15 Travel Tips & Best Places in San Francisco

Do you want to visit the best places in San Francisco? Lots of research went into creating this San Francisco travel guide with the most unique attractions, things to do, best places to visit and foods to eat for San Francisco. Can we make it to 2,000 LIKES?

Maps, addresses & photos including my personal advise: http://www.reformatt.com/15-hidden-secrets-san-francisco

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San Francisco is an absolute gem in the United States, it is so different from the east coast that it almost feels like being in another country.

To really admire the city and get a good panoramic view drive to the top of Hawk Hill on the northern side of the Golden Gate bridge.

I went for a bike ride along Fisherman’s Wharf with my long lost friend Serge, who I just to jam with in Tokyo back in 2007. We had dinner at the Eagle Cafe at Pier 39 and ordered San Francisco’s most famous soup: Lobster Bisque, truly unbeatable!

No trip to San Francisco is complete without dropping by the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square park which used to be part of the intro of the Fullhouse TV series.

One of our funniest finds was this Yoda Fountain next to the Lucasfilm studios, a true destination for any Star Wars nerd.

I truly believe that the best way to explore San Francisco is to visit most attractions by bicycle, it can be quite challenging at times, due to the steep streets, but it will be well worth once you go down Lombard Street, the crooked street in the world!

Another interesting spot was the wooden Burning Man temple at Patricia’s Green park in the center of the city which was covered in lots of writing, love declarations and autographs.

Surprisingly, I found this Dutch windmill at the most western tip of Golden Gate park surrounded by lots of tulips.

The weather in San Francisco can be hit-or-miss, which truly sucks if you want to get great outdoor photos at all its scenic destinations, so do have some indoor events planned as an alternative.

I highly recommend: Musee Mecanique, Mirror Maze, Fisherman Wharf’s fish market, Eagle Cafe, Alcatraz and Exploratorium for all your indoor activities.

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Happypanda bacon says:

Why didn’t you go to Twin Peaks

Erick J. says:

you seemed like you had fun lol

ShenLiu123 says:

really good 🙂

La,luna Ibiza says:

Again you make great video ..

CiscoKid says:

Ah,…dimsum in Chinatown:), then take ride to fisherman wharf…….

Lenny Velez says:

cool vid – enjoyed it question at the auto restaurant what happens if your food is bad or something? who do you go to?

Arava Glam says:

I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that from u for suitable tips (i have a lot of questions)

Loose Leaf Living says:

Great video!! It’s clear how much effort you put into it. Just subscribed and am looking forward to your future videos!

mehran karimi says:



Super vidéo 🙂 Je suis étudiante vers San Francisco et j’ai crée un blog pour y mettre toutes mes vidéos, conseils et photos !
Si ça peut aider, je vous donne le lien : https://mytravelbooks.wordpress.com/
Enjoy !!

Brandon Villatuya says:

he did a Yoda accent but spoke in a normal pattern lol

Freidoun Farbod says:

Good job – enjoyed the tips!

Kasey Morist says:

lol, how much did Eatsa pay you guys?

Roei raiku says:

Did you say where you ate that delicious breakfast!? Thanks 🙂

Brettyboo4 says:

How many days did you spend in San Fran?
How old are you? When did you start travelling (like your first trip outside your own country)?
Also how do you afford all these trips around the world?
Your videos are very interesting, you must have a lot of fun travelling. I’m jealous!

Nhi Cao says:

World’s most crooked street? lol you haven’t been to Vietnam.

Vladsta says:

no weed info? reeeeeee (Tobias Fate voice)

Fraust says:

You kinda look like Pewdiepie

Tomohiro Mori says:

This video makes me to want to get there.

•Markimoo• says:

Awesome video

potterfanatic8 says:

Preparing for a friend who is visiting SF…This video was very useful. Thanks a lot!

Diamond6506 says:

Thanks for these cool tips!!!

Sean A says:

Go to great America

Jay415sf says:

Hardly “hidden secrets” tho…

How Much Do Rideshare Drivers Make says:

15 Travel Tips & Best Places in San Francisco
0:15 #01 Hawk Hill
0:37 #02 Battery Godfrey
0:49 #03 Eatsa
1:20 #04 Dutch Windmill
1:25 #05 Painted Ladies
1:32 #06 Mission Dolores Park
1:34 #07 Patricia’s Green Park
1:44 #08 Palace Of Fine Arts
1:56 #09 Yoda Fountain
2:09 #10 Fisherman’s Wharf
2:15 #11 Lombard Street
2:22 #12 Coit Tower
2:36 #13 Lobster Bisque
2:51 #14 Mirror Maze
2:57 #15 Musee Mecanique

AllStar1568 says:


Flavio Orozco says:

Going to San Fran for 3 days this upcoming weekend. I never heard of some of these places but I will definitely check them out! Thanks!

Paul Walker says:

No Castro or Haight???

Spuddergun says:

I’m the 1k like!

AileronVortex Franks says:

Boycott this cesspool of sexual predators and violent illegal immigrants.

sasha88ize says:

what’s his annoying accent? russian? very fake creature too.

Santa Mila says:

Another great video! Hahaha had no idea you recorded me;)

leo8780 says:

There’s a dutch windmill where la playa meets the great highway along the trail…and on a clear day walk across the street to the beach and take in epic views of the ocean.

Sean A says:

I live in sf

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