. 🙂
Pretty much the same, but with no crowd. 🙂

Srijit Bhattacharya says:

Can you do a video for bratislava

KhuskyL says:

Prosím o Český Krumlov, ten stojí za video :), pokud jste ho již nenatočil, ale nemůžu se ho dohledat.

Tata Kuljanishvili says:


Max Shakal says:

I am studying abroad in Prague until January and tried preparing by watching as many of your videos as I could. thanks!

Crazy Clown says:

Those springs taste shit….

MrSonofsonof says:

Karlovy Vary must be the most Russian of Czech towns – whenever visitors come here from Prague, they are amazed at all the Cyrilic signs on the shops.

Vladimir J. says:

can i bath in some spa, i have only 1 day in Karlovy Vary? some termal pool maybe?

Tevin Wang says:

Drink responsibly

Itshan a says:

I plan to travel Prague this September for about a week. These videos are so helpful! BTW, anyone knows the best way to travel both Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov? I’m thinking of renting a car, would it be better than bus? And let me know any good place to rent a car without being ripped off 🙂

SYLFan2008 says:

5:00. That’s the hotel from Casino Royale, right?!

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