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Shot by: Portal A, Daniel Chang, Alex Siu
Edited by: Portal A


Elle C says:

Hello FB, thank you for the golden mountain for the oldies. Think of Haight area and wonder if there are any of the new food type you had also? Liked the drawing of map showing the direction. An acquaintance mentioned another SEA Cambodian food is good where he was coming from SF. Just checking. Elle for hill walks

Jeff Goblin says:

Y’all mf’s better eat all your food, food waste is a shitty issue

Paul F says:

Thank you for doing San Francisco!

TheCricketer15 says:

Anyone wanna sponsor me to eat food? @google?

John Smith says:

And what is the battery life of the phone

Osn's Lotion says:

I demand a bts

Purple Reign says:

I wanna visit San Fan

Luke Starlord says:

Bay area food is garbage

Thomas Watterson says:

These aren’t the best places in the city y u go to all the Asian places lol I live in sf

Noemi says:

Best taqueria in SF is Taqueria Vallarta on 24th and Balmy. In addition to the standard taqueria fare, there’s a guy selling street tacos at the entrance and a woman with homemade tamales and champurrado…mmmmmm. While you’re there, check out the murals along Balmy Alley.

Steven Tongvanh says:

How do you guys eat so much.

Shakester71 says:

I work blocks away from both HRD and Turtle Tower.  Haven’t been to TT for awhile, but I hit up HRD at least once a week.  Awesome food.

Vaibhav Verma says:

Honestly you guys should look into Foodie (thefoodieapp.com) if you’re looking into partnerships. They’re an upcoming food review app (I think based in SF) for big foodies like y’all

Yo Mama says:


Tapiokapuddin says:

This made me not want the pixel 2 and I literally have a pixel 2

baconfromhell666 says:

Was this really sponsered? Not like they kept talking about the phone or constantly had to show them..

Baby Ethernet says:

You lied! I went to Namu Gaji, and it sucked! Ya’ll are SO MEDIOCRE.

Vancity Millennial says:

I don’t think they mentioned the battery enough.

Jason Corbett says:

Next time it would help if you posted a link to a map. Or did you?

Tessa Clarke says:

Andrew is Bae!!!!!

ai20ai20 says:

Wrong map location for turtle tower. You guys went to the other location

Kevin Kwok says:

Hrd sucks hasn’t been the same for 3 years or so… Still decent but after owner change.. meh

Cat Butte says:

Thank you for this video! I live in SF and, except for Turtle Tower, I never heard of these places before. I” definitely stop by since they just a walk or bus ride away. Oh, you made me SO hungry for the Indian/Mexican fusion food! 🙂

Goldjade14 says:

Should hit up boba shop crawl run in SF XD

Junior 5277 says:

boi yall was wrong for going to la taqueria instead of farolito.

Johnathon Maurice says:

Ewww La Taqueria hella gross, what the hell kind of burrito doesn’t have rice yo? Travel down south from sf to San Jose to catch the best Mexican food you will ever have in your life.

Kyle Gibbs says:

Would be really cool if my pixel 2 really charged that fast and lasted that long.

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