Visit Prague – The DON’Ts of Visiting Prague

Prague has so many tourist sights and amazing experiences for tourists that you really should visit. However, there are some things that tourists should avoid or not do when they do go to Prague. And this is our list of things that tourists shouldn’t do when they go to Prague, The Czech Republic.
Filmed in Prague, Czechia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

5 Love & Hates of Visiting Prague

Top 10 Sights in Prague

5 Tips for Visiting Prague

What You Should Know BEFORE Visiting the Czech Republic

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Justin Morgan says:

That womans bag was really loud

OnTheGoWithCarson says:

My girlfriends and I are trying to plan a trip here next year for our annual girls trip so thank you for posting this! Good things to know. Have you ever been in September? Wondering if the weather is good 🙂

Daniel Watts says:

I’ll be there Saturday! Just 3 1/2 days away!!

xlukas says:

Be careful with money exchange (especially in tourist areas), make sure you pay what is the real price (especially in small shops, restaurants), be careful with taxis (they tend to overcharge by taking longer route or adding some mileage to the price with a special device), and keep away from drugs on the streets, even it is sort of legal in prague, you can get in some strange situation with those people, and most of the things they sell isnt even what they tell you, if you are a woman dont let someone bring you open drink in a bar, and dont get involve in any fights, conflicts etc…

That is pretty much the similar for this region (czech republic, slovakia, poland)

Janek Rubes says:

Hey man, this has to be very old, as the clock is now being reconstructed.

Damien Zellers says:

“Probably one of the prettiest squares in the world” ??? Statement proves opinions/tastes are varied and subjective.
It would be in my top 50, but I guess that is still “probably one of the prettiest”, which makes that comment meaningless.

Filemon TV says:

I am from Prague

kram nevets says:

Nice video mark. I love prague… and how i miss the vibe of that place…

Paulie8837 says:

The Czech Republic is currently, officialy the 6. safest country in the world.

So, don’t worry The Czech Rep. is supersafe. If you will have really bad luck. The worst thing what can happen to you in Prague is to meet some pickpocket. But I’m in Prague 6 years and I still never saw any theftings.

AthenaCannon says:

Don’t be an Asian and talk to local strangers, perhaps? Being an Asian and being just at the place behind where Wolters was filming near the clock building, I got 2 men asking me if I speak any English and handed me a booklet, I replied of course I understand English let me look at your booklet. Then they asked me to go somewhere with them. When I declined their offer they got angry and snap their booklet from me. Like wtf

Jan Smrz says:

Never ever take taxi on street! There is a big that you will get different (much higher) price for your ride. Best thing is to call UBER or another online taxi service as
Those taxi drivers from street are usually ok when you are local and know prices and rules but as a tourist you may have problem…. such shame :-/

UnlicensedOkie says:

I’ve been to Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic. Prague is definitely in top three cities that I’ve visited

Ron Mosely says:

Half liter beers for 1.18? Like Samuel Jackson said in Pulp Fiction…….!

Naman Kumar says:

It’s very beautiful place. It’s funny they get vex by calling them east European the same you did tell about Poland. Awesome video very knowledgeable.

Michal Lepíček says:

We DON’T TIP! It’s the biggest misconception. We round up, but only because we don’t like to have too many coins in our wallets. But there is NO percentage for “tipping”.
If you are tipping, it means that you are eating in tourist places/traps and you should get a little bit further from city center.

Oxygen says:

A big DON’T also it don’t drink alcohol in public e.g. walking down the street. You could face a hefty fine so don’t risk it. Glad you enjoyed my city! 😀

ZemplinTemplar says:

If one shouldn’t overlook Prague, he/she shouldn’t overlook Tallin either. And I am not even Estonian ! 😎

InAUGral says:

Guys and gals if you are going to Prague check out this channel.
They do Honest prague guides from the point of view of a Czech. The below link is a video for avoiding tourist traps. The channel also has lots of videos on things to do and how to avoid scams.

mrscary3105 says:

Here is a question, how do you suggest people carry money and passports to avoid theft? This is information many of us would find useful, and who better to ask?

eliskakordulova says:

You guys really, genuinely seem to enjoy CZ and Prague, which makes me so happy! I don’t see many travellers here on youtube even mentioning our small country, let alone visiting so often 🙂 Merry Christmas!

1usmc1 says:

……Beautiful city…..was there already twice……..Wolters World – any tips where else to go when visiting Czech Rep?……..Thanks

Jozef Ch says:

DON’T forget to watch the Honest Guide before you come to Prague:

asianinky says:

Perfect timing. I leave for Prague next week. Thanks for the tips!!!!

Shawn Kerestes says:

Hey Mark,
Do you recommend to carry your passport on you or leave it in the hotel safe?

Kai Jensen says:

Eating out can be very cheap if you leave the city center. Czech food is great, but there are plenty of places that are worth going to that aren’t “traditional Czech”.

MLK MG says:

When I first came to Prague, the city brought me to tears as it is so beautiful. Run, don’t wait to Prague.

Bloodtouch films says:

I’m Czech and I hate visiting Prague because of annoying tourists who came here just to drink absinth (which is not traditional, it’s just legal here) and eat trdelník/trdlo (which isn’t Czech too, it’s from Hungary and Slovakia). I like tourists like you, who came here and they are trying to find out something about our culture.

Bill Green says:

Thanks Mark! I’ll be there in 2018 on my way to Ukraine!

likespike says:

Great vid 🙂 You should definitely consider a collab with Janek Rubes (Honest Guide).

Jiří Horák says:

If somebody want guide in Prague, I can help him. It’s free. Because its my hobby. And I can improve my english

Daniel Watts says:

Is the scaffolding down from the astronomical clock?

OliverPed says:

OMG! Geographically its central europe but culturally is eastern europe, without a doubt!!!

E.V. Bell says:

As a tour guide in Prague, I think these are all great tips 🙂 I’ll add on : Don’t be afraid to leave the Old Town area and explore other parts of the city! So many tourists just stick to the central area but the whole city has so much offer.

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