48 HOURS IN SAN FRANCISCO | 13 Things To Do In San Francisco California

I just spent one weekend in San Francisco and here’s what I go up to!

The city of San Francisco has been on my travel bucket list for a long time but I knew there were too many things to do in San Francisco to fit it all into one weekend. That’s why this isn’t an extensive guide to San Francisco, but it’s a realistic guides to 13 things to do in SF if you have a weekend there.

In this whirlwind San Francisco tour, we’ll explore some of the best food in San Francisco (because San Francisco food is AMAZING!) as well as the best tourist attractions. I’ve also thrown in a few Instagram locations too.

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Cat And says:


SRIKANTH uppalapati says:

Great video, great view of the city . Very well edited. Thanks for sharing. could you please tell what background score is that. sounds fantastic.

Tony Turner says:

Another great video, Jodie. You’re very brave drinking that ‘muddy water’ down in one! How was it?

customlp says:

Thanks for all the info! Looks exciting! Going in a couple weeks!

opwave79 says:

Come back and visit anytime! We have lots of festivals, mostly about food, lol.

rick-o sabucers says:

hey,a fil-am here … i love san francisco,but it’s so damn expensive to live there ……. i’ve never thought you’re a vlogger too cuz you seemed like a very shy person @ brendan van son’s vlogs … i just started watching all his vlogs in the philippines now … lol !!! cheers from las vegas … peace !!!!!!!

Amanda Chanelle says:

could have written the name of the places …. Brunch is very generic

Joe Arias says:

Awesome vlog! Keep up the good work. if you can check out my san fran vlog and let me know what you think!

Your Pal says:

what a sh*thole. get of of CA before it’s too late

chrisbayridge1 says:

just started watching the video I’m wondering if you made it to Oakland to heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon I guess I’ll have to wait till the end of the video

George Tudorache says:

Hi. Great video Jodie. I will be in San Francisco early April this year, and i cant wait that time to come. And i know it has nothing to do with the video, but i was bewitched by your eyes! Beautiful.

Mochilachapina says:

Hi Jodie, I like your channel so I have subscribed

Jesus Quintero says:

Its over

a lucas says:

I was there few months ago. So beautiful
I love it . Greetings from Minneapolis

Lao tze says:

Visit Portland or Seattle instead! San Francisco has become infested with homeless, drug addicts, creeps, traffic, illegals and criminals looking to break into your car when you are not looking. If you want to come to a sanctuary city that all these groups will focus on you while you pay dearly as a tourist, sure come to San Francisco!

Kresna Mukti P says:

Famous steel bridge

Канал для заработка says:

like it

Rudy Lowery says:

In Mexico I work too hard. I don’t like working, so I moved to San Francisco in series. They love Mexican people. They give me free housing free money free food stamps. For every day I love San Francisco me and my friends get drunk every day. I the police don’t care if you piss in the street if you are Mexican, you want to come to San Francisco. The welfare office. I EatingWell give you free money.

daniel Davis says:

If you come to San Francisco DO NOT! leave ANYTHING! in your vehicle. The window will be smashed and everything stolen. I mean don’t leave ANYTHING! not a phone charger, bag, coat, shoes, Dead cat, NOTHING!! Every place in San Francisco, from “tourist places”, hospitals, City hall, EVERYWHERE has this car break in problem and people have been hurt trying to catch these crooks.

Sadie DeQuasie says:

What is the name of the sushi place in this vid?!

Ben McCartney says:

What mic do you use? sounds banging.

Mike Turco says:

I moved to S.F. in Jan 69, great town then, literally a shit hole now, between the tech scum on top and the homeless beneath, San Francisco thank you for the sixties.

kanderner says:

What music is the first song in the beginning of the video?

Donald Kline Photography says:

I used to visit San Francisco quite a lot when I was assigned to Travis AFB in the mid 1990’s it is about an hour away. Actually I did lots of exploring around Northern California. Nor-Cal definitely has a different vibe than Southern California where I live now.
back is 1993-1994 one of the big tourist attractions was the Hard Rock Cafe. But I think I would like where you had your meals better.
Planning a trip up that way in September.
IF your ever get the chance to visit again come on July the fireworks over the Bay is spectacular.

HipFit SoooGood says:

You did beautiful artwork here putting together a review of the sites in San Fran! I’ve been to that amazing town about 3 times now thanks to my husband’s job. We are lucky to experience it. However, I have not yet been to Golden Gate Park! I will visit that next time. Please visit my channel to see my San Fran experience when you can. I’m subbed and loving this, thanks!

5thhorsman says:

make sure to not step in human waste and watch out for the junkies on every corner , make sure you visit the homeless tent cities and watch babies being born in stuffed in dumpsters while you’re there also

Minh carnegie says:

I live Vietnamese

laughingbrwnie says:

What was the place where you guys got the sushi?

Nick Machiavelli says:

I spent a week there many years ago to see the freak show, and enjoyed golden gate park, but would never go back. ANTIFA haven, freakier ppl, more homeless ppl, draconian gun laws, and ppl shitting in the allies is nice touch too.

Abby says:

Where did you stay?

Melanie Tassone says:

Love your video, can you tell me the name of the sushi place you ate on your first day ? Thanks xoxo

chuck recon22 says:

Can someone please tell me what is the name of the the restaurant at the beginning were she goes for brunch.. Thank you

Lauren Bjeldanes says:

I live there and I don’t even know what to do or where to go. Too crowded! Thanks for the tips!

Yolanda R says:

if I watch a video on SF , I want to see SF., NOT you talking with a picture in background. I left your site

Bere Mendoza says:

What Hotels do you recommend??

Peter Bui says:

where u get your backdrop

Jay Reilly says:

1-13 avoid poo and aids needles with cool hipster chill music pumping the jam everybody is gonna move when the Senator closes Cmdr Data’s Enterprise. Oh ?? Eggs Benedict ?? Fck Yeah I’d drink a bowl of that sauce.

BEACH LIFE78 says:

AWESOME video enjoyed it.would like to visit sam fran at some point my self looks a cool place

Janine Ewing says:

where did you stay?

J D says:

Eyyyyy mah hometown frescooo; that city that i grew up…lesss goooo 49ersss all dayy baby

Jesus Quintero says:


yeshua medrano says:

You forgot counting piles of human poop

Adam Xie says:

I live in San Francisco come for a visit it is very nice out in the Bay Area

theadventurex says:

Hi, what was the name of the restaurant where you got eggs Benedict with fried chicken?! It looks amazing!

Derek says:

Eat Eat Eat

pyrotechnic5254 says:

Unless and until the leftist assholes that have destroyed San Francisco start rousting the homeless bums that litter the streets, peeing in the doorways, clean up the druggies syringes laying in the streets, and stop coddling illegals and other criminals, I will tell people to avoid San Francisco like the plague.

Gaming with Ken says:

I live in San Francisco it’s so fun

Doug Riemer says:

Take pics of homeless people, step in poo from homeless people

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