Visit Prague – 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Visiting Prague

Heading to Prague, The Czech Republic? Well here are five tips to help travelers, tourists and vacationers enjoy Prague even more.
1. Prague is even more beautiful than you imagined. Having not been destroyed during World War 2, Prague retains much gorgeous architecture around town. Also, there are a number of amazing sights and places throughout the city, St. Vitus Cathedral on Castle Hill, the statues and views from Charles Bridge and the amazing Old Town Square just to name a few.
2. Prices Vary Widely Throughout the city. So look around and you will surely find a great deal!
3. You will eat, drink and make merry very well in Prague.
4. Pay Attention: With all the tourists around Prague is known to have more than a few tourist scams and pickpockets around so make sure you do pay attention.
5. Use transport to get up to the top of Castle Hill and then walk down leisurely to enjoy the view and shops.
Filmed in Prague, The Czech Republic
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Prague

Top 10 Sights in Prague

What You Should Know Before You Visit The Czech Republic

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting the Czech Republic

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Auto Gek says:

Try Wroclaw for a change…. beautiful.

Conway79 says:

You should do Poland.

Mark Berens says:

for me also the most beautiful city in the world, and Prague sausage the best i have ever had. i think i go again soon.

push a hippie says:

I can’t wait to go, my ancestors are from Prague

Sarah Simone says:

Have you visited every single country in Europe? If you haven’t, which one(s) haven’t you been to?

3DGEM3 says:

what’s closed in the winter?

2ndchildhood says:

Mark, you are so right. I don’t know if I’ll ever fall in love with a city more than I did with Paris, but Prague was an unexpected treasure. We were there around Christmas and every place we went was spectacular.

Cruise Planners says:

Thanks! Prague is truly a great city to visit. Thanks for sharing!

James Y says:

Hey Mark, did you visit much of Kizkov? That’s where I stayed last year while doing my TEFL. A pretty amazing area of Prague.

UnitedPebbles says:

Hmm…thank you. So to sum up Prague in a few simple memorable words? I thought you are in Munich?
Let me guess: cheap and cultural? bc strange is strange, you don’t speak the language, wanted adventure, wanted cheap beer, exotic food, naive country girls??

hittingtax26 says:

I have a sixth tip: Czech out the entire city.

Lucius I. Patriot Bygotte de Aquitas says:

I´m from eastern part of the Czech Republic and people here says they don´t like Prague that much. They like Vienna more. But… I somehow… Well… I fell in love with Prague <3 I´m a proud Czech and I highly recommend tourists to visit other places in Czech Republic as well. Places such as Český Krumlov, Lednice and some of our beautiful mountains and countryside 🙂 Much love from the land of beer!

Zach Arms says:

No one going to mention the girl in the background dancing at 3:17? lol

Calle Wretström says:

Love your videos. Love Prague 🙂

Mateusz Bodziony says:

I am Polish and my home is about 15 km from border with Czech Republic. I just want to say that Prague or Praha is one of the most beautiful city I have ever visit. Hope my Czech neighbors are very proud of this lovely capital 🙂

Honza Grossmann says:

Even though I study and live in Prague I still feel like a tourist. I admire the architecture here 🙂

Sanaz Gholitabar says:

i love your videos

Njood says:

Thank u guys for making this video! and I was wondering if there is a website where I can find information about theaters and shows? cause I don’t want to miss anything exciting. Thanks again.

Tosten Mattsson says:

Hi Mark!

Have you ever been to Belarus, if not, are you planning to go there anytime soon. It’s not far from your location?

Neil McAdam says:

My biggest tip for Prague is DO YOUR RESEARCH! Look up the best places to eat/drink and you will find some really cheap and good quality bars and restaurants. Please please avoid the two Irish sports bars on the square, they are a huge rip off.

The castle grounds are amazing and a great free things to do and for a great view of the city, don’t bother with the tower that you have to pay for, head to the gardens/park just across the river near Sparta Praha’s football stadium, you get an amazing view for free.

Don’t drink in the streets, as a Brit I often forget that it is illegal in some places. My and my girlfriend were sat on one of the Islands in the river drinking a bottle of beer each in the sun and a police officer with a huge dog and assault rifle made is shut them and move on.

MrZonYT says:

Glad to see you are in my hometown for the Christmas tree gliding & first snow. Also the winter is the best season to enjoy traditional Czech cuisine! Cheers!

Nick Barnets says:

Love Prague! Been there once 8 years ago. Hope to go again as it was a short trip, but I had loads of fun there! Beautiful place!

John P. says:

Prague + Brugge = The most beautiful towns in the world.

Martin2035 says:

Hey people! Who want’s to know more about Prague and Czech republic, there is nice series called ,,Prague Honest Guide”, you can find it on YouTube, it will help you to get everything from your visit, I think. 🙂 and it will save money too

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